Justin Bieber Performance – KISS FM Jingle Ball 2012

In honor of the holidays, Justin Bieber performed at 102.7 KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball on Monday night (December 3) in Los Angeles.

Justin made his way down the red carpet at the Nokia Theatre before heading onto the stage to perform his hits including “All Around the World” for an excited fans.

10+ pics inside

The event was hosted by Ryan Seacrest, and included performances from Ke$ha and The Wanted.

Watch the videos:

Justin sings “All Around The World” introduced on stage by Ryan Seacrest and Alicia Keys.

Justin sings “Beauty and a Beat”

Justin performs “Be Alright” & “FALL”

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    • Mrs.Bieber

      I’m Justin Biebers number one fan!

      • #Believe In Biebah

        The last time I checked Pattie was Justin’s #1 fan. Well. o.O

    • K.Bieber

      he looks sexy…. haha ! xD

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    • bieber101

      justin looks hot ;) twitter-@bieber101111

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  • Justin Bieber

    thx ;)

    • Lokani

      Your very sweet and such amazing singer who’s of course is hot.,

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    Mehhh he could do better he bored me.

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  • Belieber bitch

    Love you Justin! <3
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  • harry fan

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  • Jsha bieber

    Hes so hot! :)

  • Alisha

    Wow! It was briliant, omg! he is sooo hot n sexy too, luv u justin <3

  • ivan

    During his Believe tour, he has to follow a prepared dance routine, but he does not in these shows so he can show more dance moves-he really is a very good dancer on stage and getting better. See his concert in Oslo Norway this year to see what I mean.

  • belieber for life

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  • essie j

    wow that was so amazing he killed it :D

  • Pratik

    Look like king of pop

  • bianca fajardo

    SO HOTT!!!!!!! I LOVE U JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ivan

    Just as Michael Jackson was and is the most dynamic performer ever, Justin is the most exciting, charismatic, male performer today. He literally steals the show wherever he appears. He might do the same at Jingle Ball in NYC friday with great performers like Austin Malone, One Direction, The Wanted, and others. I get goosebumps at some of his performances. Haters, of course, will find fault with anything he does but who cares!

  • sara bieber

    he is so cute and so sexy <3<3<3<3

    he hot lol hahahahah <3<3

    Je T 'aime <3<3 Justin <3<3

  • EmilyBieber

    LMFAO I love how everyone thinks the guy under the covers was him but then Justin just walks up from behind <3 love him(:

  • mizziz.bieber

    that ugly tatto of that owl is so ugly but he is so cuite o and the performence was amazing so hhot he looked good and did a great job