Nicki Minaj talks about Justin Bieber’s ‘little thing’ Pumping her on Alan Carr!

Nicki Minaj interview with Alan Carr

Nicki Minaj talks about Justin Bieber’s ‘little thing’ pumping and grinding her on Alan Carr. lol

As we already know, Justin and Nicki have done a music video together “Beauty and a Beat” in which Justin gets a bit close up behind Nicki in the video. Alan Carr asked Nicki whether Justin made a move on her.

Nicki’s response to Alan was, “No, he couldn’t even feel me through that big poufy skirt. His little thing… no.”

LOL.. Watch the video interview:

Nicki talks about Justin at minute 7:55.

“Beauty and a beat”

  1. i guess she hasnt seen Justin’s Jerry through is underwear & stuff.i mean how does she know if its ‘little’ if she hasnt seen it,felt it,or touched it???

  2. I ask nicki minaj do u wanna to be like lady gaga with style crazy she was laugh with me lol:):) :D she answer no i have just my style:)

    • Hey, 22 people died in New Jersey beacause of Hurricane Sandy. If you are not justin bieber, you are making him look bad. This Hurricane has put us in the state of emergency, so please quit joking about it. Thank you,
      Mrs.swaggiebieber (aka. A very devoted belieber)

    • Justin would never tell someone to go to hell. And how are you going to say you’re Justin when you’re practically illiterate?

      • Jayla, we should be friends. Idk why, but that’s the way I feel. :D btw I agree Justin would never say go to hell

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