Justin Bieber Adding New Tattoo Detail?


Justin Bieber sent the social media world into a tizzy Sunday when he posted a picture of a “new” tattoo on his Instagram account

The tattoo features a pair of praying hands surrounded by roses. The accompanying text said “newtat” – but is the skin art truly new?


    • Justin, i gotta admit that is a lot of tattos! Well, you did say you like classic tattos, but i think about 7 tattos is enough! I mean you passed your favorite number 6. I am not trying to be rude but Justin, I think one day you are going to look just like your dad with many tattos. As i said before, its your body, you choose what you want to do with it! But anyway, i am not going to hate you over tattos on your body and yes I still love you for life!
      —- Bieber – Lover

    • what is going on?????? im really about to start crying I cant believe people who say they love justin with all their heart would than jugde him… (shame) theres a buch of likers,there are alot of fans,theres some beliebers and only a few true/real beliebers that will stick by his side..(tear,tear)
      Real beliebers i love you and thank you for being there on justin when i can not your guys are the reason im proud to call myself a belieber i love you all just like justin{‘: and i love you also justin baby i love you forever

      • U know what, i agree with u 100%! i will try 2 stop denying Justin getting new tattoos! Also, Justin, Babe honey what I said bfore i was not thinking, so please 4 give me! Babe Honey I will still love you 4 life! Omg, im crying 4 what i said bfore! I felt like i just hurt Justin’s feelings!

      • ITS OK SWEETHEART we’re family and like most families we fight its ok i still love you all the others still love you and justin def still loves you..ps sweetheart dont get mad but justin’s with selena in MEXICO lol believe me sweetheart you DID NOT hurt justin feelins hhaahhah lol
        No but really we still love you(=

  1. I know that I will love him n matter wht but this has to be the last tattoo,I don’t want him covered in ink I want sum of his skin left,he’s perfect just the way he is,so I’m suggesting he stops I know it’s his body but its changing him not on the inside but it’s just changing him,I hope he stops:( I love him no matter though xxxx

  2. I dunno about you guys but I love all of Justin Bieber’s new tatoos. It’s not like they have bad meaning behind them, they are religious. So big deal lol.

  3. Y’all need to stop, just because you tell him to stop getting tattoos doesn’t mean he is or that he has to, you don’t own him. That’s like if someone told you to stop being a Belieber or stop doing something you really enjoy that doesn’t mean you have to stop. So just leave justin alone

  4. i like it if you are into religious tattoos. i hope he dosen’t end up like miley cyrus brother.trace cyrus he was like justin white blonde hair and now he looks crazy with all those tattoos.and the guy is a pot head aka smokes drugs.trace not justin if he wants people to treat him like an adult this is not the way. and its selena’s and his mom’s fault too his mother should tell him it dosen’t look good for image and selena should say to him some girls don’t like tattoos. although selena had a belly ring when she was younger so she’s the wrong person to say anything to him.

  5. I hate the tatoos myself. was looking back on the 2009 videos of him today and it is sad that he has lost his self in the fame. Back then he couuld put his pants on right, an didn’t want to look like an act like lil wayne! I hope he finds himself before it
    s to late. fame has definitely dantied him. I think he is a darling young man. but I have to say I am losing interest because he is rolling down that road of destroy his body with the ink and can’t dress like a nice young man nomore. just hope he grows up before he is a big walking drop of ink Just not cool !! Justin

    • So your saying that Justin CAN’T dress himself right? Oh, okay. Then idk why 32+ million girls die looking at his photoshoots. And idk why they fangirl over him wearing a tuxedo. He even is considered “sexy” in overalls. Stop judging him on how he looks in the outside. And for god’s sake, fame HASN’T CHANGED Justin!!! He loves his Beliebers MORE than any other celebrity. Your so stupid, I’m sorry, but you are. Once, Justin even brought hot chocolates for the freezing Beliebers waiting outside his studio. And he even did a FREE CONCERT for 300,000 Beliebers. Please, can you not? -__-

      • You seriously have to stop comparing Justin’s looks to what he does ._.
        Millions of girls may love him, but that doesn’t change how others may see him when he has his pants half down his ass, or the many tattoos he has as well. No one takes him seriously!
        He’s growing up WAY too fast… Or maybe in the wrong environment I don’t really know.

    • @tami lewis
      I agree. Fame has changed him big time and I think he needs to take a trip to Canada for awhile. It seems to me like he needs to go back to his roots and I’m not talking music wise. Tbh, I think he’s just trying to show that he’s growing up and maturing but he’s doing it all in the wrong way. Just my opinion, though. I’m not hating.

      • @JaylaBieber
        It’s so hard maintaining my fan card when he’s completely altered into what he once was merely 2 years ago. He’s growing up, I know that. At the same time, I don’t want him to become like those other people he hangs out with :(
        After the tour he really should go back to Canada.

  6. Justin baby get alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the tats you want IM REPEAT IM STILL GONNA LOVE… others beliebers yes i know yall want to stay white and clean but like justin said ladies love him and you do soo SHUT UP….because if you didnt love justin you wont be on this website(= ISTILL LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU JUSTIN(= have fun in mexico for me and even more fun with selena(; lol love you

  7. I think this shows some of his fans are the type that would shift to some other guy or boy band because of trivial things like this-concentrating on the negative. Loyalty means you criticize someone but don’t threaten to cease being a fan. concentrate on his positive qualities. I don’t like too many tattoos either, but that’s no reason to cease being a fan. He has enough haters.

      • yall need to chill he can do whatever he wants its just a tattoo yall strait up acting like he got “swaggy” on his forehead when he does that then yall can argue over it i support Justin and his music like we’re supposed to do anything else besides that is not of our buisness why should we care anyway he has beautiful skin yes, but even with tats he still looks flawless they’re away to express yourself and most of them have meaning stop acting insane lol it’s just an addition to a tat he’s had for how long now?

  8. this looks like a redecoration of his old tattoo on his leg-very artistic but he is overdoing it with tattoos. that he is happy is what counts. I also don’t think he hangs around little twist all the time-i hope not for he could be a bad influence in what he wears for example. I wish he would dress up more often so his haters don’t have an excuse to call him names. An observation from a guy that could be his father-I am 46.

  9. If your leaving Justin, because he’s getting so many tattoos, just a friendly reminder, you were NOT a BELIEBER. You were a typical fan. LOL, you all gotta shut the hell up & grow the f*ck up. It’s JUSTIN’S BODY, and he can do whatever he wants to it. I know you have opinions, but telling someone to stop getting tattoos ISN’T, an opinion. Shhhh…okay? And focus on the sexy shirtless selfies on Justin’s Instagram. #Belieber :)


      • lol yup bieliebers we are family(= seee alll you fake fans THIS is what REAL FANS…NO REAL BELIEBERS DO AND #Believe In Biebah i would love to be best friends with someone that loves justin much as me butttttttt………………i love justin alot lol

      • Haha, omg. If you were like in my class, we can fangirl over Justin so much and never get tired. That would be swaggy. xD


  10. If you really love Justin… no matter how many tattoos he has or do (or enything else he wants to do with his body) you supost to love him anyway. Thas way we are call BELIEBERS to support him always no matter what.

  11. ok, i dont mind if he adds more, itz not on ma skin… im here to support him and loving his music not his tatoos.. as he said pple should judge on his music not him.. datz all, love u Bieber :)

  12. The way he dresses now is idk he barely wears jeans all he wears is sweat pants now and dont get me wrong he is rich as hell but it seems like he doesnt have any money at all .I mean he mostly wears a baggy white t-shirt which it looks like it can reach his knees.Im not hating in any type of way but Idk if any of yall noticed this.

    • Well he always wanted to keep his normalality if that’s even a word but we all Americans dress like its a lazy day so it doesn’t bother me I mean he’s on the road on stuff so I don’t think he would want to dress all rich like or whatever your trying to apply but hey he may dress like that because he’s going swimming or something who knows

  13. The people saying that everyone should stop complaining about Justin getting more tattoos should shut up as well. I’m mean would you seriously find him attractive once he’s been inked up quite a bit more than you would like? Half the tattoos he has aren’t even that necessary tbh.

    • @Marley on other hand i agree to wat u said, he won’t look gud with too many tattoos on his body, i know its not my body. but yeah, and sometimes tatoos aren’t gud. ma opinion.. not hating him or wat..

    • I never said I find him more attractive. I said that if your leaving him, because of tattoos, then bye. Beliebers will always stay by his side. It’s his f*cking body. He can do whatever he wants with it. And who the hell cares if he has tattoos on the outside?! In the inside, it’s still the Justin I love…

      • You are the one who said in your last post how over 32 million girls “drool” over his photoshoots. So I don’t know where you are getting, “I never said I find him attractive,” bullshit.
        Getting too many tattoos isn’t attractive. (At least for me anyways) And yes, he can do what he wants with his body, but he will regret it sooner or later.
        Also, as you can see in other posts, many beliebers sure as hell do care how many tattoos he gets. They all want him to have as much clear skin as possible just as much as I do!

      • @Loveleh, when I said that 32+ million girls drool over his photoshoots, I was talking about that idiot that was saying Justin can’t dress properly. How does Justin not dressing properly have to do with his tattoos?! NOTHING. So I don’t get where your getting this “bullshit.” Lol, next time READ. And some Beliebers don’t care what he looks like on the outside, because like I said before, in the inside its that Justin we fell in love with. If you were a Belieber from the start, you’d understand. Okay? So before you call my points bullshit, REREAD YOUR OWN “POINTS.” :)

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