Video: Justin Bieber #AMAs Performance (American Music Awards 2012)

Justin Bieber & Nicki Minaj perform onstage during the 40th American Music Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on November 18, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

20+ pics inside
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Watch the video:

  1. Looking good Justin just watched you perform on tv u did really good keep up the good work hope u win artist of the year still looking really good

  2. Justin bieber is a wigger!! Sorry justin you are white and your from canada you shouldnt be wearing chains and talking like your from the ghetto your what 18 learn correct english and then maybe you will deserve my respect!! Gee i just cant stand him!! He dosent deserve best pop/rock album!!

    • Oh well he got it because it is the best album and you probably haven’t heard it so shut up and get out of a fansite and then you can go get a life because while he is the biggest pop star in the world already a millionaire you are sitting down alone hating on him acting as if he will read your comment when he won’t and you know what my favorite part of haters is… that they’re jealous you are jealous you don’t have 100 million girls screaming your name wherever you go the only woman that will ever shout your name is your mother so get out and leave sweetheart get a life and some friends you stupid low life loser

    • Justin Bieber is not a n*gga. So what if he’s white and wearing chains. And he does not talk from the ghetto, he talkes perfectly normal and does know how to use correct english. Get off of here If your a hater. I can’t even stand you. Write about how much you hate Justin somewhere else. No here cuz this place is only for positive things.. not crap like yours

    • Nice username…. Now you can go do that to One Direction. Know what? Go to every fansite of every singer you don’t like and say rude stuff about them. See how everyone reacts. Why? Because you obviously have too much time on your hands so you go start crap. If you are better than how you’re acting right now, go to a damn hater site, not a fan one. I hope you are better than what you’re doing right now. Have a nice day.

    • If you don’t like him what are you doing on a site that is all about him? Deserves all the awards he has won he is very talented and even tho I agree with you about the clothes and stuff(pull up your pants Biebs) Just about all the pepole he has hung out with since he got to America, are hip/hop rap artists what do you expect? Take your hate somewhere else :(

  3. lmao by the the part ”body rock oh i wana feel your body rock…” nicky was like very dramaticly doing that dance wile justin was like … just saying.anyway that was an AMAZING performance!!!!!!!!!
    loved it

  4. Good thing that I record every award show… I’ll want to keep on reliving this for a while. But nice job and congrats on winning!!! :)

  5. I absolutely love how he grabbed his crotch every 5 seconds lol. Love the performance though it was amazing. I love as long as you love acoustic he should really make that album

  6. omb omb omb omb omb omb omb omb omb omb omb omb omb omb he is looking sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute awesome performance fantastic i just fell in love with his ance and with him also love u justin always belieber omb omb omb omb awesome

  7. those who say he’s a wigger praise eninem who adopts hip hop culture and he’s white
    those who call him gay praise MJ who was called worse
    those who say he uses backup tracks praise the ones who did yesterday
    those who say he can’t be great as MJ was, praise chris brown and usher because they are black and he’s white-I could go on to show how silly they are. JB could hire the haters to carry his trophies and the ones to come.

  8. I MISSED ITT!!! #Sadly

    i will watch it tho.. lmao

    ndd ooooooooooooooooooo justin nd nicki… ;) they get might extra cllossee… <3
    #WatchOutSellySel.. haa jkjk but they doo grind on eachother in the video tooo :)

    i thnk its adorable… nicki is an amazing performer.. as well as justin!! so both of them together….
    *Drum roll* ARE AMAZINNNNGG!! lmao
    i wanna meet themm soooo bad.. seriously!! they seem.. nd are.. nice ppl! <3

    stay amazing #Beliebers nd #Minajes

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