Justin Bieber & One Direction Most Tweeted Celebs in 2012

Justin Bieber is still the king of the Twitter, but in 2012, One Direction’s Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Luis Tomlinson — each of them had the biggest percentage increase in Twitter followers, with Niall Horan leading at 712%, according to exclusive data released by Twitter.

The most tweeted about celebrities of the year? Justin Bieber!

Checkout the 2012 Twitter trends below!

Top 5 Most tweeted-about celebrities
1. @JustinBieber
2. @niallofficial
3. @Harry_Styles
4. @zaynmalik
5. @Louis_Tomlinson

The 5 most retweeted tweets
1. @justinbieber RIP Avalanna. i love you (223,771 retweets)
2. @obeyMJ R.I.P. Whitney Houston. Retweet for respect. (191,043 retweets)
3. @Harry_Styles We owe you everything. Thank you so much for this. Three VMAs!! YEAH .xx (125,379 retweets)
4. @BenSavage I’m going to be a father! Well, on TV at least. The “Boy Meets World” sequel is officially happening! (114,179 retweets)
5. @NiallOfficial Guys its been 2 years today since we were formed, its been incredible so far, its all down to you guys! Love you all soo much ! Thank you (103,772 retweets)

Celebs with biggest gains in followers in 2012
1. @Harry_Styles +6,721,195 (493.39%)
2. @Louis_Tomlinson +5,881,122 (587.79%)
3. @onedirection +6,741,263 (605.05%)
4. @Real_Liam_Payne: +6,067,452 (608.47%)
5. @NiallOfficial: +6,664,920 (712.74%)

Most tweeted-about celeb events
1. Whitney Houston’s death, Feb. 11: When the star passed away unexpectedly, the news drew more than 10 million tweets at a rate of 73,662 tweets per minute.

2. MTV Video Music Awards, Sept. 6: Fans cast 52 million-plus votes via Twitter for “Most Sharable Video,” while the show itself generated 14.7 million tweets.

3. Primetime Emmy Awards, Sept. 23: Jimmy Kimmel set up a live joke during the awards broadcast, encouraging viewers and the audience to tweet, “OMG Tracy Morgan passed out on stage.”

4. All about babies: The birth of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s baby Blue Ivy in February and the announcement of Kate Middleton?s pregnancy in December drew more than 2 million tweets combined.

Most popular movie trends
1. Think Like a Man
2. The Hunger Games
3. The Avengers
4. Red Tails
5. 21 Jump Street
6. Dark Knight Rises
7. Dark Shadows
8. The Devil Inside
9. Safe House
10. The Vow

Most popular television trends
1. Family Guy
2. Big Brother 14
3. American Dad
4. Hey Arnold
5. American Idol
6. Pretty Little Liars
7. 106 & Park
8. SNL
9. Fresh Prince
10. Boy Meets World

Most popular political trends
1. #tcot
2. #teaparty
3. #gop
4. #romney
5. mitt romney
6. #dnc2012
7. charlotte
8. #gop2012
9. #rnc
10. #obama2012

Source: Twitter

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    and justin plz don,t feel sad we all r with u plz justin i love u don,t think that i am doing this to fight or i have some thing with selena i am doing this just for u
    plz and if u feel sad then i am sorry but she use u and only use u

    i am sorry justin and i love u so so so so so much

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