Justin Bieber -OLLG One Less Lonely Girl Toronto!

Justin Bieber performing One Less Lonely Girl – TORONTO (Dec1) Believe Tour.

Watch the video:


Justin and OLLG backstage!

  • K.Bieber

    one lucky girrl ! haha !xD

    • justin bieber

      VERY lucky :D i loved being on stage with her

      • fatimbieber

        R u really justin bieber???

      • HeyThere!

        You are not the actual justin bieber. Nice try

      • JORDAN


      • Jessymichelle

        JUSTIN I LOVE YOU!!!

      • I Will Love Justin Bieber Forever

        Imagine if that was actually Justin Bieber :o

      • San bieber

        Beliebers, imagine u r justin’s girlfriend nd u having a party which is ur birthday.u are getting very close to another guy justin notices and pulls u outside and starts to yell at u ,u yell back at u. Then slaps u .wat r u gonna do a. Slap him back and create a scene b.leave without slapping u because u love him so much

      • BiGGest S.AFRICA FAN

        Hey justin,When u get 2 JHB can I please take a picture with you and maybe get a hug cause I’m turning 16 next year and it would mean the world 2 me

      • JF+JB

        if it really is u, prove it. what is ur newest tattoo?


        wait ur the reall justin please tell me love u <3 <3

    • Narmadha

      hope this is real justin bieber.all i have to say is u r amazing justin

    • Belieber. Forever

      I’m. Crying I want to be his. OLLg one. Day :( love. U Justin Bieber!:)

  • San bieber

    That should be me come to AFrica justin

    • Precious

      San u from Ghana?!?! I’m Nigerian…..its sad hw Africa neve gets any tour, its like Justin doesn’t care bout us.

      • justin bieber

        but i do care(:

      • German Guy Belieber

        Hi, African Beliebers

        He ist coming 2013 with the Believe Tour to Africa! <3 He love all his Beliebers, Note that

        But I think, just for some Concerts in South Africa.

      • Veja

        Cant he please come to NIGERIA hes got fans here too dat cant got to south africa

    • JF+JB

      totally! i mean im in the us, but my mom would have to come to any concert i want to go to but she hates jb,sorry jb. but if i was in africa and jb came it would be a huge break through in the media

  • goldeneda-belieberx3

    OMG………..I’m so jelly…………that should be me Justinnnn !!!!! <3 lol love you :)

    • justin bieber

      love you too :D

      • Jessymichelle


      • alma bieber

        come to Zagreb love youuu

      • Belieber. Forever

        Justin Bieber I love you so very mcuh!:)

    • Jsha bieber


  • Marley

    That was really embarrassing to watch in person tbh.
    I mean look! Poor girl didn’t know what to do once she had her legs straddled haha.
    Still she was really lucky ^.^

    • justin bieber

      yeah, it was awkward. But she was pretty ;)

      • Jade moore

        Love you I think ur amazing xxx

      • Belieber. Forever

        Justin Bieber please. Please. Let me. Your OLLG!

  • truebelieber

    That shoud be me!Justin come to latin america/Chile pleaseeeeeeeee :)

    • Krishnabiebs06

      Lolz I’m also from chile. #spanishbieleber

    • justin bieber

      When I Come To Latin America I well carry you on my lap <333 and after i take you to shopping for new Shoes <3333

      • Mrs. Bieber. Forever

        Justin Bieber i.want to. Be. Your OLLG! PLEASE. I have been begging. For. 4. Years! Please please. I love you with all of. My. Entire. Heart!

  • San bieber

    Why haven’t you to africa (Ghana):(you have alot fans waiting for you

    • justin bieber

      we just planned dates to come to africa, we will release the dates very soon(: Love you!

      • Mrs. Bieber Forever

        Please please please. Please. Please. Please please. Please. Please. Please. Please please please. Please. Please. Please pick me. As. You’re. One. Less Lonely. Girl!!! That’s my. Favorite song! I listen to it. Over. And over and. Over over again!!!.i cry. At it! I pretend I’m you’re OLLG but i’m not. And. Makes me cry! I love you soooo much!:)

  • retarted fangirls

    That girl should be happy that that’s the only night she is going to be with him haha

    • justin bieber

      haha yeah she was happy

      • #Believe In Biebah

        The girl is happy, though. She`s covering her mouth and hugging him.

    • miss justin bieber

      i love you come to my house babby i love you i am your gralfared so come

  • BBB.Belieberxxx

    She is soooooooooo lucky :) !

    • justin bieber

      and I got to pick her(:

      • JF+JB

        i soooo wish my mom would let me go 2 ur concert!!!! but she has VERY strong opinion in which i will not repeat……,ever

  • sammy bieber

    Sheee is luckkkkkyyyy!! I wish that was me

    • justin bieber

      maybe it will be someday….. ;)

      • Mrs. Bieber Forever

        Justin Bieber.please. Please please. Please. Please. Pick me!!!!!!!

      • Bieber Lover

        Justin, u r the one!!! there is a million words that i have 2 say but, i think they have already been said. i love you kidrahuhl 4 eva!!!

      • Mrs Bieber. Forever

        Shes. The. Luckiest girl on earth! I wish. I could be. Your. OLLG.:(
        I love you!

  • binela

    omg . i think it”s the bedst time of her life ♥♥

    • justin bieber

      i think it was too(:

      • true Belieber Nancy

        wow wish that was me performing with justin bieber. Love yu Justin

  • justin bieber

    Hey fans! I will be coming to africa(: So San, be ready! Lots of great things on the way for the believe tour… see you all soon. love you<3 stay swaggie

  • Mrs.Bieber

    she is pretty

    • justin bieber

      she’s really pretty!!! i loved hugging her and singing to her last night

      • ann

        i wish that was me the OLLG he was very lucky

      • Swaggy bieber

        She is sooooo lucky omg I wish ican come to your concert but when I went to get tickets they sold out:(
        Anyways I love you soooooo much Justin

  • essie j

    OMG i’m so f*cking jealous :( she’s so lucky

  • JaylaBieber

    Off topic, but that girl looks like Logan Browning. But anyway,I would’ve been all over Justin. Wouldn’t even leave his lap.

    • retarted fangirls

      Of course you would’ve been all over him considering the whore you already are who knows you would’ve opened your legs and let another scandal happen to Justin

      • #Believe In Biebah

        TBH, I wouldn`t be all over him because imagine yourself doing that in front of all those people. I would look beyond stupid, pathetic, and immature. If I was really the OLLG, I`d be shocked, and beyond happy. I wouldn`t take him for myself, though. I mean after Justin is done singing OLLG, then he takes the girl and runs to the back, and you probably get to say bye to him and hug him there. So yeah. (My opinion.)

  • halo

    She didnt get picked, that picture was before he performed. He personally knew the girl, The girl is friends with Drake & Justin.

  • HeyThere!

    Is she lucky or what,,?!


    i wish that was me i ove him soo much

  • andriabieber

    that should be me, holding his hand, that should be me this is so sad LOL i love being a belieber

  • bieber fever

    OMG!!okay i was about to cry when i saw her with Justin,but like why does he only do that to her and not to all of the OLLG? okay,that girl is really lucky i would of been crying my eyes for him. She should feel like the special girl in the world to get pink anyways,that was incredible justin!<3

  • bieber fever

    i mean sitting next to her and let her put her legs on his.lucky girl

  • #Believe In Biebah

    Okay, I`m not going to say this girl is lucky because any OLLG is luck, so yeah. But, that was really cute how Justin sat next to her, and sang close to her, tbh. :) She was pretty too. Nice.

    • Alisha

      Yup! Soo true. I wanna be Ollg.

      • Mrs. Bieber. Forever

        @Alisha. I. Do. Soooooo every. Extremely. Much! I have. Been. Begging. For. 4. Years! I love him

  • #Believe In Biebah

    One thing I noticed is those dancers have the most blank expressions on their faces that I`ve ever seen. Like really?

  • Veronica Bieber

    I wish I was there

    • Mrs. Bieber. Forever

      @Veronica Bieber. Me. Too I. Have been. To only one 1. I saw him in concert. During the. Beileve. Tour

  • sakinah_ad

    wow! she’s soo lucky. i wanna be JB’s OLLG. but how?

    • Mrs. Bieber. Forever

      @sakinah ad. How. Do. You get to be. His. OLLG? What’s. The age?

  • Melo0dieh Lovvez 1D

    Ha lucky girl!
    At the last pic she didn’t seem so happy :/

  • Jazzee Johnson

    I love you Justin bieber you are an icon in this generation!!! Keep up the good work and always stay humble and blessed! Michael Jackson would had been really proud of you for all of the great music and tours you do…

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326


  • Jay

    Her very lucky day to be da one less lonely gurl,,

  • alyssa rodrigue

    I whush that was me!!!!!!

  • jana

    OM BIEBER that was one lucky girl. oneday i would love to see Justin. one of my dreams. and if u reply it would mean everything. AND i <3 u JUSTIN. And are u comming to Australia next year cause im saving all my money to come see u…
    LOVE U…
    NO 1 fan 4eva xoxxo