Pattie Mallette & Tish Cyrus Hang out!

Pattie Mallette and Tish Cyrus (Miley’s mom) were spotted going out for lunch together in Calabasas. What could they be talking about?

Notice Pattie’s wearing the same shirt Selena wore at the airport when she attended Justin’s 18th birthday party. Pics:

  • Ana.Bieber

    First. And i love JELENA

  • chox

    Take a closer look to Pattie’s shirt vs Selena’s. Its different! Pattie has a brighter blue shade and the X print is wider and bigger. Not at all the same.

    • mrs.swaggiebieber

      You’re right. I saw the pic. It totally wasn’t the same.. btw tish is holding pattie’s book. Nowhere but up

    • Rachel Bieber

      That’s not the point. That point is that Selena and Pattie are wearing the same shirt, regardless of the little details.

      • H

        Similar tops! Nt same, theres a difference

    • emillyjack

      Thats becuase the lighting is different dumbass

  • daughterofLordRauhl

    Don’t know what they’re talking about. Heck, I don’t even know why there going out to lunch together. But as regards the shirt, I think that it’s just the same style of shirt that Selena wore, Selena’s shirt was gray in the picture. Pattie’s was blue….

    • oxBelieberxo

      There probably friends

  • ilovejelena

    Tish is holding Pattie’s book…nowhere but up. :))

  • krabby patty

    lol they’re not even wearing the same shirt

  • TTFan

    It’s definitely not the same shirt, just the same brand. But I don’t have a hard time believing celeb parents are friends.

  • essie j

    pattie looks 18 she’s so pretty :D and it’s not the same shirt

    • Jsha bieber


    • khloe99



    Aww pattie is exactly the same age as my mum and she’s so pretty by the way tish is miley cyrus’ mum xxx

    • Victoria

      we know that Tish ia miley”s mum
      did u read the article ?

  • daughterofLordRauhl

    Just a side note, not saying this to be mean, it just made me look a second, see how tall Tish is compared to Pattie? Wow… I really didn’t expect that. Reminds me of how tall JJWatt looked compared to her. He looked like a giant… lol. But I do agree that Pattie looks beautiful. I love his family!

  • Lany

    They are having a good time hanging out together.they may talked about some important issue that we might not know.

  • mrs.swaggiebieber

    Tish and Pattie can’t be talking about Justin and Miley dating cause she is engaged. And jelena just broke up. Poor baby is still coping.

  • BeliebersForever

    wow girls day out

  • EmilyBieber

    Hmm..maybe Pattie’s setting Justin up with Miley?(; No offense to anyone but I don’t think they’d be cute togeths. Also, Tish is holding Nowhere but Up, Pattie’s new book! Suspicious much.? :D

    • oxBelieberxo

      Miley is engaged. Ofcouse there not setting up a date between him and miley.

  • JaylaBieber

    Miley is engaged for those of you who think they’re trying to set her and Justin up. And Pattie’s shirt isn’t even the same as Selena’s. Just the same brand.

  • Original justin bieber

    My mum<3:)

  • Justin bieber original

    I like both:D:D

  • iyana luvs justin bieber

    Pattie looks pretty in that shirt and its awesome that their hangin out together

  • #Believe In Biebah

    Pattie looks better in that shirt than Selena, tbh.

    • BeliebersForever

      I agree

    • JaylaBieber

      Of course she does.

  • Alisha

    I don’t think that t-shirt is same. Pattie n tish both r beautiful.

  • honey

    You can clearly tell that is not the same shirt.

  • bieber4life

    lo pattie is so short compared to tish, pattie is so cute and pretty! no wonder where justin got his looks from!!!!:)

  • bieber4life


  • OMB!

    Oh yeah :D

  • Here for Justin

    Pattie looks beautiful!! Tish is holding Nowhere But Up :D and the sweater colour is different! Selena is wearing grey and Pattie is wearing blue!! happy for Pattie thou! she gets celebrity moms to hang out with being one herself :D

  • Victoria

    I think Selena’s shirt is better

  • belieber for life

    The shirt is not the same and Tish is holding Nowhere But Up :D <3

  • Justin bieber selena gomez

    Your mum sweety:) i like both:D

  • Justin

    Both are different

  • lea milos-bieber


  • Justin bieber selena gomez

    :):D pattie mallete has bestfriends:):D