Justin Bieber Quits Instagram Over New Policies?

Justin Bieber to quit and stop using Instagram over their new term of services and privacy policy. With over 4.5 million followers, that’s a big blow to the popular photo-sharing app.

Justin posted photo on Instagram today, along with caption:

January 16th will be the last day I instagram. I don’t want them selling my photo’s. #scamalert

The new Instagram’s terms of service claims the right to sell users’ photos without payment or notification. The new policies scheduled to go into effect on Jan. 16, 2013.

Justin won’t quit instagram saying: “Good news there not gonna take my pics swagggggg”

Instagram says they won’t sell users’ photos to advertisers.

“We’ve heard loud and clear that many users are confused and upset about what the changes mean. We’re going to modify specific parts of the terms to make it more clear what will happen with your photos.”

“To be clear: It is not our intention to sell your photos. We are working on updated language in the terms to make sure this is clear.”

  • Jazmyn

    hmmm,new face during new year…n now new policy for new year…interesting…u rockz my dear…proud to be a BELIEBER…

    • Bieber – Lover

      Stupid polices but i still agree with Justin!!

      • Jazmyn

        bt,he’s ryt somehw…so we hav 2 agree wt hm…so,i don’t tink it seems stupid…n even,i feel gud n bttr by ths decision n hs upcmng policy… :)

  • Alisha

    Aww! Cute! But thats soo sad.

  • JaylaBieber

    That’s complete bullshit and I hope EVERYONE quits Instagram. I’m tired of hearing about all of it’s f*ckery anyway.

    • Mrs. Bieber Forever

      Jayla. Bieber do you like Selena? I freaking love her

    • retarted fangirls

      Nobody is going to quit instagram over that mess little one

  • Erika Lawley

    He did say he was quiting at first. But later he said that he wasn’t anymore because they wouldn’t sell his photos. Phew, thank goodness right. :D

  • bieber101

    see that’s why i quit instagram a long time ago

    • Jsha bieber

      Me too

  • John

    You also had deep concerns about whether under our new terms, Instagram had any plans to sell your content. I want to be really clear: Instagram has no intention of selling your photos, and we never did. We don’t own your photos – you do. Justin is staying on Instagram says his lasted Instagram photo “@justinbieber: Good news there not gonna take my pics swagggggg “

  • Marley

    Quit Instagram like a week ago because of this. Wasn’t really that great of a website anyways.

    • JaylaBieber

      I honestly never got what was so special about it.

    • #Believe In Biebah


      • retarted fangirls

        Justin won’t need you anytime soon so don’t think about joining.

      • #Believe In Biebah

        I’m sorry I didn’t know you were going to criticise my joke. -__-

  • Carissa202

    See u guys need to stop hating on justin burner that’s crazy as heck but if he want to stop then let en if u got any problems call 3096489553 and ask for carissa

  • Carissa202

    See u guys need to stop hating on justin bieber then let him that’s crazy as heck. And if he wana stop then letem is you guys got any problem call this number 309 648 9553 and ask for carissa. His number 1 fan love u justin

    • JaylaBieber

      I sure hope that isn’t your real phone number. It’s pretty dangerous to put your number on a website like this.

      • #Believe In Biebah

        That’s kinda offensive, but so damn true.

      • JaylaBieber

        I’m talking about people like David Conway that go creeping around on websites where they know a bunch of girls go to.

      • #Believe In Biebah

        Again, so damn true. I thought that David Conway died, until I read one of his comments on the “Justin Bieber misses Selena Gomez?” post, You hear that, David Conway? The wind even wants you to GO AWAY. BYE.

  • #Believe In Biebah

    LOL, Uhhh Justin said that he was gonna quit, but then he said that they weren’t gonna take his pics, so JBZ, a little late on this news, don’t you think?

  • Jsha bieber

    What the s***!!!! new policy 0.o but Justin is makin good decision.

  • Michelle

    Justin isn’t deleting his Instagram. He later posted a pic saying no one was going to but his picture. That means he’s not deleting it.

  • Bieber Gurl 3

    aww justin

  • ayna


  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww justin don,t do this i really love your pics plz don,t do it
    ya its cool ayna he at least joins picyou.com
    wow wow i really love u jutinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn love u justin love u love u love u love u love u love u love u soooooooooooooooo……………………………….. muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Cierra

    justin burner lol

  • Cierra

    what does it mean they gonna seel our photos?

  • Cierra


  • EmilyBieber

    Umm but a couple minutes after he posted another pic that said he was actually keepin it cuz they agreed not to sell his pics or something. Keep up with the info !! ^.^

    • Joey

      where can you asked that??

  • JB’s talking bout me.

    The second picture of justin..I just think his smile is the cutest thing! <3 He never fails to make me smile. <3

  • Dzhigurda

    Ты Педик!

  • je t’adore

    nice smile…cute!!!<3

  • essie j

    NOOO :( that’s a bullshit

  • lovely

    dont have instagram and i dont wan it :)

  • ivan

    Jaylabieber is right about giving your number away since there are guys that may take advantage of girls on sites like this and even make believe they are Justin Bieber

  • jessie

    Then he posted that he wasn’t gonna quit!! :)

  • BBB.Belieberxxx

    i don`t have instagram

  • sara bieber

    Justin Swagiiiiiii <3<3<3<33<3<3

    I Love You <3<3 Je T'aime <3<3

  • belieber FOREVER

    hes not doing it anymore…thankfully :) they changed the policy and after 15 minutes that he posted he was leaving instagram he posted a new photo saying that he was staying cuz he reread the policy!

  • retarted fangirls

    Don’t be a little b**** Justin

    • #Believe In Biebah

      Justin is not quitting. He’s not being a b*tch either. :/

      • msbieber23swagg

        shut up