Shop Clothes with Oprah for Jazzy and Jaxon

Behind the scene of Oprah’s next chapter: Justin shopping for his bro & sis, Jaxon and Jazzy.

Justin and fans. Oprah’s behind the scene.

  1. That’s so sweet. Justin is such a good big bro. Jaxon and Jazzy are able to look at him and say, “That’s OUR big brother!”. Tugs at your heartstrings. And yes, those fans are lucky. But we’re all lucky to know of Justin, one of the most caring, beautiful people on the earth. That’s why I love Justin so much. :)

  2. Awwww that adorable :) and that Sooo Sweet of Justin he is Sooo nice. jaxon and jazzy are sooo lucky to have a brother like justin. I LOVE him Sooo Much <3


  4. Jazzy is so adorable and very cute just like jaxon., he’s so cute and very sweet to., Justin is so good to them., he’s so sweet and very amazing to them.,

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