• @retarded fangirls
        Srry if I offended you or anything but i just wanted to put that out there and srry if I didn’t know everybody used the word smexy. I haven’t been on the internet lately

      • the combination of smart and sexy makes the word smexy…and i dont really it when beliebers fight , c’mon we are are family so we better stop fighting right?
        Justin looks really smexy all the time..
        I love you justin and beliebers..<3

      • Wow believers are really stupid if you thought I didn’t know what smexy is, heck everyone knows what it means

    • I don’t know what you see in that crybaby oh wait is it because he reminds you of yourself a wannabe who has to make those ugly stupid faces for every picture

    • I Love you oxoxo
      And I Misd you
      Swagger boyfriend & happy valentines day & I will always be your girlfriend &mrs.bieber& a blieber& you are sexy&hot oxoxoxo

  1. love u justin u r soooooooooooooo……… smexy ya ur so smexy its right and love u justin always belieber and also proud to be a belieber

  2. I hate u restarted fan girls go get a life like seriously a man will never love u and if he does he is either blind or retarded :-)

    • I love you too and if a man ever comes in your way you better pray that he doesn’t drop dead from smelling your hot stank ass breath. :)

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