1. i just want to meet him one day if i will meet him anyday i just hug him first and then kiss him then i willl talk to him and then i die if he say or any reply to me omb but this is ony a dream just a dream but i hope i will meet him someday love u justin forever

    • justin always so hot when he performs and when he’s out with his friends and family,. i always see his security so tight around him. i love seeing him performing.

  2. Omb I would totally do the same thing I love him with all my heart all the belieber family is awesome because we are there for him and when he is down we cheer him up and we just love him forever I LOVE U JUSTIN BIEBR FOREVER BELIEBERS ROCK

  3. you all r yakhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok crazy foolish beliebers this is not the thing to say because you all r crazy ha ha ha ha ha
    justin bieber is cute but u all r crazy back of him ok

    • ya it was so amazin he was on his segway and the only thing seperating me and him was a fence and he looked me right in the eyes omfg

  4. I went to see Justin last night and I wa there it was so fun I lost my voice when I woke up lol but it was the best day I ever had!!!:) and I was right by him of u want to see pics off him I took pics and posted them on my Instagram my name on there is jocelyn_kobaly I love u justin!!:)<3

  5. man that gave me a headache just listening to it lol! i would have done the same …….. we have a strong family tho ! ;D


    • The only thing strong about your family is their thick skulls, which protects them from getting knocked out by somebody like me

    • ya i lost my voice i literally cant talk right now it feels like a dream he is perfect and he looked me and my friend in the eyes he also has our poster

  6. I totally would have been the same way XD I could imagine what a pounding headache poor Justin bieber must have by the end of all. I love Justin from the bottom of my heart, just like how he adores his fans. Muah <3

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