Video: Justin Bieber Co-Hosting Y100 Jingle Ball 2012 -MIAMI

Justin Bieber onstage during the Y100′s Jingle Ball 2012 at the BB&T Center on December 8, in Miami. According to sources, Justin didn’t perform that night, but he still flew to Miami to see his Floridian fans.

Watch the video:

      • Ahem, what has Justin taught us? To? *cough* Never Say Never *cough* And you, “Justin will never marry a Belieber!” DAFUQ don’t you, “Mrs. Bieber?”

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    • Look, you say Justin & his Beliebers are annoyance. Yet, you actually waste your time to come on his fansite, and comment rude, immature things. It makes NO sense, tbh. Maybe we are annoyance, but we are a family. Calling Justin a b*tch, isn’t going to make you a better person. And I don’t care what you reply back to me, because I’ve had enough. You are pathetic. And I will not waste my time replying back to you whenever you stupidly talk mad sh*t about Justin. Because to us, he’s our whole damn life. We can just die for him. Literally. Yes, we can be immature. Yes, we can be stupid. But, that’s just us. So, go ahead, call me anything, but I won’t give any attention to you. Waste your time. GOODBYE. #SWAGGY :)

      • @#Believe In Biebah i totally agrreee with u ppl at school always tease me cause i love him but i dont give a f**k cuse i know that they prob deep down love him to the bottom of their hearts. and to u @retarted fangirls get a f******g live cuse u dont seem it have one
        ur whole room is prob covered head to toe with posters com him like most of our rooms are.
        right ppl???????????????????????

      • You are really annoying!!! Never Say Never isn’t even true; if it was,Justin would be dating a fan. Go get a life BELIEVE IN BIEBAH; Justin will never like you. You’re quick to judge others, but not yourself!

      • WOW ur so right i would actual die for justin. and she doent have any right to call himm all of these words stop wasting yur time on his page and go find something better to do.

  1. I tried very hard to watch the video, but there was to much screaming. So, I just watched Justin looking all sexy. Me, will always be FOREVER ALONE. :D

  2. Lmfao this dumb hoe @retarded fan girls yes honey i can tell by ur name that u are a retarded girl! Dont be callin justin a bitch cuz u mad picking on ur cámel toe and see sh*t! Suck it!

  3. Alrite i think im done here for good now. Too many lil children here and some retarded children but some of u are decent people. Becides i dont even like justin barley! I just like messing with selenators and jelenators but i like justin just not as much as i love cody. Im more of a simpsonzier and a barbz. So dont get ur panties ina bunch nd come at me cuz im done with all of you and this site its obvs the owner of it is a jelenator. So im outa here forever :D toodle doo mate :)
    Ps: if u want u can follow me on twitter @iLoveCodyBro ill follow back ;)

  4. I said that justin`s bieber ex girlfriend selena gomez was a bad girlfriend when she was with justin bieber i think selena gomez broke up with justin bieber and get back with her another boyfriend well i have going to lunch bye

  5. i think that me and you are ment to be together and i love all ur music also you are my world and i wish that i could have you here with me hehe xxxxxxxx

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