Say Hello to Falsetto! Girlfriend Teaser #3

Here is the last of the teasers before the full fragrance commercial comes out Wednesday during THE VOICE. Wake me up? :) #GIRLFRIEND

42 thoughts on “Say Hello to Falsetto! Girlfriend Teaser #3

  1. olivia ellis

    i love justin bieber and if i was to wake him up i wouldnt hit him to get him up i would have kissed him he looks so cute imagine when he sleeps he looks like a angel

    1. #Believe In Biebah

      Agreed! And your comment seemed weird to me, because Beliebers usually calm him Justin or J or JuJu, and you come and call him Justin Bieber. LOL xD

      1. JaylaBieber

        I was listening to an interview and I have a weird habit of sometimes typing what I hear. As soon as I hit sumbit I was just like f*ck.

  2. BiebersGirl18

    OMB! Imagine that the girl in this commercial is Selena!!:0 cuz they haven’t showed her face once! Maybe it’s gonna be a surprise:D that would be the cutest thing EVER if it was Selena!! But I doubt it is cuz some fans don’t like jelena and Justin doesn’t wanna rub it in their faces or anything…but anyways, I was just taking a guess:p

      1. #Believe In Biebah

        I can`t really imagine myself as the girl, because I wouldn`t hit Justin like that to wake him up. He was sleeping so peacefully like an angel, until the girl woke him up. I can almost hear her voice like, “Wake up b*tch, and watch the sh*tty movie! And get your a** out of your head, n*gga.” And Justin`s like, “Okay, baby, sorry. ;)” LOL

  3. Alisha

    Omb! He was looking soooo cute, while sleeping like an beautiful angel. Cutest guy in the universe. Luv u justin <3

  4. Kidrauhl

    LOL,at first it looked like he was getting a blow job.LOL it’s like he falls asleep & then that bitch is like nigga wake yo ass up & watch the movie then Justin’s like ok sweetie *smiles* lol.but he sexy when he’s sleeping eating popcorn tho.

  5. belieber forever

    hey justin u r looking soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cyte my love i am your girlfriend i am here i will wake u up plz come to me i wanna meet u justin plz i request u

  6. daughterofLordRauhl

    This was amazing. I loved how sweet it looked when he was sleeping. But then the girl hits him like “Wake up and watch the damn movie!”. Why would you do that? But I still can’t wait for the commercial. I love The Voice, perfect show for the commercial to air during. I don’t know about you, but I’m on Team Adam. Anyway, not important. Get ready for it! #girlfriend


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