A Boy Arrested in Connection with Justin Bieber & Ashton Kutcher swatting Prank Calls

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has a suspect in custody in connection with the ‘swatting’ prank calls that brought cops to the homes of Justin Bieber & Ashton Kutcher in October. It turns out that officials believe that it was a kid who pulled the pranks.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the unidentified boy was arrested on Dec. 10 at the Southern California home he shares with his parents. The LAPD refused to release any other information on the suspect.

LAPD Cmdr. Andrew Smith told the LA Times:

“We take these incidents very seriously because of the tremendous potential for something tragic to occur. We are working with the city attorney’s office to see if the parents of this boy can be held financially responsible for the cost of the police response.”

LAPD says that the suspect is no longer in custody. Prosecutors are reviewing the case before they decide to pursue the suspect.

Justin and Ashton Kutcher were victims of the pranks in early October, just days apart. In the case, the caller said he had heard shots being fired and police rushed to the scene to find — no one injured.

  1. Now tmz is making a big deal about his giving away his Hamster. He committed animal cruelty according to a Hamster organization. Maybe the world should end!

  2. Apparently Selena was seen not only with Justin in a church but also taking a jet to Canada in the last two days according to Selena and Justin news sites. Probably hear more about this at Justinbieberzone later. The gossip sites might be wrong again as usual.

  3. why do ppl do this to justin? I mean I know ppl get jealous of him cuz of his huge fame! but he has feelings too and we beliebers might not see the pain haterz give justin! cuz he doesn’t want us to feel sad ! but ppl should really see that these kind of tricks wont break his career or anythin like that!he will continue his succec and they will continue thier stupidness!

    • Why do you always say that he has a lot of haters, okay he has some haters but you act as if everyone who says something or does something to him is a hater. Just grow tf up and open your eyes, cause somethings people say about him are true.

  4. Seriously OK the kid that did that is really stupid y would you do something stupid like that u knew u would get caught I don’t know y u did that though ur so dumb

  5. I remember hearing this on the radio. What a dumbass. Only the radio host thought that it was a stupid trend. She was dumb too. Anyway, it’s good this guy got caught. That’s damn annoying, both to the police, who I’m sure were getting worn out, and to the celebrities, who had no idea what the hell was going on. Usually I’m not happy for Ashton Kutcher (for some reason I don’t like him that much), but in this case, since that’s rude, I will. And of course I’m gonna be happy for Justin. But that was just stupid.

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