Will Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Get Back Together? Poll

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have split after nearly two years of dating. They went on vacations, made goofy videos and rented out Staples Center for amazing private dates.

It was Selena who reportedly ended things between them after months of struggling to make their relationship work.

While their relationship seems to be DONE, neither has actually confirmed it. In fact, Justin has denied to comment on the breakup. So there is hope that they could pull through this, reports USWeekly.

From UsWeekly: “They are [young] . . . it changes from day to day. Right now it is a break and tomorrow it could be back on knowing them . . . it’s hard to say how they will end up. Maybe she feels more serious about it this time. We’ll see.”

What do you think beliebers?
Do you think Justin and Selena will get back together?

      • wow those are very mature comments and i agree give it a year let him date other girls. i think its to soon to date anyone right now but he should go out find someone and if he wants to go back to selena he should go for it. but it has to be when he’s not on tour all the time. or this will happen all over again.

    • no i don’t want them to get back becouse i want him to be single
      you never no he might date his baliebers if his single???

    • you no i think the best song for justin bieber and selena gomez is……..

      who agrees with that lol :)

  1. i think that selena is not good girlfiend for justin! if this imformation will be tru i will be happy! justin you donot need girlfrien for now! because you have no time for love! beliebers think about it!

    • i agree it’s kinda werid that justin bieber is dateing selena gomez
      becouse it’s just idk there not good mach so it’s not a really
      best think if they will go back together i think he should go out
      with his baliebers lol haha :)

  2. I don’t think they’ll get back together cuz idk wat happened between them so i dont it will happen but i feel bad for justin he has to suffer through a break up and its hard. “I’m sorry this is happening to you Justin I feel bad for you and I hate it when a guy breaks up with a girl and when a girl breaks up with a guy its hard but you’ll pull it Justin, I’m a Belieber!”.

  3. Yeah! It can happen, lets see………… Its all depends on justin. Justin, u should think over it, seriously. She is not good for u and i think she don’t care about u, too. There r so many nice n better girls than her in this world.

  4. people keep saying that selena isnt good for him but no one knows whats going on behind close doors maybe she broke up with for something he did so until you have talked to on of them and they tell you wats really going on then stfu

  5. no there is no one who will be justin,s new girlfriend only seleena is there bcs we love justin and he love seleena and if we hurt seleena so justin will also be hearted by us ok so don,t say this love u justin

    • İs not Time to look around
      Go bacak ağacın Young and strong foust it,tut forget that call you, selena. ‘d full sorry..we love you..

  6. At the AMA’s he might:
    1. Surprise her by proposing marriage
    2. sit apart from her with usher or someone else
    3 announce it was another genius prank for which he is famous-she played her part.
    4. sing Cry A River as he did in Boston

  7. I say to you wanted done. this is not the fans decide what is justin has to decide because they are people who say no because they are jealous they are people who say yes, but for me it justin can find one who like it and not break almost every month it is not to be nasty on the contrary I like it I love justin so there is no reason.


  8. I honestly think they won’t get back together or anything in the future. Puppy love is meant to end at some point, plus he’s only 18 he doesn’t need to be tied down to one person, he has a long time to date girls

  9. It was never confirmed that they broke up. Justin denied to comment and Selena didn’t say anything. I’m just putting that out there. There’s no “official” statement. And if they broke up, it’s obvious that they’d get back together. There young and in love. And all you haters, dont get too excited. If they broke up, Justin wouldn’t be at your door saying “will you go out with me?” Dream on. People need to butt out of their business. E news started all this breaking up bullshit it’s funny how much damage one rumor can do.

  10. They most likely will get back together and then brake up again. That isn’t a healthy relationship. They need to have a serious talk with each other. Because they can’t call a quirs every time it gets hard. He should take like 4 months off from girls focus on his career he’s 18 he will find someone better because it tajes two in a relationship not only Justin trying cuz she obviously is done and he wants to make it work its over they can keep trying to make it work but it wont last

  11. it says they have broken up before but its never gone this far. Like selena posting a pic and her crew putting things on twitter and Justin saying that he doesnt know whats happening in the interview. I honestly dont know if they will but we’ll have to wait and see, if its meant to be it will be…

  12. Fans stop making fun of him because he still a baby but all along he want to become a baby sitter.just leave him alone, wait and see what will be the out come of it.

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