Justin Bieber Catching Private Jet with Unknown Female, Selena Gomez?

Reunited? Justin Bieber and a Selena Gomez look-a-like were spotted getting on a private jet at a Van Nuys, Los Angeles airport on Wednesday December 19. 

More pics: 

Justin kept his eyes on the photographers nearby, seemingly orchestrating the entire event. When he deemed it safe, the short and thin brunette – who appeared to look a lot like Selena Gomez – jumped out from the passenger’s seat and dashed across the runway.

The unknown woman made sure to cover up, draping a green coat over her face and upper body and covering her bottom half with a large black purse.

Source: Dailymail

  • bieber is mine!

    i LOVE JB he isn’t even with that bitch
    you people really need to mind ya business

    • retarted fangirls

      Why are you calling her a b****

      • bieber is mine!

        who was talking to you

      • retarted fangirls

        And who told you to respond

      • bieber is mine!

        oh im sorry didn’t realize you were in in charge of all this
        i can comment on whatever i feel like

      • suzy

        GROW up and beaber is mine think again

      • tabitha.morales

        she is 1

    • Mariah

      He is not yours he’s mine

      • bieber is mine!

        i don’t see your name on him
        he’s always mine

      • khloe99

        He’s ALL ours guys

      • BBB.Belieberxxx

        yeah hes all ours

      • bieber is mine!

        you know what i guess they just let anyone on this site and “suzy” when you learn how to spell then come and talk to me

      • Susie

        You guys are so immature!Really?How old are you,ten?And i’m sorry,but Justin Bieber belongs to NONE of us,not even me.Chillax!

    • vagiabelieber

      no way………

      • tylish

        that is so wack

      • I Hates him

        heez gay girls leave him alone he tried to kiss selena and he pushed her off but wen a boy came and kissed him he kept on kissing him so bow

      • Selena Gomez

        Justin Bieber Is Mine

    • tabitha.morales

      i’m w/ u bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      • the real biebah

        source,source and source..!!!!! all they have is unknown sources!
        Iam not gunna believe anything said by any unknown source and I wont believe a photo that doesn’t have a clear image of telling whats going on!!!
        and you know what ??!! i blame selena on this one!!! once she put that pic of justin,lil twist and barbara ….the media never stopped making up stories!
        one day they say that they are back and the other day they say they broke up!!! and the next day they say they are back on!!!
        but I guess they broke up!!!
        in june and july when they heard about the break up rumours ..they started going on dates and making sure the papzz capture them holding hands and stuff!
        and now all I see is selena storming off on a date and not letting justin inside her house and him staying crying outside her house.
        if they break up?! it would hurt a lil…unless justin isn’t hurt and not getting the blame for everything…then thats fine!

      • MJ & JB FAN

        100%percent agreed :)

      • khloe99

        @real biebah you are one of the most reasonable beliebers in this world. #BELIEBERFAMILYUNITED

      • The real biebah

        Awwww thanks @kloe99and @MJ&Jb fan :)

      • BBB.Belieberxxx

        agree with @ the real biebah :)

    • Cloudia

      How Dare You Call Selena A bitch ?! See Your Own Mirror , Are You Perfect ? :) Oh wait ! NO . So,shut up . Taste your word before you split them out dude . Shame on you ! Every Jelena fans SHAME Her ! You Have No Self Respect .

    • Powerina

      He is with her. I dnt knw why u guyz re doin this, if u realy luv him u wil let him be,its nt lyk he wil realy be yours

    • delandramcgowan

      You have a nasty mouth , how bout I give u sum tooth paste so u kan clean it out , and u don’t even know her so watch ur mouth

  • Natalie

    Yayyyy theyre still together :)

    • Team Bieber

      i was so happy when i read this. he deserves the best, and Selena is his best. i wanted them to break up before. but when i saw justins sad face every where, i didn’t like it. BUT if she was that model im ganna be sad for Selena :( #NoHate

      • Natalie

        no im with you, they’re good together lol i didn’t like them before either but im so happy they’re back. they make each other happy and they both deserve to be happy

  • retarted fangirls

    Ooh Justin I see you have company.

    • cpd

      why do u even care and don’t curse at me i have juts askin a simple question?!!!! THX

  • retarted fangirls

    Ooh Justin I see you have company with an unknown female. Hmmm……..

  • ts

    why Selena? she could be Pattie..

    • Jsha bieber

      Or any1 else.

    • JaylaBieber

      It could be but I doubt his mom would be hiding like that.

      • Alisha

        So, thats selena cuz there is only one girl, who always hide herself from cameras.

      • bieber is mine!

        I agree also it cant be selena cuz why would they say WOMAN if shes like in her 20s

    • #1belieber in Maldives

      I really think its selena…. Im sure its here black bag…(look at her previous photos with Justin)..she usually carries that bag with her…anywayz, i dont really mind who Justin is dating as long as he is happy with her..love you soo much Justin and also Beliebers.

    • bieber is mine!

      um I believe they said WOMAN
      but its not

    • bieberfever

      I agree with ts

  • Mes. Bieber


  • justme

    sel’s purse.. so obvious!

  • EmilyBieber

    I hope it’s Selena !! Cuz like wut if he was dating a fan or something.? OMG I wod b sooo jelly !!(: ahh justin shod date mee. Ha I wod rather him date Selena tho. They’re secute togeths <3

  • TTFan

    Ummm that’s Selena’s purse, it’s her.

  • Jasmine

    uhh , that might not be her , if they try soo damn hard to cover her face , since when has she ever been that ashamed of him , and if she doesn’t want her photo to be taken she usually just walks with her face down and covers it with her hand , this is strange , and im just saying thats probably not her , and Justin was making sure he was watching the photographers , and he usually tries to ignore them . this is just weird e_e

    • LOL

      She’s not ashamed of him you dumb broad! she does not want her pics taken by the stupid paparazzi! get a clue you immature freak!

  • woah

    Whats the big deal , why they need to hide Selena like that ?

    • KONA


      • JaylaBieber

        I hope your caps lock button dies.

  • K.Bieber

    so umm are they together or not?!

    >.< so confused..

    • Alisha

      Me too!

      • LOL

        It’s none of your biz wax!

      • Jsha bieber

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  • adriana


  • it me

    it is so her! she have been wearing this coat alot also the large bag. you know whats that mean, it means that JELENA IS BACK BABY

  • samara

    Yeah it could be selena but just because she has the D&G bag doesn’t mean that it is her. Im sure she’s not the only person with that bag. Just saying

    • BBB.Belieberxxx


  • JaylaBieber

    It’s Barbra! Just kidding. It’s me. Lmao…I wish. ._.

  • Jsha bieber

    Shes the dumb fuc*kin bitch slutena with him. Justin ur lookin Sexy :)

    • Jelena

      @jsha bieber
      Honey why is your last name on here “bieber” because you not a belieber at all if you calling selena a slut. Beliebers r supposed to SUPPORT him and not giv a **** about who’s he with.

      • Belieber

        Yeah I agree with @jelena
        If you were a real belieber (cuz u a fake obviously) you would support no matter who’s he with :D

      • khloe99

        Well it’s not like she said anything insulting to Justin, some ppl just plain old don’t like Selena. And of course she’s a belieber @Jsha bieber supports Justin ALOT so just bcuz she’s not supporting his PERSONAL relationship life doesn’t mean she doesn’t support him. #NOHATE. #BELIEBERFORLIFE

      • The real biebah

        @Jelena @kloe99 is right!just cuz we don’t support his personal life doesnt meen that we are not supporting him! And btw Justin is been getting a lot of hate from selenators and saying that he cheated on her ever thou there is no clue!but am not saying that just cuz they do meens we have to too!but am just saying that u have to leave ppl with their own opinion!

      • Jsha bieber

        @belieber nd @jelena u both r just fu*k pi*** takers, U both thinks, that if a guy hates jelena cuz of selena then that person can’t be a true belieber. For ur kind information iam tellin u both dumb s***rs that we don’t have to like or support JELENA/SELENA to be a true BELIEBER just support justin Justin n only JUSTIN!!!!

      • delandramcgowan

        I totally agree on that if ur a real belieber like u say u r u wouldn’t care who his with or what he dose as long as his happy rite , U SAY UR A BELIEBER BUT I’M NOT A BELIEVER

    • retarted fangirls

      I always knew you were some jealous biatch

      • The real biebah

        You look like one too! Of Justin! Your just a lifeless hater…at least sum here hate Selena cuz they are scared that she breaks his heart! But their is nothing that wrong Justin has done.u j probably just hate him to look cool! Just like the other world.

      • Jsha bieber

        @Retarted fangirls ohhhhh! 1st of all u need to look to ur self Ni*** n 2nd of all iam not jealous at all,i just hate her cuz of many reasons n 0ne of them is, i can’t see her hurtin justin. And if u thinks that we BELIEBERs r jealous to her then ur Sadly wrong :-P

      • Jsha bieber

        @retarted fangirl and at least i don’t care,What fu**in Shitt u know 0r not :P

      • retarted fangirls

        What’s there to hate? Nothing

      • the real biebah

        and what is thier to hate about justin???!!!!

      • Jsha bieber

        @retarted fangirls Nothin for u Gh****

    • tabitha.morales


      • retarted fangirls

        Why are you asking who b****?

      • Jsha bieber

        @tabitha Slutena.

  • Tiffanie

    It can be any1 Selena doesn’t hide like that even when she’s getting on a plane with her BF or X BF you never know. Maybe it is a fan, or a normal girl that Justin thought would be nice to have a girl who isn’t famous and isn’t screaming around him 24/7 ? So chill if it is a fan or Selena or just some random girl that is one of his friends it doesn’t matter, it’s none of our business, and certainly not the perv people that follow them around taking pic of them half naked in their bikinis and shorts or boxers without them knowing since they were 16. You don’t know what they do with those pics when they first get them, child porno much?

  • BelieberForever


  • Biebergirl

    Its Jasmine Villages!!!

    • Marley

      We all wish it was Jasmine Villegas… Lmao

      • retarted fangirls

        Nah Justin’s too good for that wannabe hoe

  • alexis

    its selena some websites are reporting that they saw her at store at night.plus acording to some they never broke up. first i would say its her becasue of the clothes and the fact that they were at ashley tisdale party they went with fredo. i saw another instagram picture where fredo was there and we all know justin dosen’t go to alot of places with out his crew or part of it. also barbara palvin is a super model they never hyde from cameras. jasmine villegas? don’t know who she is and don’t care but no i don’t think is that girl.

  • 1432

    That’s Jasmine V. She has the same purse + she tweeted photos of herself yesterday rocking the same hairstyle. She normally has it straight but it was curly yesterday, just like in the picture.

    • Carmen

      omg you’re right O:

      • BBB.Belieberxxx

        really :O !?

  • lolbelieber

    There’s no way in hell that’s Selena Gomez. The whole breakup rumors of them are obviously bs because they were spotted many times after they supposedly “broke up”.

    She would never hide from the cameras like that and there’s really no need for them to be so secretive now that the rumors of their breakup are cleared.

  • alison

    a) jasmine v who ever she is b)selena gomez could be her no other person travels with that much. c)barbara palvin don’t think its her she working acording to her website she’s on location.d) some other chick. if some one says here miley cyrus i punch you in the face.

    • Marley

      Miley Cyrus :p
      Are you going to attempt to punch my face now?

      • khloe99

        Well she can try through the computer screen using some kind of magic I guess

      • tabitha.morales

        jb wil slap u now

  • trent

    i bet is selena some people who met her at a party where some unicef volunteers where invited and took pics with her. theres a picture were selena is being kiss in the chick by another woman and theres a mirror in the back and selena is putting her hand to hyde the other person reflection some say bieber. also fredo was there.

    • justme

      where can i find that pic?

      • trent

        i saw the pic at ocean up.com and then the same pic at selenagomezzone.com could be coincidence that she was touching the mirror but still very suspicious.

  • Brenda

    That’s so selena its her bag and her jacket

  • Mrs.Bieber

    who is this chick

  • Adrian

    Guys can’t you see it clearly its publicity trying to make a buck, and stir up something out of nothing. It’s selena. Seriouslly? but if i must say if it isn’t selena i’d be shocked. Cause it seems like he’s all about treating girls like a queen. Selena is his first real girlfriend. idk…what do you think guys?

  • ivan

    Two sources indicated they were seen in church in L.A. before this, and that they made up and flew to Canada together. Some sites are saying that’s Selena in the pic next to Justin’s van. The important thing is that Justin is happy, he gets so much negative publicity from idiots. We all love Justin, lets wish for the best-ok?

  • Nicole

    That’s Selena! :D She always carry that purse :)