Justin Bieber Performs Tonight, ROCKIN NEW YEARS EVE 2013!

Today - Season 61

see u tonight at 8pm on ABC with @RyanSeacrest and ROCKIN NEW YEARS EVE. 3 songs and one is acoustic! LEGGO! 2013!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    • I wish I could watch it tonight! I never been 2 MSG 2 c the ball drop or 4 anything else! I hope they put live on youtube; i cannot watch it plz don’t ask y i cannot watch it live tonight! Justin, i will try 2 find a way 2 watch it, but if not i will always b part of the Belieber sister & (some brothers) family! Justin, i love you!

      • This is The Real Bieber – Lover (aka Bieber – Lover)! The one who is not a poser! I am changing my username bcuz someone out there is pretending 2 b me & that poser said i wanted 2 suck on Justin’s Jerry when i NEVER EVER SAID THAT! My new username will b Isabella Bieber! u could follow me on twitter @ijones612 i will follow back! poser don’t u dare put my name again as me bcuz if u do i will track u down with the COPS bcuz i know people who know u! Hey look there is one behind you right now! they said 2 stop posing people on this site if u do u go 2 juvy! and i am right behind you look! If any of u don’t believe me about i just said go 2 twitter & u will see that about the Jerry thing that was not me!

      • @Isabella Bieber 612- I saw that on the last post, and I’m sorry it happened. That was really damn messed up. Just ignore the moron for now and have a good New Years. Welcome to 2013!

      • hi it,s me david conway , i just what to say here that you can keep the new year to your self i just do,nt what it at all the new 2013 , that much , love david

      • Hey David, I remember you. I tried to be nice to you and you were rude and didn’t respond. Just know that some people want the New Year and I’m going to wish them a good one. So please keep that to yourself. Thanks.

  1. YESSSSSSSSSS.. we will have New Year in 2 and a half hours:D:D
    It seems he will spend New Year in New York, not in Mexico…

    • @Hey Girl u r probaly mad ugly, u r NOT Justin, so no girl will NEVER EVER go out with u!! U r the random poser that poses everyone on the site & now u come up & try 2 check out girls notuh not NEVER EVER gonna happen! now that i found u r the poser i can tell everyone 2 NOT listen u ugly poser!! I DON’T LIKE U, NO 1LIKES U, I BET UR MOM DOESN’T LIKE YOU BCUZ U LOOK 2 MUCH LIKE UGLY BETTY!!

      • I don’t give a f-ck i can come on this sh-tty site whenever i want to if you want ill bring more haters on this piece of sh-t so keep talking and ill make your new years like a piece of sh-t

      • I don’t give a f-ck i can come on this sh-tty site whenever i want to if you want ill bring more haters on this piece of sh-t so keep talking and ill make your new years like a living h-ll: )

      • umm sweetheart your not talking to me like that…if you dont want your feelins hurt i think you should be careful ok..ok……lol im sittin here whisperin that whole that as if i was talkin to a child lol

    • Ok, I’m not gonna be rude here and say that you’re not ever gonna date a girl. None of that shit. But @Hey Girl, who the hell are you? You sound like you’re horny and wanna get some…

      • Don’t be calling me a damn dip-shit, boy. Didn’t I say that I wouldn’t say that you were never gonna date a GIRL??? Why the hell would I say that to another girl? So honey, don’t be so conclusive when I might have said that last thing for a purpose.

  2. no hate but honestly, it makes no god damn since now i’m sure some mature people like u have something more fun to do with ya time than to hate on someone that doesn’t know u, care for u, and so on.stop hating on the person that everyone on this sight is craving ur better than that.

    • Ooh doesn’t that sound like the same thing your doing. Loving a person that doesn’t care or even know you exist, and I’m sure your mature enough to do something better also. ;)

      • who said i loved him. and yes i do have something better to do with my time. i love it when a dimb ass tries to be a smart ass.

      • i have no hate when i say this but ur a brat…..and change your name cuz its mean. and your not as cool as you and your mommy think xoxo

  3. @retarted fangirls (wich u are) i have a buch of stuff to do with my time. for example.in 5 hours im going to a ne years eve party at least i dont spend my time hating on people.

  4. all im saying is that if ur going to hate on jb, do it on some other website. plus its like when people like him and say they love him so freaking much, u call them names and annoy the crap out of poeple;

    • ummmm I thought this website was about justin bieber not beliebers comein at haters i mean not get me wrong i came at a few people before but this is just dumb and silly i mean she/or he (retarted fangirls) is here all the time sooo just forget the bitch lol and plus yall didnt read the last pst she SAID SHE LOVED HIM SOO maybe she sorry or he can only their love by word(= lol

  5. @Silver&love, i’m with ya 100%. i alwaysed hated people who go out of their way to hate on mainstream music and acting. Do i think jb is the greatest singer ever? no. not really. But i do have respect for him cuz he did do some sick and amazing thinks at some of his concerts. just because u dont like him doesnt mean u should go on a website about him and spread ur hate.

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