The WANTED Wants Justin Bieber Join the Group!

British boy band THE WANTED – Max George, Jay McGuiness, Siva Kaneswaran, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes – think Justin Bieber would fit in perfectly with them and would be a dream extra bandmate. When asked who they’d pick if they could have one more member in the group, Nathan said, “Bieber would be absolutely mint.”

They are also convinced Justin would gain them even more female fans. The boys get sent thousands of letters and packages from their admirers but they admit not all the fan mail they receive is appreciated. Tom revealed, “One of us got sent a voodoo doll before.”

  1. Justin biebers voice is way to unique and beautiful if u try to mix it with other voices it will dround his beautiful voice out. Justin started out in YouTube as a solo artist and I think he should stay a solo artist
    I found him in 2009
    Fell for him I’m 2010
    Stuck with him in 2011
    Believed in him 2012
    And I won’t leave him in 2013

  2. The Wanted is cute and its nice that they appreciate Justin but he still is a great solo artist just the way he is

  3. nooooooooooo! thats one of the most things I love about justin BEING SOLO!
    if he was in a band I wouldn’t have loved him this much!!!
    the thing I dont like bands is that u have to know every thing about each one of them to know which one to love! and am just too lazy for that ….justin is ment to become a solo !

  4. noo!!! thats eally appreciable that the wanted referred bt justin is way better as a solo artist means he started wid it..n thats what justin call it n we do same just SWAGGG!!!! its good bt yeah justin is best all by himself…

  5. i dont want Justin to join, then they’ll try to take fame from Justin (which probably wont happen) but they will try! :( i wont like Justin in a group hes doing just fine WITHOUT group!!


  6. noooooooooooooooooooooooo please justin dont join the wanted please i begggg you please , its not nice that justin join the wanted , i dont like them

  7. Justin’s not a product and I think that The Wanted would just want him to join so they get more fans but Justin wouldn’t join them so I’m sure this won’t happen :)

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