Justin Bieber Finished Recording Believe Acoustic Album! Adding 2 more Songs!


Justin Bieber just finished up recording his Believe acoustic album in the studio!

The album was originally going to include 8 acoustic versions of songs from BELIEVE album, but then he decided 8 wasn’t enough. He decided to write TWO BRAND NEW songs for the album!

“finished the #BELIEVEacoustic album tonight. wrote a brand new song to finish it off that i love. 2 new songs on there. Every song has a new guitar arrangement..1 w/ piano. everything feels new and #KIDRAUHL – u guys r gonna like it. 8 wasnt enough. had to write some more new ones. now im putting out 10 SONGS on #BELIEVEacoustic . Im telling u. PREORDER it now.”

You can preorder it here.

Believe Acoustic album out January 2013.


@justinbieber just finished the #BelieveAcoustic album

@scooterbraun: The kid hard at work today

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