Justin Bieber Hangs Out with Selena’s Ex Nick Jonas in the Studio

Justin Bieber has started hanging out with Selena’s ex — Nick Jonas.

Amid ongoing reports his romance with Selener is in trouble, it appears Justin has struck up a friendship with Jonas Brothers star Nick Jonas.

In a tweet to fans on Friday night (14Dec12), Justin wrote:

And Jonas later revealed he was on the other end of Justin’s table tennis challenge, adding:

See Justin Bieber met the Jonas Brothers for the first time in 2010.

      • Well he is, I mean nick is like two months younger than Selena so he’s 20 just like her and plus I keep on seeing this post and selenas friends keep saying shes crying over the fact that nick and juju are hanging out and some other stuff that he is ignoring her calls. Well….still a #BelieberFOREVVAA!!!

      • I dont hate on selena! but if she hurts him …I wont like her at all!
        and I dont think justin would do such thing! he just wants to play pingpong!
        I mean COME ON u know justin.. he is ready to play pingpong with who ever it was ! even if it was a hater!
        his the boss of pingpong! but am standing with justin’s side no matter what!

      • 1st, HIIII :)
        2nd, if what u said was true,then selena is crying over nothing! I mean she did get over nick right?!
        she cant control every thing justin does! and she stoped being supportive, as he played a concert in one of the places and she was there,but didn’t attend it! she was drinking or eating sumthin.
        it hurts me when I saw ppl supporting selena’s side even sum beliebers and they dont even know whats happening and all bcuz of who?
        THE MEDIA!!!!:(

      • ppl are being SOOOO mean to justin!!!!!!!!!!!
        thier was this hyollywood life article of justin and selena disses to each other!
        and then they made a poll”WHO DISSED THE OTHER MORE???
        and ppl said justin! hmmmm leys see..
        1-the vs fashion show

        1-snubbing him on a thank u ttweet
        2-posting a pic of her and her co-star of wizards movie
        3-not letting him inside her house in sticky situiation when paparazzi were outside.
        now see my point?

  1. I can just imagine Justin and Nick Jonas discussing their hate for Selena over a ping pong game and talking about how annoying she was. LOL

    • no!
      justin is a good fellow! he wont reach that line and even if he did ppl will jump on his face,even beliebers.
      but if selena crossed any line,no one would do anything to her!

      • IKR cuz right now Justin is the target of their past break up I read something not too long ago like a bout an hour or so and the title said “Selena is this close to dumping the Immature Justin Bieber” I mean I don’t believe it but I’m sad that the entire media is blaming everything on him just like with the Filipino politician dude

      • justin is a very succecful person hun, even the media can get jealous of him sumtimes,cuz soo far they r the best solution to make ppl hete justin!
        and as @mj &jb fan said…selena might be paying them to make justin lose beliebers! or so that she gets good publicity! cuz to me selena always looked like she wanted to be soooooooooooooo famous! more than she is now! girls can get a bit mean when they want sumthin….they’ll do anything for that sumthing

      • Damn, you and your stupid comebacks. -___- I’ve had enough of you. Justin is obviously more successful than you can ever be in your short ass life so gtfo and stop hating on an sex god. >:( Bitches these days. :p

      • @retarted fangirls
        You come on a JUSTIN BIEBER FANSITE and tell US to stop talking about him? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Gurl, bye. -_-’

  2. Hi @real biebah for a sec I thought you left the site for good oh and about the post thing I’ve read like 20 different post about the same thing probably it’s a lie or probably 20 different websites got the same story aim the same day

    • am confuesed:
      1: I dont think selena’s friends and family would ever talk about such things to media! cuz alot of stars dont like talking about thier private life!
      2:if her friends and family did,then they must have paid the media to write such things to make ppl think that justin;s the bad guy and so he loses sum beliebers and so ppl feel srry for selena and hate justin’s guts.
      3:or maybe the media wants to create drama between us beliebers!
      cuz now alot of ppl are standing by selena’s side even thou justin didn’t do anything wrong!

  3. I hate those jelena posts!
    ans:they make beliebers fight for nuthin and three fourth and a half quater of it is never true!
    those jelena posts always makes ppl think that justin is the bad guy!

  4. These moronic gossip sites always quote some unknown source and say unconfirmed things-we should doubt such stories till confirmed by reliable known sources. One thing bothering me about Selena is she is not reported to have said anything about that crazy guy accusing him of stealing his credit card and being Selena’s father. She also seems to say nothing about the recent attempt on his life. Although I like her, she may be a bit controlling.

  5. By the way, they both may be a little jealous over the people they hang out with. there is a pic on Selena’s site where she is sitting with her co-star Austin with her hand around his waist-he might have seen this at smg-news.tumbir.com and felt a little uncomfortable about it. I really hope they stick together but he might drop her one day. She also is close to Demi and Tyler Swift who unfollowed him a short time ago. Don’t know if that changed.

    • mannnnn I hate selena “IF” she paid media to write bad stuuff about justin and “IF” she was trying to make her friends hate him!
      selena is being immature at this point!
      “IF” not then I go back normal where i never care about her guts

  6. I just hate the fact that the media think Justin is the one to blame for the Jelena brake up. Like wtf, you have NO proof, NO evidence, NO clues, NO anything! So STOP JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS. Like gtfo & get a life. -____-

  7. SELENA confirmed it on twitter that they did hung out. but justin had to set nick straight and to tell him that him and selena are together and that for nick to stay out of there RS,. they are so meant for each other. JUSTIN AND SELENA,.

    • I don’t know what you were looking at but I doubt it was her twitter. Besides, I hardly think Nick gives one f*ck about Jelena.

      • Um if you read there tweets., nick wants Selena. After what nick done IDTS, FYI PPL, There Tweets says it all.

      • Um, if you read their tweets you would see they don’t give a rat’s ass about each other. I just scrolled through both Nick and Selena’s twitter. Neither is talking about the other. You must be looking at some fake accounts or 2009 shit.

  8. justin can hangout with whoever he wants and i think selena is ok with so,it’s the media who is giving silly opinions about that because nick is selena’s ex…music is music and justin can’t stop his music and selena is ok with so,they are still togerther…if they don’t go somewhere togerther in public,doesn’t mean they broke up..luv ya justin….jelena forever<3 ^_^

  9. she is tooo good for him….but he does what.??He BREAKS HER HEART again and again….really you(jb) sad you love her?…bbut noo ..now all the world is saying that selena haas just use him…really??but NO she gave him a chance again but it didnt work out..so she dumbet him and the end of JELENA…;( ;/

  10. The Media likes to stir up controversy for ratings or to sell magazines. We have to be skeptical until we have collaboration that a story is true. We have too many things said in the past that turned out untrue-so we should wait and see what the truth is in this continuing soup opera. I hope the negative stories are not true. They make a beautiful couple together.

  11. At Perez Hilton site some are, as usual, trashing Justin over this as if they know all the facts. Personally, if it is true she dumped him over being merely friendly with Nick Jonas, he should forget about her completely and date someone else. She has friends and relatives that apparently think he is white trash that is not good enough for her. He demeans himself by chasing her around, let her pursue him this time if she really loves him-my opinion.

    • No they not like you will see jelena as friends but not what you think.And damn im sorry I have too say this but is about time selena is out of JB love life I i just get so sick and tired of their relationship together and fighting for over what.Now I could put back my biebs poster back on my wall.

  12. So what if Justin and Nick are friends and hanging out. That is why Selena dumped Justin. Stupid reason why she broke up w/ him…I don’t really get why it supposenly leaded to that situation. Like every popstar these days are friends.

  13. So if this is true then she’s basically a controlling b*tch and they don’t need to be together if she’s gets mad over the dumbest stuff. No hate just my opinion

  14. lol was just on selenagomezzone.com…….

    nd they have more stories on their breakups if yu wanna kno more..

    i honestly am tired of hearing about it..

    luv yu biebs but i just think yall need to break up..
    IM NOT FAKE.. CUZ I WAS A FAN OF JELENA WHEN THEY WERE HAPPY…. i dont support unhappiness.. lmao..

    nd they r the definition of UNHAPPY #Furreal


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