Video: Justin Bieber Perform: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!

Justin Bieber performs with a bunch of gorgeous Victoria’s Secrets lingerie models! during the Victoria’s Secret 2012 Fashion Show in New York City, last night.

10+ pics inside

Watch the video preview below:
Justin performing “Beauty and a Beat”

The full show will air December 4th on CBS.

    • Lol. Naughty boy. Must learn a lesson. But no really she could hurt him really bad just saying. God knows a woman’s secret weapon is their heels. I know mine are. Lol but I don’t have a bf so… hes lucky. Whoever that is.

  1. #GetIt haa

    that was amazing!! not surprising tho…


    becuz i already knew how amazing you r <3 luv yu so,,,

    yu shud rlly come see me.. here in jackson, sc… or just augusta..

    it wud mean soo much, i have been tryin to meet you since "Baby baby bay oooh!!" hahaa yu rlly changed the way i luk at alot of things.. nd i wish yu cud see this.. nd i wish i culd personally tell yu this.. it wud mean soo much.. ik yu have billions of fans, nd i totally understand, but i rlly just want yu to kno that this 'BELIEBER' will always b a fan.. nd i will always support wat yu do!!
    i just want to give yu a hug and tke pix wit yu!!! soo i'll always have em nd i'll always remember the life changing experience… meeting yu,,, is exactly that!!! <3

    consider it! plzzz.. im not the richest person in the world.. nd ive never been to a concert.. money is tight in my family right now.. seeing yu wud rlly change alot for me… now im not a fan that will pass out or cry all over yu.. lol but i prolly cudnt tlk.. haa yu wud prolly leave me speechless.. <3 i respect yu and wat yu do.. rlly.. :) im goin to b 16 this yr nd ever since my 13th bday, ive wanted to meet yu. its crazy..!! but yu always say "Believe in something. believe you can do something. dreams do come true. imeen, jjst look at me-…" *(frum yur new book!)*

    much luv to yu nd to alll the beliebers who took time to read this. <3

    follow me @IL_Jelena and @iitz_ALYSSA

  2. hey justin bieber this is Kristen Amber Simpson iam huge biggest number one fan and iam a roll model would u look at me i know justin bieber and iam a bieber and i got the bieber Fever i love my bieber OMB everytime i see u on tv and i will go crazyand freak out

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