Justin Bieber Accused of Animal Cruelty!

Justin Bieber is being accused of animal cruelty for his alleged ill treatment of his pet Pac hamster.

The California Hamster Association (CHA) tells TMZ that Justin mistreated an animal when he gifted a fan his pet hamster, PAC, outside of one of his concerts earlier this month. According to the animal-rights group, hamsters are fragile animal and “often succumb quickly to illness and death,” when faced with “sudden environmental change.”

“The moment that hamster was handed off to a screaming girl in a harsh, frenzied environment was likely the moment it gazed at the short path to its doom.”

The CHA group says Justin would have been better off handing over the PAC hamster to an animal shelter.

As for PAC, he’s currently alive and well in the care of 18-year-old belieber Tori … who has vowed to treat PAC like a tiny rodent god.


      • Who still uses the word “broads”? No one. Shut up. No one wants to hear you trying to act all smart and being a know-it-all when you just look like a jerk. And I probably know a whole lot more than you when it comes to animals, but I don’t find anything wrong with it. Just shut up.

    • Hey im not going to say get off or I hate you and shit like that but if you don’t like Justin then why are you here actually? if you need a hate website I can locate you to one because all you do is get bashed here so why would you waste you time on us or even looking up Justin daily for Christ sake.? it just doesn’t make sense but maybe you need some attention or your bored or you just wanna get a rise out of people who knows but you. Like why would people who hate certain people would want to keep tabs on them. So how every you spend your time is all on you but I prefer you do something better than this every time just to see people yell and curse at you. Just a suggestion no hating.

      • @retarted fangirls
        Obviously because you have nothing to do with your life. Oops, you have to get a life first in order to do something with it. :/

    • Shut that f*cking nonsense . U hate him then why you in this website !? this website is for BELIEBERS not for people like u! so get lost ! You guys doesn’t know how beliebers family are . So gwt lost ! a person like u doesn’t deserve in this family . So f*ck off !

    • I thought that maybe I should stay away from this. I was wrong. Right now, I’m dealing with the fact that she’s coming here acting like it’s all cool to start fights and interrupt people. So, unless I get in a fight with this, let @retartedbitch or whatever the hell her name is do her stupid job.

  1. Are you serious? The girl is f*cking eighteen, she’s pretty mature enough to know how to take care of Pac. They’re acting like he handed it off to some 4 yr old girl or left it on the street.

  2. How the F*CK would you know? it is animal cruelty because he just gave a pet away! He needs to realize animals are a commitment! i’m glad animal activists are stepping in! it’s not right

  3. Oh by the way Hamsters do die quickly when their enviroment are changed. It is very stressful on them and especially the fact that Justin was sorrounded by screaming girls, that will cause a stress on a hamster and the hamster will get a wet tail and die. So this has nothing to do with a fan being “mature” or not. Goes to show you stupid 10 year olds have NO clue on proper animal care you dumb little children.

    • Pac is alive and well so shut the f*ck up with your unnecessary paragraph. Everything you just stated is in the article already and if we cared to know, we would’ve looked the shit up to begin with. Justin travels a lot anyway, dumbass. His environment is changing every single day.

      • You shut up B*TCH! it is still stressful on a hamster you Mother F*C KER! do your research on hamsters and their welfare. The whole point is if he is so BUSY then he should not have ANIMALS!!! which part of that do YOU not understand you mother F*CKING NIGGA? B*TCH! it’s a animal that should be cared for and respected not GIVEN AWAY JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE MOTHER F*CKING BORED WITH IT DO YOU UNDERSTAND B*TCH?!!!

      • Since you seem to care so damn much, why don’t you f*cking work with the Hamster Association so you can go and curse out every motherf*cker that didn’t take “proper” care of their hamster like Justin? Dumb c*nt. Getting worked up over stupid shit. Take a f*cking break and rest. Like, six feet under rest.

    • LMAO! why do i waste my time with a bunch of 9 year olds that have no clue on animal welfare? this is hilirous. Most of the time Justin probably has the hamster in it’s cage, not bring it out to thousands of screaming girls really! do i need to explain more child?

      • why do you waste your time cursing at us because of a hamster. The hamster been moving around the states so what’s different this time since you decide to step in and say something. Technically pac will be with the girl who probably lives there and will stay there instead of a hamster on the road to state after state. SO wtf are you saying that the hamster will need to adjust to a new environment. HE BEEN DOING THAT FOR THE PAST MONTH!!!!

  4. the california “hamster” association? no offense but that doesn’t sound like a legit organization at all. Although i do agree that the hamster couldv’e been in danger, surrounding by those screaming fans. And who knows, maybe some crazy girl might have try to snatch the hamster away. And to be honest, i think justin gave the hamster away not to be nice but because he was just getting tired of it.

  5. I can’t believe the stupid morons who are upset over Justin’s giving away his Hamster to a girl who is doing a good job taking care of it. What is the difference if you give it to some stranger in some animal shelter with whom it might die anyway. My God, give Justin a break from making a big deal about everything he does or says!

  6. It’s non of this stupid association’s business what Justin did. -_- Yeah, he gave it to a Belieber, but it was HIS hamster, and you have no right to tell him what to do “California Hamster Association” BS

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      • @kim
        I’m glad you think you know me or my life, dumbass. I’m not twelve and I would like to ask how old you are, but I know you can’t count that high. Like, sit the f*ck down with all that bullshit and do me a favor; Go to sleep so the damn motherf*cking world can be at peace.

  7. WTF !! he mistreated an animal by giving it to a fan O.o Justin took real care of PAC he really loved that hamster :) i hate the media this days

  8. I love Justin but hamsters are extremely fragile creatures especially the size of PAC and how would Justin know that the fan wouldn’t just sell it on ebay for a million dollars? I agree, he should’ve just given it to an animal shelter.

    • If u are a TRUE belieber u wont do that of cause . And i know that the new owner Victoria . Will take care of PAC well . The new owner keep on posting pics of PAC . Meaning she really feel so happy of being PAC’s new owner .

      • I was just saying that maybe Justin should of given PAC to an animal shelter or at least to someone he knows. I know he trusts his fans but this is an animal and Justin should of known the responsibility that comes with it and being on tour with a creature the size of PAC. That’s all. So now because I don’t support every single decision he makes in life doesn’t make me a “true” belieber? So if Justin released a sex tape and I didn’t support it you would call me a fake belieber because I didn’t. You guys all have to understand Justin isn’t perfect and neither is his life or BELIEBERS. And let me add, how can you assume something from the outside? No one thought Adam Lanza would shoot twenty seven kids. You never know.

      • Right. Because when God was giving out brains, you weren’t at the front of the list. Why not, instead of trying to argue over this, go and actually help animals? You care so damn much, go do something that will help, because being here and arguing with people over one situation that is a bunch of bullshit, won’t help animals who were really treated cruelly.

      • @daughterofLordRauhl: I actually volunteer at an animal shelter. And, I never said anything about Justin being involved in animal cruelty.

      • Tara, I was not talking to you. I was talking to @KB who seems to think that it is animal cruelty. Sorry about the mix-up, it was nothing against you.

  9. Haven’t been here in a while- been too damn busy with stuff. But I’m back. Now, to deal with this subject. Now I’ve confirmed one thing about activists for anything. Know what that is? THEY ARE CONTROLLING FREAKS. I’m not just saying that in defending Justin. I care a lot about animals. Ever since I was about 5 years old, I wanted to be a vet. Many things in my life has changed since then, but that still hasn’t. That is not animal cruelty. That is got to be the biggest amount of bullshit I’ve ever heard of. Figure this: Justin’s on the road all the time. So, when he travels, the hamster’s environment changes all the time. At least with the girl, it stays in one place. Maybe if she was moving, I’d raise an eyebrow. But this? No. Yes, I care more about animals than about almost anything (next to God and the Lord Jesus Christ), but that is a bunch of shit. Sorry, had to say it.

    • Thanks, @#Believe In Biebah. I had to say something because at least one annoying person was saying a bunch of shit, when they don’t know the first thing about anything. So thanks again. You know, you’re one of the most mature people on this website. ;)

  10. Wait… there’s a California Hamster Association? That’s dumb. Make a California Animal Association. Who the hell do you hear make a hamster association? Damn stupid.

  11. @Jayla
    B*tch just shut the f*ck you are just a little stupid b*tch and i bet i’m smarter then you also i love how you tell me to go to sleep you have so much classy haha not trashy nappy headed w*ore

  12. Justin giving his fan his hampster Pac is not animal cruely. He loves animals and would never hurt them. The freakin’ Tmz are liers! Everything but the truth

  13. Justin Bieber would not hurt a hair on a poor precious animal. It is probably sick because Justin Bieber has been on the road 24.7 and hasnt had a chance to feed it or play with it.

  14. Justin Bieber (my husband) would never do such a thing like that!! I hate it when rumors come out about him. I’m with him every step of the way. Love you<3 *belieber*

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