Pic: Baby Bieber with his Dad!

A few months old baby Bieber with his dad, Jeremy Bieber. Jeremy split from Justin’s mom Pattie shortly after he was born.

      • @retarted fangirls you were a mistake when your dads condom broke.now stop hating on somebody who is more successful than you.& actually do something productive in your life instead of wasting your time on somebody who doesnt gives a f#ck.(if you even have a life.smh)

      • @retarted fangirls Everybody insults u but u come back with ur annoyin comments like a SHAMEless person. Ikr

      • Yup ur right! Everyone that hates justin are complete IDIOTS!!! Justin is the coolest, cutest and sexiest guy ever!! Right??

      • @retarded fangirls, I’m talking about you, you’re the hater. You always have to insult Justin to talk bad about him all the time. We all know your a Justin bieber hater on here. Do you have anything better to do than do this all the time? go on a haters chat or something and talk sh!t about him there. Not here. This place is only for Beliebers not haters!

    • @retarted fangirls.. .. how do u feel when u insult people like dat?. :(. u r da mozt Ridiculous person ever seen before.. even if pple insult u, still u won’t correct ur behaviour, wow, wat kind of person r u?.. u better watch ur mouth girl and wat u say about pple.. get some manners n Respect plzz.. :( hv a gud day..

    • @retarted fangirls
      Let’s pretend you have a life here. I know it’s difficult but use your imagination. What is the point in wasting SO much time and energy hating on him? I hope you troll like this on YouTube because you’re only giving him more money. So, hop off Justin’s ass with your no-good insults that you’re finding on Google. Have a nice day.

      • I know, I meant why did it really take this long for it to get out there? I’m sure someone’s seen it before, but why did it take Oprah to really get it noticed?

      • Are we going back to talking to me like I’m a piece of shit? Don’t you think I know these things???? Damn, before you jump all over people, take into consideration that some of us are caught up in his life now or are busy- or both- and haven’t seen that movie in a while. I can’t remember everything. And the fact that this is appearing on this site now should tell you something too. So please stop talking to me like I’m a piece of shit when I have an explanation. Thank you.

  1. Awwwww how adorable I know what it is like to be abandoned by a dad my dad left me before I was born I can totally relate to Justin and how his father left him #PAINFUL :(

  2. I saw this during his interview with Oprah and thought it was the cutest thing. Especially how he talks about how close he is with his family.

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