Pics: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez After-Party #AMAs 2012! #AmericanMusicAwards

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have reunited yet again this weekend at the after-party for the 2012 American Music Awards  at the JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. (Nov 18) Sunday night.

Watch: Justin & Selena walk hand-in-hand at AMAs After-Party

If you’re replaying the awards show in your head to try and remember seeing Selena in the crowd, don’t. She wasn’t there. Selena must have arrived at the end of the show because she was nowhere in the AMAs show.

Before meeting up with Selena, however, Justin walked down the red carpet with his mom Pattie!

According to sources, they sat close together on a couch for most of the evening — Justin even had his arm around her. Though she wasn’t in a dancing mood, Justin did hit the dance floor and even mingled with some fans.

JELENA left the party with some friends around 10 p.m. Looks like all of their serious conversations this week paid off, because when they exited the Marriott, they were hand-in-hand.

Justin took home 3 AMAs: Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist, Favorite Pop/Rock Album and Artist of the Year.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • Justin’sShwaty

    First! :D bUT I REALLY DONT THINK THEY SHOULD GET BACK TOGETHER! #no8! I Think there are many better girls than her who can make him more happy!

    • someone

      unfortunately you have no say who Justin will or will not date. If it’s Selena that makes him happy then it’s his right.

      • Mrs.Bieber

        Shut-up u don’t either i k wat is best for my husband and he should found someone else besides that a** h***

      • retarted fangirls

        @Mrs. Not future bieber,
        Justin should be glad cause that your just a fan and nothing more cause if you were he would’ve been throwing up more on that night he threw up on stage

      • LOLS

        @Mrs NOT BIEBER !
        . yu can talk ; yu dont even exist in Justin’s LIFE ; he doesnt even KNOWW YOUUUUU B**** so yu should SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE !


      thank you thank you thank you whoever you are lol i like the kid i think he can sing and all but if he actually showed up with someone that immediately tried to make him look bad and then like talk shit about him with other ppl on twitter like hes such a bad person…hes a total dumbass lol he deserves better than that girl they shouldnt get back together he shouldnt have dated that ugly user from the start im not hating by any means im being honest lol this is what i feel he deserves so much better hes a good person

      • Big Fan, Huge

        She did not talk bad about him on twitter, and he is the one that messed around and I am sick to death of you Selena haters she has never done anything to anyone. She was around way before him and does not need anyone to be good at her craft she is much more expericed than he is. For the love of god i do not know why she would want to be with him and put up with you little brats who think he will pick you if he is not with her. His mother loves her and she should know what is best for him. Get a grip you jealouse little twits they will not stay together forever they are two young and they will have break ups all the time. Your say your fans but you do not respect Justins choises. He does not need your protection he is a big boy and take care of himself.

      • Mrs.Bieber

        Ur awesome i love Justin but he can do better besides her!!

      • Gaby :)

        Oh, come on! You guys really need to respect their relationship either you hate him or her you still need to respect the person and stop blaming on selena everything he does. Instead of blaming her, help justin to be happy with her. If you really are Justin’s Beliebers, you should probably know he loves her and if you respect his girlfriend, he would be more happy to see his Beliebers respecting his relationship regardless of who is he dating. And no, she isn’t with him for the fame, she had won awards before without his help, has her own fan base called “Selenator” and isn’t her fault who she falls in love with. #Respect

      • Ricki B

        As long as Justin is happy I’m happy, I mean come in we want justin to be happy right u people go around saying how Selena makes him sad or whatever when in reality it is US who is making him unhappy we are CONSTANTLY bashing on Selena for what? A chance to get at justin like no its not like the second he breaks o with Selena he is going to come crawling to you . He loves her A LOT, and if some of us can’t respect that then I don’t think that those handful of people have a right to call themselves beliebers cuz in reality if Justin is happy with or with out his girlfriend we should support him, and love him, and let him share his music with everyone. We shouldn’t just focus on his social life or his personal life, we should focus on his music and his well earned achievements. So LETS STOP HATING ON JELENA AND BE HAPPY FOR THEM FOR ONCE!!!!!

      • Elise

        Mrs.Bieber u r totally right I agree he can do way better than dat Hoe ok there r lots of other gurls round here u feel me

    • @PraneetBelieber

      so true

      • Mrs.Bieber

        Ok u need to shut the h*** up about he husband, Justin is so much better than her he won artist of the year i don’t k if she got it but it only took Justin a couple of months and selena must of took 19 years and selena can’t even sing ok Justin can!!!!!!

      • Elise

        Ikr he might not no me but he should take our advice we r kinda like the reason he got those dat he won artist of the year u feel me

    • Ricki B

      Even if they did get back together the first picture looks like Pattie’s giving Selena the “if you ever break my sons heart again I will break your face” talk cuz Selena looks MAD SCARED in the first pic and justin looks scared as well. Lol I’m not sayin that is true I’m just saying that that is what the picture looks like

    • 808

      How could you say that? How rude of you? So, you want Justin to be sad? Even if he has her, his families. Fans are fans. You just jealous his he has her; not you!! Enuff sed

      • Ricki B

        Who ever said I was jealous of her I LOVE Jelena I’m glad they got back together I’m not a hater I was trying to lighten the mood cuz everyone commenting right now is being real serious and hater-ish

    • retarted fangirls

      You forgot to put an h before the 8

    • Mrs.Bieber

      They shouldn’t like Justin get over her

      • Big Fan, Huge

        Justin is not all that great a singer either so you shut the F up you little brat. I love Justins heart and person he is, I love to sing along with his songs but he is not that strong either. What do you get out of bashing Selena, does it make you feel good to say awful things about someone you don’t really know at all. You must have a really cold heart, and Justin would not look twice at you the way you act and bad mouth Selena. She is the one that is famous what have you done with your life, where do you get off putting her down.

      • retarted fangirls

        Like they say you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife

    • SOPHIA

      no o is selena gomez perfec

    • veta williams

      You should all stop with the hate it is clear Justin dont like haters and not one of you stand a chance.

  • alexus

    FIRST any way I think there was
    no reason she had to go right she could have waited
    In the car but noo she wants the every one to no there back

  • cassini tan

    what the…

    • Jsha bieber


      • khloe99


      • khloe99

        Oh sorry Well that was a weird coincidence

  • cassini tan

    no!! it cant be

    • Alisha

      Their realationship is so confusing.

      • Alisha


      • ALICE

        i agree! but i love them together!

  • lovely

    gosh ,can’t anybody not happy for them , ar you her too suport his carriere or his relationship ;)

    • narmadha

      ha ha why not lovely.yey ;)

    • cassini tan

      haha trolol.. i dunno why im like this … i support everytin about him.. but im just confused about there relationship.

      • Big Fan, Huge

        You have to realize most of this is just news media hype, half this stuff did not even happen, especially the big so called fight. He spent the night at her house that night and I am sure they were not eating pop corn and watching movies. If you get my drift.

  • sara hafez

    woooooow jelena 4 ever

    • Jelena4ever

      I know! They r so cute together!! :3

      • kahani

        im so in love with them.. they are so cute together. i love seeing them together. shes good for him. even his mom says that selena is good for justin. they belong together. justin and selena are the most cute together i love seeing together. justin is crazy and in love with her.

      • mineJBieberever

        I loke Jelena a lot.. I think they`re so cute together..and for me if you are a true belieber you shoud be happy for him…not insult his girlfriend..because when you insult her…you could`ve insulted him..because she is his girlfriend…either you like it or not..

    • kahani


  • Rosie

    I just think it’s a misunderstanding :) … #NoH8

  • YEPPEE!!

    YESSSS!! Jelena is back! <3 I knew that they're getting back together! :)

  • che


  • smilebaby

    they are never ever getting back together…. Like ever! See i know this thing will happen.. Why?? Justin u dont deserve with selena. Oh yea i suggest u go date with kendall or kylie jenner? Haha jk sorry guys after what happen between them and selena made justin feel suffer crying i started to hate selena.

    • someone

      You can cry and whine all you want. The fact is you do not own Justin and he can be with Selena if he chose to, why can’t you just be happy for him?.

      • smilebaby

        yeaaaaa i knoooooowwwwwww~ i will not own justin or whatever it is. Im H A P P Y for justin alwaysss~ i cant change the fact that i hate jELENA. Sorry ok. I supported justin always. We all have different oppinion u cant just force ppl to follow your oppinion,right?

      • Jsha bieber

        @smilebaby ur right no1 can force anybody to start liking jelena.

    • Joey

      lol shut up bitch you dont know shit kys

    • arianabieber

      first of all i agree with smilebaby and secondly joey we know shit okay what i meant is everybody know shit except crazy people i guess. And arent u the one from selenagomez fansite hahaha we meet again! :D

    • retarted fangirls

      Umm you can hate her all you want but there is nothing you can do about

      • Jelena4evA

        Uhm..okay look ….ya u ryt no1 can force no1 to like jelena…but come on …grow up and learn that this is reality and be nice and respect there relationship!

  • Weeeee us

    Ok this is getting wired I mean why she just don’t go with him at the AMA carpet not a fan of jelena not a hater

  • Jelena

    I think justin and selena should get back together i think she makes him really happy

    • Justin’s biggest fan

      Justin and Selena are perfect together and I’m very happy. U haters can hate but that just means that ur not a true beleiber, if u really loved Justin u would b happy for him. It doesn’t matter what other people think we can’t do anything. You beleibers amazing and justin loves us all as we love him. Thanks.

  • Wtf

    I don,t know ….. Anyone

  • alison

    im happy for them but i think selena should have listen to her friends and family. they are going to fight again. for any stupid reason and she’s going to get hurt and he’s going to get hurt. if he wants to fix things with her he should leave her alone. and let thing heal on its own.

  • Jelena?

    ok….. jelena is rllyyy confusin the sh*t outaa me…

    one minute selly-sel is blocking all jb’s calls nd txts.. nd wants nuthn to do wit him :( ……

    then the next minute.. she is all buddy-buddy wit him like she ddnt stomp on his heart by dissin him nd that victoria secret model chick.. waitt uhh barbara palvin? suh’um lke dat.. lol

    idk i thnk she is gunna do it again maybe.. i rlly dnt kno. everytime he wlks wit a girl.. or goes to a premier wit a girl.. ANDDD his friends nd crew… she is gunna be like “uh uh.. im breakin up wit yu..” ????????????

    idk its not cool to hurt ppl.. this relationship is just #TooMuchSometimes.. i want jb happy.. nd i want selly-sel happy.. but seeing jb after they broke up…

    is just an image i dont wanna see.. lol sure they r happy.. RIGHT NOW..
    give it a lil while.. nd yu’ll prolly hear bout them agin. dunno dunno.


    p.s. i luv jelena. lol i do i just dnt thnk that they shud b together if ina lil while they wont b happy aginn.. #JustSaying
    i #Support them… #ForNow.. lmao
    <3 luv yu justin…..
    like yu selly-sel!!!

    • someone

      Do you believe everything what the tabloids tell you?. Just because the rubbish magazine writes what they think it’s true doesn’t mean it’s actually happen. How in the hell would they know what is going on with their relationship?!.

      • alexis belieber

        @jelena? most of what you said was said by tabloids and gossip magazines. all those magazines and websites took advantage of the fact that they broke up but those people added more wood to the fire. every website had some crap about them every day.

      • Belieber forever ( believe)


    • Smile

      You’re right

    • smileylvsbieber

      First of all no one other than Justin and Selena know what has gone on. I wish people would just leave them alone. He took his mom to the awards show because he asked her. Doesn’t anyone remember their first love? You would do anything to keep it, Justin is doing that…trying to work things out. We should just support and love him. Its none of our business about anything other than supporting him and his music.

    • Joey

      dont believe what the internet tells you :D

  • Belieber forever ( believe)

    First of all smilebaby you should be happy for them like all of us are . But if u have unwanted comments please keep them to your self . I am a true belieber and I knew from the first time people started this rumor that they broke up I did not believe them because I did not hear anything from jelena so I did not believe them and I was right they did not break up. Sooooooooo happy jelena forever . Luv you sooooo much jelena . Best couple .


    I’m very happy that Selena and Justin are together .

    • narmadha

      yey ;)

  • alexis belieber

    in my opinion she’s a moron for going back to him. she dosen’t have self respect and justin i know he loves her but he get jealous of every male co-star that she works. and that is going to be a problem when she’s going to work in movies. the kid should get help for that jealousy problem.

    • Belieber forever ( believe)

      No he does noooooot how come ? Do you know what’s going on with his life or what he feels or thinks of . Noooooooo you dooooon’ t. Stop saying stuff you are not even sure of pleeeease if you were a true belieber Alexis
      you would say the same exact thing . He ‘s not jealous of anyone he’s not that type of a guy.

      • Jsha bieber

        Yeah! Hes not jealous of any1 and if @alexis thinks so then iam damn sure that she’s not a true belieber. #Believe0nJUSTIN if ur a t.belieber .

  • smilebaby

    im happy but only for justin.. Whatever it is i dont like jELENA anymore sorry to say. hey if u think my comment is unwanted i dont care. Okay..

    • Jsha bieber

      It isn’t any unwanted comment 4 sure. U can say whatevahh u wan baby :)

      • mrs.swaggiebieber

        I agree with you. :D follow me on twitter. @alligetch.

  • prince aashiq

    justin n jelena best cuple in the world…. full enjoy this life <3

  • Belieber forever ( believe)

    There love is too strong they are gonna last forever you just have to BELIEVE in them . And jelena? You can’ t believe what the paparazzi says or any one else says about them breaking up or whatever rumors they say . You can’t believe it until they say that the broke up or did this and that. And I assure you that they did not say anything about the ” break up” TMZ said that they broke up and that Selena blocked Justin calls and texts but neither of them said anything about it and that’s why I did not believe it . I just believe in them because I know that there love is true and strong:):):):):)

  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    what a surprise my love do the right thing love u justin u do the right thing love u byyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Girl you don’t know

    OHMYGOD YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mrs.swaggiebieber

      I love love love patties shoes and his! :D

      • mrs.swaggiebieber

        Sorry wrong comment.

  • ……..


  • cassini tan

    like his shoes! lol.. just noticed it.

  • Bieber. Forever

    She’s beautiful

    • Jsha bieber

      Look at slutena’s eyes S0oooooo horrible,scary :-P

      • oxBelieberxo

        shut up

      • retarted fangirls

        And your whole face is scary so be quiet

    • chick

      what are you gonna do if she doesn’t? Absolutely Nothing.

  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    wow justin in 2nd pic he is looking hot and great and awesome bcs his shirt ok u know what i am saying .love u sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy justin my love all mine

    • mrs.swaggiebieber

      Looks like hes pointing to jerry. Lol. Heehee :D

  • @BelieberBaby16

    I like Jelenaa but I don’t like Jelena. To be honest I always felt like Justin loved Selena more then she loved him (probably because Selena’s been in other serious relationships and this is Justins first REAL relationship), but if Selena broke up with him because he was hanging out with someone he considers to be a friend then I would feel bad for Justin..I can’t really say exactly why they broke up but that’s what it seems like..aand now all of a sudden they’re chillin like nothing even happened?? I wish I knew more to the story but all I’m saying is this shits confusing.

  • preccy

    lol jelena…<3<3<3
    luv u jb………..<3<3<3

  • Heidi