Join PoP and Justin Bieber in Schools4All

Join Pencils of Promise and Justin Bieber in Schools4All, the movement of students for students. Get your school together to make a difference. You might even win the grand prize: a visit to your school by Justin Bieber!

Bring Justin Bieber and PoP Founder Adam Braun to YOUR school: more info

  1. Justin and Adam if u 2 both, come 2 my school, I would b so happy. It would have been a late B-Day present that getting a laptop that is slow sometimes. I mean like really, c’mon now, a laptop over JB, I mean makes no sense at all. Adam u r funny eveny though I do not know u that well. lol!! Justin and Adam, I love u guys both, no really Adam, I don’t bro/man! JK!!! lol!! I love u both!! But mostly JB bcuz, JB has more SWAG than AB (hahaha!!!! A..B..C!! get ABCDEFGHJ…..)

  2. Hi jb I love u so much I only like u I Wich u could come to my school. I live I’m new York….live in the Bronx my school is cis339 LOL love u…u are my husband I will always love u no matter what us belieber we are gonna protect u…

  3. Ha! Now how do Justin’s stupid haters say he is not charitable! How?! They just sound stupid as always. He has done so many charities, I cannot even mention them all. He recently donated money from his believe tour tickets, donated a car for charity, he has helped children in hospitals…he IS a good person the paparazzi just want people not to know that.

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