Videos: Justin Bieber Performs Hot 99.5 Jingle Ball – Washington DC VA(Dec11)

Justin Bieber shows off his abs as he performs onstage during Hot 99.5’s Jingle Ball 2012, presented by Charleston Alexander Diamond Importers, at The Patriot Center on December 11, 2012 in Washington, D.C.

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Justin Bieber singing Beauty And A Beat at the Hot 99.5 Jingle Ball at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA on 12/11/12

Justin Bieber singing Be Alright at the Hot 99.5 Jingle Ball at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA on 12/11/12

Justin Bieber singing Fall at the Hot 99.5 Jingle Ball at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA on 12/11/12

  • Bitch~Swerve

    One Word Perfection <3

    • BiebersGirl18

      True dat!:p

    • oxBelieberox


    • retarted fangirls

      Bitch no

      • oxBelieberox

        shut up! Will you get off already! We are all sick and tired of all the negative things your saying about Justin all the time. If you hate him/dis-like him, don’t waste your life on here writing crap bout him and making us mad. I agreed on what @Bitch~Swerve said in the beggining and you don’t have to diss my comment. I’m a Belieber and I think he’s perfect.. So If you don’t like my comment.. Ignore it. Just face it, You don’t like Justin. Again, enough with the negative things about him. Bye!

      • #Believe In Biebah

        Right? Like does she have a life 2 get back to?

      • retarted fangirls

        Face what?

      • Bieber – Lover

        face ur mom bitch!!

  • Alisha

    Aww! Sooo cute! Luv him n his smile <3

    • Jsha bieber

      Yup :-D

  • Jsha bieber

    Swaggggy! ;)

  • Mrs BiEbErLiCiOuS

    Hi justin i heard you coming to South Africa and you skipping Durban please dont im begging you i would love to see you just for once please justin since i heard you coming to S.A i have going crazy!! Justin please do it for your belibers in DURBAN!

  • Jay

    Wow wat a show!!!!Sooooo dame hot,,!! Jb forever

  • Jessy


  • riya

    justin looking soooooo nice ,,,,,,……

    • retarted fangirls

      Nice , this Guy looks like he is on the pipe, he really needs to lay off

      • oxBelieberox

        No he’s not b!tch

  • essie j

    he is so sexy :)

  • Alyssa sweetie luvzjb

    Whooop whooop sexy!!!! I love Justin bieber ;)

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  • Jsha bieber

    ;) Follow me on twitter @jshabieber for a follow back :)

  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    wow wow really cute srry justin my net prob that,s y i didn,t see your news

    omb i wait for 2 days 2 days i can,t believe that i didn,t see your news 2 days omb
    but now i promise i will se all these news i love u justinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn love u so so so so so much

  • bieberMYkidrauhl

    lookin’ so sexy nd hot :D

  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    justin wohoooooooooooooooooooooooo i see your all news and also leave comment there really justin u r looking cute and hot hot hotyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and everyday u r going more hotter and hotter love u justinnnnnnnnnnnn

  • truebelieber

    OMB my baby!

    • retarted fangirls

      Well your baby is somewhere else flirting with other girls probably right now

      • oxBelieberox

        Stop hating.

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  • BeliebersForever

    Justin I <3 u ur beautiful in and out

  • ivan

    Just read in Bieber news that Rep. Carol Jane Lopez wants Congress to make it illegal for Justin to ever visit the Philippians again over his comment on a boxer’s loss in a fight recently. This is truly ridiculous. He did not insult the philippino people and merely used two funny pics about the fighter’s loss. If that is the case, he should never go there or contribute anything to their country in any way-that is what I would do.

  • ivan

    I hate to report things like this but TMZ is now reporting that there was a plot to kidnap and castrate Justin and his bodyguard in NYC. The guy was arrested and is now in jail.
    That is why I get nervous seeing him driving by himself to places in L.A without his security.

    • oxBelieberox

      I’ve heard of that news earlier. It made me really sad. Thank God he didn’t do what he said he would, or I would of kicked his a$$ or something much worser, cause NO one messes with my Justin.

      • retarted fangirls

        What’s your puny little behind going to do agianst grown men? Yeah bitch, that’s what i thought NOTHING

  • BieberGurl3

    OMFG Justin look at that bodie of urs ;)

  • Swagalicious

    His Smile>>>>>>

  • LENA

    you grew up so fast; i’m now and forever a belieber <3


    omb he looks so sexy

  • oxBelieberox

    He looks sexy.. I love u Justin! He has grown up fast. Omg, I can’t believe he’ll be 19 soon

    • retarted fangirls

      You make me laugh :)

      • I Will love Justin Drew Bieber Forever

        @RETARTED FANGIRLS: And you make me throwup :)

  • retarted fangirls

    Oh great just another one of his lame ass bids of him showing his non-existing Jerry and ABS. This Guy really needs to take notes and stop make shitty music of falling in love with the wrong girls. Just because Selena left your trashy ass doesn’t mean you should get everything in the world.

  • ivan

    retarded fangirls, whoever or whatever you are-man woman or animal, how could he show what you claim he does not have? Obviously he has more than you. What is shitty music to you is good music to millions. Are you a professional music critic? obviously you have an obsession with him-could it be a secret love?

  • I Will love Justin Drew Bieber Forever

    Hi Jerry :)

    • Mrs.Bieber~Malik~Syles


  • April

    hi justin beber i am a big fan and of your and i wich i code see you in real life i have lods of pic of you in my room

  • Mrs.Bieber~Malik~Syles

    This Frigin Kid is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you Justin !~!! My Idol 4eva


    I Love JB!JB Is my Idol!I Will just cry if I Ever go to a JB Show and he sings BEAUTY AND A BEAT!BEAUTY AND A BEAT IS THE BEST SONG EVER!

  • aguss

    i love you justin biber