Meeting Justin Bieber in Chicago, October 23rd 2012

My name is Jenny and I have been a Bieber fan ever since Justin posted the One Time music video. I have been to 4 Bieber concerts and have dreamed of writing my own experience on here ever since I discovered this site 2 years ago! So here goes…
Justin had 2 shows in Chicago on October 23rd and 24th and I was beyond excited to go to his show! Of course I bought presale and all that jazz and got a ticket to the 24th show with my friends Sabrina, Sarah, and Mairead. I was beyond excited and could not wait for the show.

When October 23rd arrived, my friends and I were prepared to do some major stalking because we did not know when we would ever be able to see him after this show. I couldn’t get my mind off Justin during school that day because I knew he was walking around downtown Chicago and there was nothing I could do about it because I was in school! So, I was on my twitter on my phone the whole day, checking his sightings. Someone said he was staying at the Peninsula hotel downtown, so we decided so go there that night and wait for him to arrive. We drove all the way downtown that night and once we drove past the hotel we saw his tour bus already parked out on the side of the building! We quickly parked and ran over, but the fans that were already there said he had already walked into the hotel. We were so disappointed because we literally missed him by like a minute. They were saying though that he didn’t stop to say hi to anyone, so I guess we didn’t miss much. We decided to stay at the hotel for awhile, hoping that he would come out and greet his fans. We talked with the other beliebers for awhile, but then it started to get late and everyone was loosing hope, so they started to leave. I had not given up hope and stayed a little longer.

At around 12:00 we saw scrappy, Allison, and Justin’s grandma come out to have a cigarette. No one else knew who those people were except me, which is absurd if you are a true belieber (haha). So we casually walked up to his grandma and started to talking to her and asked for a picture. She was kind and said yes and we decided to give her a chuck norris shirt to give to Justin that had our names and twitters on the back. She said she would and that Justin was sleeping so she would give it to him tomorrow. Then she went in and all the people were satisfied with meeting his grandma, so they left. Now it was only the four of us and we were not ready to leave yet and we knew Justin was still awake because he was retweeting people.

At about 12:30 Kenny, Dan Kanter, and Josh Gudwin walk outside. I was soo excited to see them so we went up and asked for a picture. They said yes and Kenny was soo funny. My friend told him that he liked his tattoos and he signed her Just Getting Started book at the “best part of the book” which was him in the background of a picture of Justin hahaha. Then we stayed there and talked to them for about 15 minutes which was awesome and so chill. It was so surreal just chilling and talking to him crew like we knew them. We told them we were going to his concert tomorrow night and they told us to stop by the sound board tomorrow and say hi. We were so excited and then they eventually said they had to go home, so after that we left.

Now the next day Sabrina and I knew we had to skip school in order to get our chance at meeting Justin. So, we woke up early and took the train downtown to his hotel. THEN I got the notification on my phone that KENNY HAMILTON followed me on twitter!!!! Which means that he got our twitters off the chuck norris shirt that we gave justin!!! Now Sabrina and I were doing the happy dance/could not stop smiling. When we got downtown we were told that justin was in his tour bus. There were about 20 other fans there, which was a good amount. Then a woman from OPRAH came by with a camera guy and started filming us!! She told us we were gonna be on tv and then told us to chant JUSTIN and sing on of his songs for the camera. THEN Justin Fricken Bieber walks out of the tour bus in a suit!!!! and let me just tell you he is apsoloutely PERFECT in person. He doesn’t look real, either. I have never been that close to him in my life and it was so amazing. All the fans gave out a little squeal and he said he didn’t have much time, but he would take a group pic with all of us. He told the people in the front to get down so that the people in the back could be seen and then after that he left. I was sad that I didn’t get to say anything to him, but I was so happy that I got to see him in person like 2 feet away from his beauty.

Then we waited some more because we knew he was doing an interview with Oprah at the RL grill around the corner. After waiting for about 30 mins, we walked around to the restaurant. There was about 5 of us standing there when Oprah just casually walks out of the restaurant and comes up to us and asks “what questions would you like me to ask Justin?” I was so taken aback because I was in the presence of OPRAH, and we were talking to her like normal! It was seriously so cool. Then she told us that she wanted us to be in the background of the interview outside. She went inside and then a huge group of people started to crowd around the restaurant while the interview went on for about an hour. That kind of sucked but we were in the front of the crowd so we got a good view of Justin talking for about an hour, which was really cool.

After awhile scooter walks out along with Alfredo Flores!!! Scooter tells us that something really cool is about to happen. Justin is going to come out and sing for us, but we have to be really quiet and well behaved otherwise it wasn’t going to happen. Everyone then shouted “Thanks Scooter!” haha and I said Hi to Alfredo and he said hey! and shook my hand! He is just a sweetheart. Then Justin and Oprah walk out of the restaurant and everyone starts cheering. Justin was making the shhh sign with his finger haha and trying to get us to quite down. Then he started to sing As Long As You Love Me. It was really quiet but his voice sounded perfect. At the lalalalove me part he would put the microphone to the crowd for us to sing and we all did. Then when he was done he went around and took people’s iphone to take pictures with them…

Once Justin got near me, my heart seriously started pounding out of my chest. Since I was in an area that wasn’t guarded off, everyone started to push, and Sabrina got pushed to the back. Justin took the iphone of the girl next to me and took a picture with a bunch of people including me in the background (I wasnt sure I was in that picture so I wasn’t really prepared for it). I was holding out my iphone, but since the crowd started to push, and he backed away and moved on. I was disappointed because he was literally standing right in front of me, and I didn’t get a chance to say anything to him. But then again what he did for us was incredible. He really is such a good person.

After that he left and we tried to stalk him some more, but he went shopping and we couldn’t get access to him. We then decided to head to the Allstate Arena which is where he was having his concert that night. Once we got there his tour bus was already there which is weird because we left before he did. He is quite speedy lol. Then he walked out of his tour bus and did a little dance for us lol he’s so cute. Then he walked inside.

Then came the concert which was actually the best thing of life! I think the best part had to be when he sang as long as you love me in only a jacket and no shirt underneath. He is ripped it’s so sexxxyyyy! hahah. Then he left and everything was over and I had post concert depression. But I never in a million years thought that I would get the chance to be that close to Justin in my entire life. He has been my inspiration for so long, and I didn’t feel like he was real until I was up close and personal to him. Even though I didn’t get to talk to him, I know that I got lucky that day. I seriously feel like the most unlucky person on earth, so once that happened I was shocked at how my luck turned around. I really just was in the right place and the right time. So I want NONE of you to give up hope. You really just need to go out there and be the dedicated beliebers that you are and you will not be disappointed! You all will get your Bieber experiences, just Never Say Never and it will happen, I promise.

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By: Jenny McGarry

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