ABC Developing Comedy Based on Justin Bieber’s Life

ABC is reportedly developing a comedy based on Justin Bieber’s life, according to TV Guide.

The single-camera comedy was first set up at the network last year, but it’s been revived and is still under consideration for next season.

Justin Bieber would executive produce the show with his manager, Scooter Braun. Also on board are executive producers Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi, who are writing the script. The untitled family show would center on Bieber’s background before he got famous. The comedy is about a future pop star’s awkward teenage years and his unorthodox family.

Are you excited for a show about Justin’s backstory?

  • koala


    • Bieber – Lover

      Yes, a show that I can watch 24/7!! All day, all night!!

  • Michelle

    I would always watch that show!

  • belieber forever

    of corse

  • MJ & JB FAN


  • Victoria

    So happy 4 my baby Justin

  • OMB!

    Cooooolllll!! ^^
    btw, ”Future Pop Star” ? HE IS ALREADY :P

    • beebur mine

      That’s the point. It’s supposed to be BEFORE he became famous, at a time when he wasn’t a pop star, but would become one in the future.

  • 1d+jb forever

    already my fav show

    • Victoria


  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    wowhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i must see that i love u justin my baby love u love u love u love u

  • Janis biebz

    Belieber4ever Justin I love you!! <3

  • Biggest Belieber!

    i hope it comes on in the uk!!:( if it doesnt i’m gonna cry, i love Justin so much xx

  • Mrs.Bieber

    omg i cant wait i will watch every episode

  • JaylaBieber


  • honey

    I hope whoever plays Justin is at least half as hot as him.

  • Cristy

    Yessssss!!!! I will ofcourse see it I just love Justin alotttt!!!! :) :) ;)

  • essie j

    OMG YESS :)

  • Nicole

    Yes!!!!!!!! :D

  • Alli

    When does it start?!

  • Mrs.Bieber#1

    I am going to watch it!!! all the time, I love you justin bieber

  • ivan

    wonder who would pay Justin?

  • ivan

    wonder who would play Justin?

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    i cant wait

    • BBB.Belieberxxx

      me 2 it would be cool

  • Justin’s Wife

    A Show That Will Never Ever Get Boring N I Could Watch All Day

  • belieber adyna

    yaaaaa……………. :-*