Justin Bieber Believe Acoustic Album Cover + Tracklist!

Official BELIEVE acoustic album cover!
The album will be released January 2013!

BELIEVE acoustic album tracklist!
1. Boyfriend (Acoustic version)
2. As Long As You Love Me (Acoustic version)
3. Beauty And A Beat (Acoustic version)
4. She Don’t Like The Lights (Acoustic version)
5. Take You (Acoustic version)
6. Be Alright (Acoustic version)
7. All Around The World (Acoustic version)
8. Fall (Acoustic version)
9. Yellow Raincoat (Album Version)
10. I Would (Album Version)
11. Nothing Like Us (Album Version)

77 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Believe Acoustic Album Cover + Tracklist!

  1. Rudy M Alapag Jr

    i love acoustic. with acoustic guitars. from my dead dad’s guitar acoustic performer, i admire his music and etc.

      1. THEBELIEBER06

        Yeah to me it looks like they’ve photoshopped the head from a “Girlfriend” photoshoot onto the body of Justin in the “Believe” photoshoot…

  2. Belibah till forevs :-D

    1st) his voice is going to be so sexy

    2nd) I cant wait

    3rd) I’m sooo buying it the first day

    Last) aah he looks sooo sexy/hot/cute

    MUAH !!!!!!!!!!

  3. bieberMYkidrauhl

    ccaaaaannnntt waaaaiiiittt!!!
    just a guitar & a dream…
    oh myy its like back to
    kidrauhl moments .. =')

  4. BBB.Belieberxxx

    Amazing , i love acoustic music.i`m excited can`t wait i wanna have it , Love Justin Bieber :).P.S Sexy cover album;)

  5. daughterofLordRauhl

    Awesome. That is the best news I’ve gotten in a while. I’ve had so much shit going on, and none of it was any good. Why I haven’t been here in a while. But this is great. Hopefully I have a chance at getting it during the week it comes out (Maryland can go hard too…) but I’ll get it eventually, somehow. On another bright note, got a guitar yesterday! That makes this news so much damn better. I’m in the Daylight again. :)


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