Video: Peter Beats Up Justin Bieber on Family Guy

Peter Griffin beats up Justin Bieber on Sunday night’s episode of Family Guy (Nov25).

During the episode Peter’s wife Lois has a mid-life crisis and gets a crush on the Biebs. Peter gets jealous and thinks Justin’s having an affair with Lois and set out to do something about it.

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Peter thinks that he catches Justin having an affair with his wife Lois in his dressing room.

Justin takes a brutal beating from Peter, the father-of-three.

Justin ends up on the floor in a bloody mess after his altercation with Peter.

Watch the video:

  1. My favorite part was when Peter goes on stage and says “And now ladies and gentlemen… Mr. Conway Bieber! Conway Twitty with Beiber’s hair? Soooo funny! I think Biebs would laugh at this, Family Guy usually pokes fun without being terribly cruel to anyone in particular. They could’ve done a LOT worse, but South Park usually is the show to go over the line. I was hoping it’d actually be his voice, but I’dve thought we’dve heard of it anyways.

  2. i just want to kill and kill and man i mean to peter that is not looking like justin hahaha its not so so so so so so funny
    love u justin

  3. Ok, this is- um- I don’t know. This is interesting, but only because Family Guy is Justin’s favorite show. Kinda ironic. Anyway, before you go hating on it, remember, Family Guy isn’t the show that makes fun or hurt anyone just because it can. You should thank God that it wasn’t South Park. That’s the show that does that. If that was the case, I would have been mad as hell. The real question now is, what will Justin think of it?

  4. lol wow… i need to see that episode… that is just sumthn else…

    famliy guy is the biebs fave show… soooo did yu ever maybe thnk that maybe jb had sumthn to do wit it..?? cuz like @daughterofLordRauhl said, :

    “Family Guy isn’t the show that makes fun or hurt anyone just because it can.”

    maybe they wanna get their view up nd knows jb can help… sooooo wattaya kno.. they put him in an episode… <3

    thts very funny… yes jb got the mess beat out of him.. but ultimatley… none of yall will admitt it im sure.. so i will…

    it was entertaining… maybe its just entertaining cuz of the fact jb is in it?!?!?!?

    luv u jb,

    if they just made dis w/o jb knowing nd all that.. then my perspective on family guy is changed.. cuz they arent like south park… thts y i like it more… but if jb ddnt kno.. it makes them no better… ;( )

    • That’s actually a really good point. Now that I think about it, since Family Guy is Justin’s favorite show, it’s quite possible that Justin approved of it or even had something to do with it. Good. Anyway, thanks for quoting my comment. At least someone thinks that it’s of value.

      • Omg! That is not his favourite show, it’s smallville, he said so on “Oprah’s next chapter and other interviews” Get your facts straight

      • Well, thank you for your nice reaction. I just remember seeing a quiz that he took for and if I remember correctly, it said Family Guy. Sorry that I don’t have my damn facts straight. But even if it’s not his favorite, he loves that show. But, so I don’t incur anymore wrath, I’ll say it’s ONE of his favorite shows. Happy?

  5. Hey…HEEEYYY lol definitely not cool peter!!! LOL but lets look on the bright side jistin bieber is always hot, even his cartoon version. I love Justin biebs so mich he will laigh at this he has a good sense of humor ;) and it is REALLY good that it wasn’t southpark… Cause then I would NOT be happy!

  6. Lois and justin? LOL. I love justin but this is funnytoo

    and you should chill out, it’s family guy,they make fun of everything.

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