Videos: Justin Bieber Performing at Scotiabank Place in Ottawa, Canada (Nov 23)

Justin Bieber’s concert entrance at the Scotiabank Place in Ottawa, last night (November 23)

More videos:

Justin Bieber singing Love me like you do , in Ottawa at the Scotiabank Place. The concert was on November 23rd 2012

Justin Bieber performing “BELIEVE” live at ScotiaBank Place for his BelieveTour in Ottawa November 23rd 2012

    • Guys ‘Gangam style’ is gettin more views than ‘Baby’ so #WatchBabyVidAgainNAgainAsMuchAsUcan Belieber target #BabyTo1Billion .DOn’t let psy win.

    • if you don’t like his music then why are you on his fansite and didn’t you ever learn the saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it” or did you not go to kindergarden?

      • Tf, anyways haven’t you ever heard of “the rules don’t apply to me” cause that’s surely how I feel right now.

      • In nyc I started raising money since may and flew their that was my dream and it came true they are all so sweet and true gentlemans I didn’t fangirl cuz their not the first celeb I see in person

      • Yuur the luckiest chik ive known but hopefully mine comes true but I know it wont cuz theirs no possibilities :( I juzt pray to god that he’ll make my dream to reality

      • Don’t worry sistah it ill come true I promise just be patient and don’t let anyone bring down yours dreams and keep praying :)

      • And what’s that, to be married to him with 3 kids, well I got news for you.IT IS NOT POSSIBLE, JUSTIN DOESN’T EVEN KNOW YOU. Hahahahhahaha

    • Were you dropped on the head when you were a baby cause your comments are so irrelevant right now if you haven’t noticed?

      • @#Believe In Biebah they can
        talk aout Any thing they want
        just like @retarted fangirls
        always gets up my ass
        because she doesnt have a
        life so she spendt her time
        here bitching abot
        1.justin bieber(my husband)
        2.about other ppl she dont
        even know

    • We beliebers can do anything together so we have to bring #BabyTo1Billion views so just #WatchBabyVidAgainNAgainAsMuchAsUcan. We r doin it for our love justin.

  1. Wow! It was amazing, luv u jb. And hey! guys go and watch jb’s baby video on youtube to make it most viewed video. We can do it, for our justin. Plz ! plz ! plz !

  2. hey Justin i have a question can you perform in Moscow ID i cant go in e were elt’s to see you in consent pleas come i really want to met you

  3. so lucky who see justin in real i just want to meet him and watch justin,s baby song again and again and
    these videos r awesome no words for that i am speechless love u justin and
    and ‘

    and love me like u do justin u r looking just a hottest guy of this world love u justin love u justin

  4. What Gangnam Style????????? :) fool…….FOREVER BELIEBERS!!!!! YOUTUBE MOST VIEWS NOOONONONONO

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