The Ladies Man :)

  1. haa she is a luhkie girl!!! #Seriously

    nd idk if its just me.. (nd im not bein rascist.. i am puerto rican, black, and white (: )

    butttttt.. jb doesnt rlly flock toward the white girls that much..?!?!!! juss noticed that! hahaa

    agin not being rascist ppl.. i luv everyone equally!! lmao



  2. Guys Justin Bieber has own decision if he wanted break up with Selena Gomez its alright if he wanted stay with her its okay……And if he date with Barbara so thats alright. We don’t forced Justin Bieber ……………And his own life………We should support Justin Bieber always for our pure heart……

  3. Lol- that’s no surprise. That he’s a ladies man, that is. That girl is lucky, but she looks like she needs to eat something. Look at her face. I don’t know why, but I laughed when I saw the look on her face….

  4. He’s a ladies man alright he stole my HEART 4EVA !!!! :*
    ummmmmmm……… yh i kno u dont wanna b fat But wat he heck i can c she flipping RIBS!!!! awell aleast she ge me him !!! hum :D

  5. omg that fat lady should go love on 1D and let me take her place cuz i am like seriously obbsessed with jb though nobody knows that!

    • i know right. today is there anniversary. i hope justin can make it up to selena. they have been together for THREE YEARS. EVEN THOUGH JUSIN IS A FLIRT. I DO THINK JUSTIN AND SELENA ARE SO MADE FOR EACH OTHER.

  6. Justin looks better than some of those giraffes. He should have walked the runway-lol
    He’s like the late Marlon Brando who also liked exotic types

  7. i think he cheated. that girl has a boyfriend but she 19 and maybe the boyfriend is not around and selena is not in ny with him so he thought no one has a camera im going to the theater with the girl and maybe i get lucky tonight tipical guy.but he got caught red handed.

    • Uhh wrong because he was with Barbara after selena and Justin were said to have broken up with was a week ago. And that the Fashion show was just now this week recorded when he even met Barbara. Then yesterday he went to see the lion king and the pics today and thats when everything started to blow out of proportions so its not like he got caught because IF they broke up he would have then met barbara after that so he didn’t cheat. So yeah you can’t just say that whem you don’t know your self because its not right. And you can say I don’t know neither because I don’t. But he didn’t cheat because would it be even possible to cheat on a girl you meet this week when you broke up with someone supposedly a week before. Yeah I don’t think so. And know they’re saying its because of trust issues and shit but I still don’t believe it unless it came from justin or selena’s mouth that they broke up. I don’t listen to gossip shit that thy think they know everything.

  8. i think selena should be worried about that girl barbara. but i thought some here would be happy that they could break up. but i think this was not the way.if they broke up witch aparently is happening soon if selena found out now about this other girl. but as a girl i feel sad for selena in so many ways.

  9. im not hating or nothing
    but damn ppl got to eat that girl dont have any meat on her bones
    you can see her ribs
    but she is really pretty

  10. ok, datz girl need eat some food, even she’s a model, im not trying to be mean or wat.. btw, ma Justin BIEBER always look adorable.. no matter wat… :D<3.. love Biebz sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, <3

  11. ya!!! he is!!!! I LOVE U justin n yeah I STILL THINK he’ll never cheat on Selena I LOVE THEM being together love JUSTIN LOVE JELENA

  12. I loveeeeeeeeeehimsooooooooooooooooooooooo Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!I want to meet him sooooooooo badly beyond! I want to be his girl for real!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hes the only boy i like and human being! I need himmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!1
    I love you Justin always willl!

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