Videos: Justin Bieber Performs at Consol in Pittsburgh PA (Nov 20, 2012)

Justin Bieber’s performance Tuesday night at Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh PA (Nov 20) -Believe Tour. Watch the videos:

Justin performing “LOve me Like You Do”

Justin Bieber performing “One Time” and “Eenie Meenie”

53 thoughts on “Videos: Justin Bieber Performs at Consol in Pittsburgh PA (Nov 20, 2012)

    1. Justin Biebers lil cousin11

      Thnx cuzin for helpin me reply in ur fan page Luv u !!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Ur THE best Bieber

      From:Naviana Bieber

  1. Ngân Duyên

    Thích anh quá đi, Tôi đến từ Việt Nam, dường như chỉ có tôi là người Việt Nam comment trang này nhiều thôi :)

  2. $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    wow what a voice i just fell in love with him more than before now i just want to meet him and that,s my promise to myself that i will meet him someday and justin there is a boy in my school he is in 4 class i just love him bcs he is just like u omb when i see him first time i just die omb he is just like u wow and i say him today shake hand with me he is just i mean he just scared from me omb he is shying from me omb omb omb omb omb omb i just love u justin love u

  3. Lenora

    That concert looks so fun. I got to go to the converting Oakland In October but I really want to go to another one……. Swaggy

  4. ivan

    Now haters are saying the American Music Awards show’s low ratings [over 2.5 million viewers} show he’s popularity is down-they forget to mention that One Direction, Usher, Chris Brown,Pink, Carrie Underwood, Psy, Christina Aguilera were announced to perform and still it had low ratings. So it had nothing to do with the performers but other reasons such as football programing. Their stupidity and lack of logic amazes me. It’s always blame Justin, not Nolan.

    1. #Believe In Biebah

      I have no idea what your saying, but 1D wasn’t at the AMAS, they didn’t win any AMA, and they didn’t perform at the AMAS. (Wich made my day awesome.) Justin, though, was there, he performed perfectly, and won 3 AMAS :)

  5. Jocelyn

    I went to tha concert last night it was amazing best night of my life!!!:) and I was up close to!!:) didn’t get autograph but I got to touch him!!:) <3 and got pics I love him <3 If u want to some of the pics I took go on my Instagram my name is jocelyn-kobaly

  6. Justin diana

    xD :) you are my world you are my everything :) you are just my sweety boy i hope too meet u i hope too married with u i hope too be ur girlfriend my jb


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