• justin bieber is cool then his ex girlfriend selena gomez well i have to go to class i will talk to you later ok peace out justin bieber fever hotters……………..good bye love you………………

  1. ow! yeah YOU’re gonna live ur life the fullest n WE will be supporting n loving u till the end LOVE U the fullest!!! I’m gonna LIVE MY LIFE n thats dedicated to only JB

  2. We should boycott the Grammy Awards for their snub of Justin for a 2nd time. If they invite him to perform, it would be purely to draw more viewers-hope he does not accept. It seems they don’t think J.B. nor One Direction are up to their standards, but Carly Repson, who I like, is although her album is not as good.

  3. Hello There Justin Fan’s i am makeing a new song it call ” that girl got swag ” i am going to make it with justin bieber <3 right justin bieber

  4. justin bieber is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! live life to the fullest till you cant live your life anymoor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love you justin bieber and cant wait to see you in san antonio

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