Justin Bieber and Drake Performing in Toronto!

It was a triumphant homecoming for Justin Bieber when he returned to his native Canada during his “Believe” world tour. Justin surprised his fans by bringing out fellow Canadian Drake to perform their collaboration “Right Here” at Rogers Centre (formerly SkyDome) in Toronto on Saturday night (December 1).

The two shared a hug before Drake continued with “The Motto” as Justin yelled out, “YOLO!”

“A night i will never forget. #TORONTO i love u. #HOME #CANADA thank u,” Justin tweeted.

Watch the video:

  • essie j

    that’s was so amazing :D

    • Jsha bieber

      I agree!

      • Lokani

        That was amazing, apparently Justin had passed gas on stage., LoL, Drake and Justin are good together as recording artist., Drakes sorta of like older brother to Justin., they both are eyes candies to a lot of girls., very sweet., adorable and cute.,

  • Ilovejustinbieber

    I was there at the concert. I love Justin bieber :)

    • Jay

      Oh that was nice of u,,like u watched him perform life,,some of us never saw justin yet,,wish i wil some day,,,,,,

      • Narmadha

        never say never

  • bieber lover

    Awesome performance love u Justin <3

  • retarted fangirls

    Worst duet in the history of music Drake you can do better than that used up pus** called Justin

    • BBB.Belieberxxx

      Ow who ask you to critic ! Just shut up and get off this site and leave Justin and beliebers alone

      • retarted fangirls

        And who asked you to reply, ha “next “

    • JaylaBieber

      Duet? Justin only said, like, three to four words on little parts. He wasn’t even singing or anything. You should actually watch the video next time you want to get on someone’s ass.

  • Georgia

    OMMG I WAS THERE!! ITS WAS TH BEST DAY! Carly,cody,the wanted, drake came and rayn and chaz and biebers whole family came too, LIKE IT WAS AWESOME!

    • Jbsnumber1fan

      I was there too it was the best day of my life!!

  • San bieber

    He’s hot and he’s talented i mean what can’t he do i love you justin

  • K.Bieber

    Awww my 2 fav singers ! Drizzy &Justin <3 wish i couldve been there ! ;D

  • Kidrauhl

    lol i love them :D

  • bieber lover

    Oh just shut up retarded fan girls no one likes you get lost

    • retarted fangirls

      And I’m sure Justin doesn’t care about you :)

  • San bieber

    Bieber lover just ignore the retarted girls. if we stop attending to them i think they will shut up in no time .just act like they don’t exist

  • BBB.Belieberxxx

    Cool their both very talent…

  • BBB.Belieberxxx

    Love you Justin well done Drake :)

  • BBB.Belieberxxx

    Justin and Drake amazing !

  • JaylaBieber

    Drake!!! ♥ I would’ve been screaming real loud when he started doing The Motto.

  • Mrs. Bieber Forever

    Justin Bieber Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please please. Please. Please. Please Pick me. As you’re. One. Less. Lonely Girl! It’s. My favorite. Song ever!!! I cry at it. All the time!!!!!!!I listen to. It. Over. And. Over. Over and. Over. And. Over. Again like. Every. Second!!!!!!! I pretend. I’m. You’re OLLG. Wen I listen it. To it but I’m not! It makes me sad:( I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. You sooooooooooo much. You’re my inspiration!:)

  • bieber lover

    ur right san bieber

  • Alyssa sweetie luvzjb

    I love and adore Justin he is hot!!!! :)

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326


  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    wow justin u r really hot and cute love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu justin

  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    wow justin u r really hot and cute love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu justin

    love u love u justin u r really awesome

  • Jelena?

    no surprise…

    that was amazing.. lmao <3
    u and drake perform amazing together… yall shud juss make a whole cd wit just yall nd go on tour.. <3 #JustASuggestion lol

    justin u r just soooo cute

    much love

  • Bella Swan

    Seriously awesome track JB. No one can like you.

  • San bieber

    Beliebers imagine ur justins girlfriend and ur having a party which is ur birthday.u and aother guy seem to be too close, justin gets jealous pulls u outside and starts to yell and u(people are watching)u yell back at ,then he slaps u wat r u gonna do a.slap him back and create a scene b.walk away because u love him so much to slap him

    • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

      no i will kiss him think that me and justin both r kissing omb that so awesome and great i really want that o o o o o wait first i hug him then i will kiss him wow what a thought love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu justin

      • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

        ya i say that to u san bieber bcs i love my baby my love my life my heart my everything is justin love uuuuuuuuuu.. much justin love ya

  • Stela Belieber

    I’m right here
    IT was so incredible that i can stop watching it
    So proud of you Kidrahul
    Canada so!!!!

  • bieber fever


  • MaliaBieber101

    They KNOW they just killed it! That was DOPE! Drake looked so happy! Both 2 fine boys! <3

  • najwa

    Singer Justin you are the best of my life and always sara belieber
    <3 <3

  • ivan

    I predict the movie of this concert will be huge-surpassing Never Say Never as the biggest concert movie ever.