More of Girlfriend – Park Teaser


29 thoughts on “More of Girlfriend – Park Teaser

  1. Nicole

    OMG I LOVE IT JUSTIN WAS LOOKING SEXY!!!! and I love his eyes it is Sooo beautiful like him :D I am in love with boyfriend and Justin I love him Soooo much <3 :D

  2. belieber forever

    ya u r right original j.b we also want to meet u my baby plz come to me i live in abu dhabi plz come to me and this teaser wow what a video i can,t wait i want that perfume plz justin meet me plz i love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  3. zanaya matta

    i love you so much you are my favitor fan i love you so much were i here your song i crying love you sooo much hug and kiss to you i love you sooo much i wish could see you

  4. Ariella

    Justin Bieber’s amazing and I love the video.At the end I saw Justin’s cute eyes.Justin’s my cuttie and I’ll always believe.


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