1. Justin, I wish I was sleeping with you at that time, you would keep me warm whenever it is cold!!! You look so secute, right now I can see that you need a kiss to goodnight!!!

  2. idk why lil twist didnt put me in the pic but me & Justin was sleeping together.but he blanked me out -_- anyway Justin looks sexy sleeping ;)

    • Hi did u make up ur name? cause in never say never the person who uploaded the videos on youtube there name was the same as yours?

      • yeh i knew that i just thought that it was the real person theres no need to be so rude and make a comment like that and i asked tat person not u!

    • you’re just jel because you’re a hater and he will never love you lik ehe loves his beliebers<3 <3 i love you so much Justin! you're my heron and my role model, i wish to 'someday' be like you:'( xxx

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