OMG Justin Bieber Picks Up A Bra on Stage!

Justin Bieber picked up a bra that was thrown on stage by fan during the Q102′s Jingle Ball in Philly! When he picked it up he said “I’ll add this to the bucket”

Watch the video:

  1. That disgusting who would do that??? how embarrasing for the person who walked out without a bra!!! its kinda funny at the same time!

    • @JB’sNO.1FAN, The girl who threw it prob’ just brought 1 with her 2 the show,i kinda doubt she really took her bra off.If i went 2 a show i would bring 1 with me!HELLO! ;)

      • hahahahahahaha yeh i realised the comment i made kinda didnt make sense but yeh i think she wouldve brought a spare one to throw on stage probably with her number on it as well hahaha! :)

  2. what the
    who do this i will kill her who do this i know that its girl bcs only girl can wer that so i will kill her she is so so so so so so so so stupid idiot
    i will kill herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  3. omg now u know the only reason justin biebers stupid ass looked at that stupid bra so he could see what size it was and if it wasnt bigenough then he wasnt ganna keep it

  4. what the ???? justing hating it!!! my baby should face those why??? so disgusting and embarrassing yuck!!! who’s that by the way?? LOVE U JUSTIN ur my cutie chocolaty pie!!! stay strong live to the fullest!!! lots of love n care

  5. “OMFG WHO DOES THAT??THAT’S DISGUSTING” well obviously this fanbase does that.Justin was probably like “duh f#ck” lol

  6. Damn, what??? This reminds me too much of Beatlemania (I’m not that old, believe me. I’m just told about it all the time by people older than me). Girls would throw their bras and underwear on stage ( Yes, seriously. I don’t know about you,but I thank Almighty God that second one didn’t happen. It might, keep preparing yourself). Oh, and I think they did it to Michael too (assuming you know who I’m talking about). This is what desperate girls do when they (a little too badly) want to be with hot male singers. So, if you see more of this, just remember to say, “Damn. That girl is too desperate.” And this one- desperate much? But also, take this as a sign. Justin’s getting big.

    • yeah and my nana told me bout them and im really waiting for them to start throwing underwear up there and they also threw room keys to just wait till bieber gets on

      • Exactly. I don’t know about you, but somehow I know that when Justin gets up there, people are gonna do stuff just like that. (Yeah, they did throw room keys. Just didn’t wanna aggravate anybody when I was linking them together.) And thank you. I think a lot of us are told about them by someone older than us…

  7. uhmm wow… tht is sooo grimey nd nasty a’f.. what belieber tht is….

    ^_^ wow.. i rlly cud sayyy soo much… if i was him i wuda been like,

    “uhmm.. ew.” lmao


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