Video: Justin Bieber and Crew Reaction Winning EMA Awards

Check out Justin’s reaction winning the 2012 MTV EMA Best World Stage. Watch the video:

Justin’s acceptance speech.

    • yeah,speaking about biggest fans…..
      the last time I checked which was really close to the ema’s time.
      lady gaga was first ,then justin and then 1d!
      lady gaga beat justin bieber by almost 1 million votes and justin beat 1d by 2 million votes what happened??!!!

    • the reason why is because we put justin first..we dont care about ourselfs because we rather see justin winning. and because we already know we are the best fans.. and why would we vote for ourself… directioners only think about themselfss.. soo.. i think thats why… but.. BELIEBERS ARE THE BEST FANBASE IS THE WORLD. haha xx

    • Hi semibeliber Its incredible how lame u r and Its funny 2 c u trying 2 troll in

      Guess who i am
      Clue: u hate as much as i hate u

      • ummmm….. @directioner4ever I have a question?!
        why on the third planet of the solar system are u here?!
        to insult beliebers ar to stalk justin?!!
        speaking with complete manners…if u have sumthing nice to say about justin or atleast sumthing good revolving around justin u r most welcome to say it!
        but if u just wanna insult us or justin ..then plz leave.

      • Ok @ jb and mj fan I am just here because im tired of hearing semibelieber talking sh*t about 1D on 1D website. All the mean things I say aren’t for u or any of the beliebers they are for sembelieber cause we are all tired of her insulting directioners. I actually like jb a bit im just here because semibelieber wont stop bothering 1d nobody likes 2 hear someone insulting ur idol. I will leave this website when she stops bothering us.
        i dont hate jb he is someone really nice, talented and he inspires a lot of people. im tired of her judging us because we like 1d

  1. I wish he could win the biggest fans,too…not 1D!!!!
    but anyway he won 3 awards and much much more and better than 1D cause we BELIEBERS are more ,stronger and WAY better…..we r proud of U JB!!!!!:*

  2. love you justin so happy for you i knew u where going to win because you have the best beliebers in the world including me love you so much justin x

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