Hot or Not? Justin Bieber B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash (Video)

Justin Bieber performs “Boyfriend” shirtless on stage at the B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash at Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois.

  • BieberLover

    OMG SO HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jsha bieber


      • BBB.Belieberxxx

        Yah ! He is totally hot, look at him so hot.P.S Justin`s butt is really cute

      • BBB.Belieberxxx

        :) ;)

      • bieber is mine!

        ” what he didn’t even————- HOLY SHIT” he’s so SEXY
        btw what was he looking at

  • Nicole

    Omg sexy!!!!!!! :D omg!!!!!! Justin!!!!!!. That is Soooo sexy!!!!

    • Ricki B

      His butt is sexy too that thing is jus……WOW, I feel like one of those girls who r like OMG HIS BUTT IS LIKE TOTS CUTE!!!!! But in this case it’s nothing but the true ;) :) :D

      • kenricka

        justin drew bieber ur the hotest guy i ever seen in my life i love u so much i wish i can meet u in front of me singing to me on my bday on march 11th sorry u cant find me but tell wat to watch sing it on television r on youtube for me love u plzzzzzzz good bye i heard someone tryed to chase u off the road i dnt knw wat i would of be doing i would protect i knw i will keep u safe justin i love u byeee i can sing to im great at it thax love u

  • #Believe In Biebah

    Obviously, he`s hot! ADJKLJDLKJFLDK Look at him, with the mic & everything. I love him so much. *crying*

  • JaylaBieber

    He’s sexy is what he is.

  • Ricki B

    Whoa I think insult died and came back to life I JUST HAD A FREAKIN OUTTA BODY EXPERIENCE LOOKIN AT THOSE PICS!!!!,

    • Ricki B

      I just*

  • MaliaBieber

    OMFG! He is so DAMN fine!! <3

  • Michelle

    OMB!!!! I think I literally just died. He looks so hot as always.

  • BeliebersForever

    wow, Justin ur a sexy beast. love ya like always, from a belieber

  • khloe99

    He’s hotter that hot he’s….he’s…..HOTERESTICEST!!!!! (take your time when pronouncing)

  • fatimbieber

    he is defiantly HOTTTTTTTT

  • mariah

    JUstinbieber is so sexy .

  • mariah

    I’ve want him.

    • MorerthanAbeliever

      lol who you tellin(=

  • I Love Bieber!!

    OmG!!! Idk even have words to express how frickin HOT he is!!!!! <3

  • I Love Bieber!!

    WTF!!! I love yeah sexy beast!!!!!

  • #Believe In Biebah

    After looking at these pics, I turn around and wonder, WHY THE F*CK, IS JUSTIN NOT IN MY BED? Why, why WHY. :(

    • MorerthanAbeliever


    • JaylaBieber

      Because he’s in mine…

      • #Believe In Biebah

        But, he’s a sex god. How can he possibly be YOURS? Come to me Justin, come to me.

      • khloe99

        @Jaylabieber and @Believe in Biebah…..….…you dirty minds :D

  • Tay Tay

    I WAS THERE! I was freaking best moment of my life!!!

  • Mrs. Bieber

    O.O” IM GONNA DIE!!!

    • Jsha bieber

      Ya me too. He has the Sexiness of whole world :)

  • JustinShelly

    Omgg soo sexxxy :o <3.<3 All of Justin's underwears are Polo Raulph Lauren if you guys havent noticed :x

    • Jsha bieber

      Yeah! I did.

  • MorerthanAbeliever

    yo justin…baby my house NOW PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

    • BBB.Belieberxxx

      He have to come in my house ;) :)

  • EmilyBieber

    HOT. I got to meet him yesterday when I went to the Jinglebash !! I love him sooo much <3

  • Tiff

    Hot or not? it should be sexy or hot as hell… which case it’s a tie.


    He’s HOT and he’s SEXY at the same time OMG I love you Justin bieber

  • Liliana

    he is sexy.I love you very much Justin.

  • Jelena4ever

    HOT x10

  • Jsha bieber

    ;) Follow me on twitter @jshabieber for a follow back :)

  • Teja

    MMM!!! Sexy body…..:)

    • BeliebersForever

      @Teja I tot agree

  • Majid


  • Alisha

    Omg! Obviously, he is sooo hot n sexy. Luv him so much. :-)

    • KONA

      I Bet someone close to him thinks hes so hot and very sexy. She wouldn’t mind looking at his abs all day. She loves him to death,. his abs oh my goodness is Caliente,.

      • Belibah till forevs :-D

        Caliete-LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jokes jokes :) :-D

      • Alisha

        @kona soo true!

  • Kidrauhl


  • Kitteh

    Hmm, he’s okay :\ but I don’t like his pants pulled halfway down and showing his underwear :|

    Otherwise, he’s pretty okay-looking :)

    • Belibah till forevs :-D

      U r not a true belieber GET THE F***K OF THIs website!!!


      Low riding is swaggy unlike U so F of

      • khloe99

        Calm the hell down dude I get that ur upset and defending your, well OUR(as in the whole bieber family) Idol but take a chill pill bro, ease the slides, pitch that fire….ok I gotta seriously stop watching old movies :(

      • JaylaBieber

        @Belibah till forevs :-D
        It is NOT that motherf*cking serious, okay?

      • wha?

        not liking row riders makes you not a real belieber? you’re a JOKE!