Justin Bieber talks Grammy Nomination + Overall on Ellen!

Justin sat down with Ellen and told her his feelings about the Grammy nominations, and the story behind meeting the Canadian Prime Minister in a pair of overalls.

When Ellen DeGeneres asked Justin if it was a bummer that he didn’t get a Grammy nomination, he answered honestly:

“A big bummer, I would say that it’s definitely, I was looking forward to but I know it will happen one day — I’m so young. I’m only 18. I’m just blessed to be able to do what I love everyday. And the AMAs was a lot of fun for me so … hopefully, one day.”

Ellen also asked Justin about his brouhaha he caused when he wore overalls to meet the Prime Minster of Canada last month.

“I was at my concert. That was at…. I was doing like a meet and greet. Meeting all my fans and stuff and he came to venue where I was performing — I know it wasn’t fair but that was really my event….I really promise if I would of went to his environment. I would have been all done up.”

Just to make sure his clothes aren’t a problem again, Ellen presented him with a pair of tuxedo overalls.

Watch the video:

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