Selena Blocking Justin Bieber from her Life?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in Mexico, Dec 2011

Selena Gomez is totally BLOCKING Justin from her life. According to TMZ, she spent the last day blocking her phone numbers and other communication devices so Justin cannot contact her.

From TMZ:

Selena wants no contact with Justin, so whatever they tried hashing out during their sit-down last Sunday didn’t work. She has blocked her phone (which includes texting). For some reason, she’s still following Justin on Twitter, but she’s blocked him on all forms of contact.

And … the breakup absolutely, positively involved another woman — though our sources didn’t know which one. There’s been speculation that it’s a Victoria’s Secret model. We don’t know for sure if it’s her, but we know it involves another woman.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • belieber for life


    • Music Lover

      What I’m wondering is why this site is posting all this bad stuff about the relationship on here and saying they are probably gonna get back together on their selena site…..

      • Music Lover

        ^nevermind…that isn’t what I meant to say

    • tabitha.morales

      Me 1st bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      • retarted fangirls

        Dang feisty

    • vita

      i hate her she is an idiot

  • retarted fangirls

    Does this really matter?-_____________- and why is tmz with everything about this break up

    • faka

      I agree. Don’t you think that’s odd?

    • daughterofLordRauhl

      Wow… for once we actually agree on something…. ???????

      • retarted fangirls

        Do you want to leave or something

      • daughterofLordRauhl

        Didn’t mean that in a rude way… God.


    well well well…….

    • tabitha.morales

      Well ,wat

  • Alyssa sweetie luvzjb

    First. And I doubt the breakup was because Justin cheated on Selena, but more,like slutlena cheated on Justin. I hate tmz when they exaggerate or make up complete sh!t. Its the paparazzi like tmz being d!cks as usual. I hate selea and always will.

    • Alyssa sweetie luvzjb

      I meant I hate Selena not selea.

      • tintin

        Ummm daije…u just choped

    • reality

      what makes you think Justin wouldn’t cheat on Selena? he’s surrounded by hot HOLLYWOOD girls on a daily basis. Just because you know him as a singer doesn’t mean you know what exactly is going on in his life!. A relationship is a two way street and i wouldn’t be surprise if Just did in fact cheat on selena because he has wandering eyes and he is a BOY! Boy’s think with their P.enis. wake up!.

      • alexis belieber

        @reality good comment i also think justin did cheat on selena then she found out and bang she left his cheating ass. even if it was one time but that aded to alot of crap she went thru. also he got jealous because she was in a movie kissing another guy dude thats a scene of a movie and second i think justin’s friends at least some of them wanted him to break up with selena that right there are bad influences im sorry but justin was being a little immature.

      • {MJ & JB FAN}

        you “THINK” he cheated on her!!!!. u said it ur self,u dont know whats going in thier life!!!.
        justin is very kind hearted,he always commlements her and brings her the nice things and in pictures he is the one kissing and smiling at her! when I rarely see her kissing,smiling and even commlementing him!
        the fact the some selenators are too blind to figure out that selena was “TRYING” to make u think that he cheated on her!.
        I agree he is a boy and was staring at the vs models…but he is crazy about selena and wouldn’t think of cheating on her!
        and @alexizbelieber… this what happens when u believe publicity! how can u make sure he got jealous of that pic and how can u not make sure that selena was not jealous of him because he took the breakup so well and already had a date which is a model! and btw wooow are u what they call a fake,week belieber1 cuz if u were true and strong u would know justin better and wont believe the crap publicity says and always be their for justin. really hurts seeing ppl like u!

      • Belieber

        @alexisbieber if u were really a belieber u should know that he’s better then that but u don’t even have faith in him u don’t deserve to be on this website of have bieber as your user-name

    • K. Bieber

      i hate her too shes a b*tch to justin && he always treated her like a princess! Shes just a brat….The karma will come !

    • selenator, david conway

      i just want to apologize,s to selena gomez zone fansite just for that kast 2 comments i did there it,s not like i do,nt love selena gomez , you know just since,s this fansite merge on that fansite you change every thing on that fansite and that belong,s to selena gomez , fans and not your,s it,s your fault and not mind , love david


    I’m sure he did cheat, I’ve said this all along. What a piece of trash. Team Selena.

    • Rue b

      Are u really believing tmz about this…. I’m not believing ANYTHING until one of them confesses about this whole thing…. Yes Justin is capable of cheating but that doesn’t mean he did…..

    • {MJ & JB FAN}

      SHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT UUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. u actually are not showing any support to selena by blaming justin for cheating on her when u dont have a single proof of any of what happened!!!
      shows ur immaturity!!!
      if u hate justin this much and putting such a horrific thought in ur brain!!!
      then this is whats in my thought….selena knew if she dated justin he would bring her attention and publicity!!! and she did get it!!! but now that the youtube record of justin vanishing, and 1d competing with him and hate starting to grow more and more!! she decided to dump him cuz he aint worth it anymore!
      really bad thought huh!!! well it’s what we think when u selenators say “justin cheated in selena”.
      grow up !

      • Belieber, Directioner, Selenator

        Accutally Selena was famous before Justin came along… Anyways what happened between the two isn’t gonna been know to anyone but them unless they choose to tell people.

      • Belieber

        @{MJ & JB FAN} thank you I love your comment and your so right I agree with u

    • bieber love

      U peoples r supporting justin or selena we r the fans of justin not selena so we should support justinb not selena wat people u r saying that idiots

    • Belieber

      @MOLLYZZZ if your so on team Selena get out of this website as you can see it’s called JUSTINBIEBERZONE

  • Erica-luv-u

    Oh my god I hope justin didn’t cheat this is crazy

    • {MJ & JB FAN}

      he didn’t!!! all of u have fallen into the trap selena made!!!

      • Belieber, Directioner, Selenator

        you dont know. anyone is capable of cheating even the people u least suspect so don’t go around accusing people before you know the true story and both sides of it

  • swaggygirl

    why Justin will cheat on her? we all know he will never hurt a girl BC HE KNOW HOW PATTIE FELT WHEN SHE WAS YOUNG. he knows how Pattie suffered and he will never make a girl feel the same way that Pattie. so…bro im tired of magazines or web pages start to make drama bout it, exaggerating things and ALWAS making HIM LOOK LIKE HE HAVE ALL THE FAULT AND SAING HE DOESN’T treat gomes with respect…BRO HE TREATS HER LIKE A QUEEN, BUYING HER THINGS AND MAKING romantics dates for her. another thing…magazines says “selena is sad” ok she maybe but justin is SAD TOO! Yeah but ofcourse they dont see it bc they think justin was having a lot of fun with VS models and doesnt care anymore bout selena. R U WHAITING JUSTIN TO DATE ANOTHER GIRL AFTER A COUPLE OF WEEKS OF LOST THE GIRL HE LOVES? im tired they treat them like robots or something, yeah they r famous but he is a human, not bc he is a star will b dating another girl after loose his gf…so. of course i thing the team have been talkin to him to make him feel better and his friends were trying to go out to make him forget a little bit bout this. i hope he dates a real belieber who really loves him. SWAG. LOVE U JUSTIN.

    • Trin_IAm

      You just reached my heart. OMGGGGG He does treat Selena like a queen and anyway he once cried after they broke up so…”selena is sad” OH PLEASE Justin is probably DEVASTATED. He just doesn’t want us to see his tears because he knows all us Beliebers are gonna bust out crying for a week! It’ll all be over by the end of the tour(hopefully). Selena’s probably worried he’ll cheat because she can’t hardly see him while he’s on tour. She shouldn’t worry so much because if he loves her she’ll always be his One Less Lonely Girl.

      • reality

        hmm you have alot to learn when it comes to men. You can still treat a woman like a queen but doesn’t mean they won’t cheat!. He’s a PLAYER!.

      • {MJ & JB FAN}

        @reality and u have alot to learn about ladies who just want thier own selfish self!!! selena always looked to me like she always wanted fame desperatly even thou she already does…but she wants to be justins exact fame or more(no matter how much u try to convence me that theyr at same level of fame it wont work) she wants oscars,grammy’s,a history!
        am not saying not to dream..but their is this hing in women who would do “ANYTHING” for what they want!
        grow up!

    • Jsha bieber

      Iam 100% agree .

      • Belieber, Directioner, Selenator

        but the thing is it is the same for men. Why argue about something you aint 1000000000% sure about when there is a chance for you to be wrong.

      • {MJ & JB FAN}

        @belieber,directioner,selenator those selenators are being very immatue and missunderstanding.they are blaming justin for every thing and so are you!
        u kinda think he might cheat on her …then why dont u think that she can turn out to be a lady who uses guys for fame!
        I dont even know why u ppl r calling ur self beliebers??!!!
        am crying right know!

  • M.M


  • Bieberfan234

    wow this must be over for them

  • Sparkle

    OMG is all I gotta say. Damn. That sucks for them.

  • iyana luvs justin bieber

    U know how the female usually cries over the boy after they break-up, well this break-up seems like the other way around and I feel sad for J

    • {MJ & JB FAN}

      he is very devistated!!!
      ever after the break up I ‘ve seen selena simling so much as if she got rid of sumthing useless!!!
      and justin is trying his best to win her back,going shopping,motorcycling to atleast get the fact out of his mind!
      90% after the breakup is selena smily face and co-stars trashing justin on twitter.
      80% after the breakup is justin sad faces and liam,naill and scooter trying to give him a little but groen up support on twitter1

  • Bieber got swag (:

    I honestly think he wouldnt cheat. Anyone could tell that Selena meant the word to him ! I feel so sorry for him. Stay strong Justin ❤

    • Belieber, Directioner, Selenator

      but the thing is everyone makes mistakes. No matter how much you love someone there is always a chance of hurting them whether it was by accident or on purpose and what not. No one is perfect

      • {MJ & JB FAN}

        like I said… If u “THINK” justin can cheat on selena.
        then why cant u “THINK” she was using him for fame and now that it is not like it use to be…bang!!! she dumped him!

  • Kidrauhl

    i Never believe TMZ.& i wont start now.& tbh we dont know if he cheated or not.but i know he didnt cheat.he was raised better than that.but stop actin like you know what happened & blaming it on Selena when you dont know shit.just leave it between them.

    • {MJ & JB FAN}

      hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! 25% of ppl are blaming selena!
      and 75% others r blaming justin!

    • kahani

      tmz makes up stories there still together. justin and selena are so meant for each other.

  • TTFan

    Guys, I really think none of us can guess what happened between them. Stop saying it’s Justin’s fault or it’s Selena’s fault because we really don’t know. Just because someone acts a certain way for their fans, doesn’t mean that they are not a totally different person in their private life. For all we know Justin could be a cheater or Selena could totally be a jealous mean girl. No matter what happened it doesn’t matter now because it’s over. I don’t think they should get back together. They shouldn’t be in a relationship when there are obviously problems between them. Justin shouldn’t be with a girl who doesn’t love him as much as he loves her and Selena shouldn’t be with someone she doesn’t trust.

    • {MJ & JB FAN}

      so far ur comment truly makes the most complete scence!

    • tintin

      Yah u r ryt


    I hate it when people accuse justin bieber of cheating on Selena..I bet he isn’t even guilty this is. Bunch of bullshit

    • tintin

      Ummm…chill, ok, leeche

  • Mrs.Bieber#1

    I hate TMZ they are always getting in Justin’s life!!! Ok,yeah he is a pop star and everywhere he goes there is going to be paparazzi but seriously there is times when he needs to have a private life and not have everything on the freakin internet. I love you Justin!!!!

    • Belieber forever ( believe)


  • ivan

    He is seating next to his mother and Usher at awards show sunday. Selena apparently is not going. He should just forget about her and ignore her celebrity friends that unfollowed him on tweeter such as Demi Devato, etc. I hope he blows the show away in his performance with nicki minaj.

    • {MJ & JB FAN}


  • Belieber For Life♥

    I honestly think he wouldn’t cheat. Anyone could tell that Selena meant the word to him
    I feel so sorry for him. Stay strong Justin ❤

  • Marley

    Sucks to be them. I wouldn’t be surprised if Justin cheated to be honest. He’s a boy who’s probably horny all the time lbr.

    • tintin

      Lol thatz nuffi

  • Sarabeliebs

    But Barbara Palvin HAS a boyfriend

  • ivan

    there is absolute no evidence he cheated as if he had sex with some girl. He has millions of female fans with whom he is friendly-that’s all. I am sure Selena has male friends with whom she interacts also.

  • jessie

    Wow, i wonder if they ever will get back together? And i thought they would make-up by now?! hmm…

  • M.M

    know one knows really so ya. when will this drama crap we over though im getting sick of it anyone else agree with me??

  • Lauryn Bieber

    Justin would never cheat on a girl because he knew how Pattie felt when she went through it. He treated Selena like a Princess She meant everything to him he said on twitter he said it in interview Selena took him for granted and he still stood by her. YES SELENA MAY BE ‘SAD’ but justin heart has been ripped out by her he doesnt want too cry in public cause he doesn’t want us beliebers too be upset because he is :( Selena will move on in two seconds with someone that has just come into the spotlight. I LOVE YOU FOREVER JUSTIN <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • {MJ & JB FAN}

      another scense making comment!
      well…what do u know…ppl with good understandings like u exist!

      • Tiff

        thank you thank you thank you!!! your comment made my day @LaurenBieber

  • Ashley

    I don’t think Justin would ever cheat. He is so nice he would never do that. If Selena is making that up she is just jealous that a lot of girls love him.

    • Marley

      Where did it say Selena was making all of this up?? This wasn’t even quoted by her! Sheesh get a grip and stop putting blame on Selena.

    • alexis belieber

      @ashley it shows that you never had a boyfriend girl open your eyes boys cheat on there girlfriends all the time specially celebrities. maybe selena never had sex with him because she said one time that she wated untill marriage but justin is a boy and when boys get that itch they have that urge to have sex. and he found a slut like that model and he cheate on selena.

      • the real biebah

        @alexisbelieber you can change ur name now cuz it doesn’t make scense just like ur comments!
        justin’s mom,dad and scooter and family raised him very well!
        if u think its okay to if he cheated …then it’s absolutely true that she used him for fame!

  • megan

    Id like to throw out the fact that Selena is also famous and there is a chance she could have cheated. Yes justin is a sexy mofo and he has the capabilities to do so , however he has said countless times that he loved her and I doubt he would do it. Noone knows the truth behind the break up. So everyone needs to stop assuming shit until the real sources come out… oh and its noone elses business why they broke up because that’s on them. Some relationships just don’t work out. So why make this harder on both of them by being assholes about the whole thing?

  • cassie beleiber

    OMG why even bother with selena she just used him i HATE selena if you like selena then you dont like justin

  • BeliebersForever

    tmz sucks they lie and bring negitive things up

  • alison

    guys are tempted every day and i think he didin’t cheat and that model only used him to get her 15 minutes of fame. she’s just a model she’s not one of victoria secret’s elite models if justin ask her out or had sex with that girls and still was dating selena it is cheating. plus im with selena on this she should block everything calls,texts and even if he tries to visit her in texas she should stop him on his tracks. if justin loves her he should let her go because they use to fight a lot and no person should stay with a person who is jealous and possessive like justin. no offense to people here. but if a guy gets jealous over nothing the girl should leave.


      Selena is being over dramatic! Like go away Selena no one likes you anymore!! People only cared about you becasue of Justin so just go away!!! -.-

    • {MJ & JB FAN}

      if u “THINK” that justin is jealous…then why not selena be jealous of him for taking the break up so well “AT THE BEGINING ” and already having a date!

  • LurvetheBiebs

    Tell it like it is. This is the thing that people have to realize about boys. Especially famous ones tbh.

    • {MJ & JB FAN}

      what is it!