Men Plotted to Kill Justin Bieber in NYC

A convicted killer locked up in New Mexico plotted to have Justin Bieber murdered and castrated … but for some reason, he threw a wrench into his own plans, reports TMZ.

According to a local news report in New Mexico KRQE News, convicted murderer Dana Martin — (currently serving two life sentences for raping and killing a 15-year-old girl in Vermont in 2000) — recruited a fellow inmate at Las Cruces prison named Mark Staake to carry out the murder once Mark was released.

Mark and his nephew Tanner Ruane — whom Staake had later recruited to help — reportedly planned to execute the murder plan in NYC last month, where Justin was performing at MSG – in NYC. 

Dana reportedly told police the plan was to kidnap Justin Bieber and his bodyguard and strangle them with paisley ties. Tanner was then going to castrate them.

According to KRQE, Dana is obsessed with Justin and even has a tattoo of him on his leg.

But for some reason Dana blew the whistle on his accomplices — and Mark was arrested in Vermont on outstanding warrants before carrying out the deed.

Tanner made it to New York with a bunch of tools — including pruning shears — but according to the report, police arrested him before he could get anywhere near the Biebs.

  1. I will pop those bitches like a cherry! U don’t plan to do that. To ANYONE! It’s cold! It just ain’t right! I’m glad those pussies got arrested!

    • This guy woulda broken millions of girls hearts. He should die for even thinking that way. Y would hE wanna kill an 18 year old? Justin is just a kid and no bitch should hate him. Everyone who even THINKS that way should honestly die

    • i would do something more wicked they try to kill justin ill blow up the one’s they love they are so luck that i didn’t see them because 911 would have been recreated


      • ricki b omb yes!! what kind of sick, twisted people would even think about that!! f****** hell he has done jacks***!! he is living his life and creating brilliant music and charity and setting examples on us, the youger generation, i would give anything to keep him away and alive from these mofos!! i fricking love justin and he deserves everything he’s got:) xxxx

    • Yay they deserved to b arrested I hate those pussies if ANYTHING happens to JB then I will find the pussies that hurt him and arrest em myself

      • I wud have love to actually met those bitches so I can murder them be cuz that’s just not rite all beliebers wud of cried and some even killed them selves but am glad he didnt

    • AND THEY’LL RAPE AND KILL YOU. These two men are my heros and this story actually makes me happy.
      Justin Beiber is just a peice of shit person.

    • i worry for justin when i read these kinds of things, like the peru jb death plot kind of thing got crazy and had people like me worry. why do these people want to kill justin, he hasn’t done anything to them. i HATE the people who try to plot killing jb. i want justin to be safe. this is a message to the people who want to kill justin: BACK OFF CREEPERS!

    • @I Will Love Justin Drew Bieber Forever, it’s funny how when you start doing the “ju ju” thing, everyone else on this site starts to do it too :D

  2. Lord some people re sick when i read this my heart started beating so fast im shaking and i am just in tears right now lord thank god justin is alive

  3. If anybody touchess my JuJu i swear i will spend the rest of my life hunting them down to kill them! >:( thank u god for saving him! Justin please take extra care in everything pleease!! I donno wat i would do without u! Xx

    • Y would Dana (the first to try to kill justin bieber) turn in to the cops if he was going to try to kill him too and let the other to get the blame

  4. Okay, so this Dana guy was the one who plotted the WHOLE thing, and he ratted on himself and the two helping him? I have never been this glad that we have dumba** people in this world.

  5. Why the hell would somebody be planning to kill ANYONE? Either it’s a celebrity, or a regular person. Nobody should think that. And for these 2 b*tches, why would you be planning this?! What the f*ck did he ever do to you, jerks?! If you’d actually killed Justin, I hope you knew you would be the #1 most hated people in the universe. Even aliens would hate you. F*ck you, and your minds, retarded b*tches. Go get a motherf*cking life, stupid h*es. :p As*holes… #DONE #swaggy

    • Listen trick,
      By using the word “swaggy” is what makes people hate him cause it’s so stupid so I suggest you shut up and go cry about this whole thing with your Teddy bears or some shit. Even though those two mofos need to get their heads checked

      • Uhh. Thanks? You really don’t need to be jealous of our relationship with Justin. Honestly, reread your comments. :P And if you don’t get why I typed “Thanks” then go look up the word “Maturity” :) Also:

      • Before I get started I just wanted to say that it wasn’t a complement (anybody would know that) and second I’m laughing my head off the fact that you said jealous of your relationship with him. I mean come on you and I both know justin doesn’t even know you exist. :)

      • @retarted fangirls
        “Before I get started I just wanted to say that it wasn’t a compliment.” No duh, dip shit. >.<

  6. @Retarded F**kface First Don’t Ever Say Trick Again It Don’t Match Your Dumb*ss Second You Go And Cry Yourself To The Dumb*ss Person Who Gave Birth To You Okay Got It Good Dumb MOFO.

      • Look Retard Now I know Why They Make The Discovery Channel For They Could Find Out What Kind Of Species Your Dumb*ss Is And Im sorry Thats Probably What People Tell You But You Really Shouldn’t Mix People Up With Your Messed Up F**ked Up life Thank You Now Swerve B**ch

  7. If they killed him I would have probably idk cause I balkedy eyes out when he changed his so it would probably be 100000000000000 times worse!!!! DONT HURT MY JUSTIN OR I’LL KILL U

  8. Honestly if Justin was to get killed I couldint get over the fact that he’s did I wouldint be able to let go I would cry for months or more

  9. I just read the rest of the description and I feel like findin those b**chs and killin them very slowely WHO WOULD WANT TO HURT MY JUJU?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I think I’m gonna be cryin all night

  10. OMG why would they do that to my baby!!!! :( I love Justin SOOOOO much and i don’t want nothing to happen to him I love you Justin please!!!!! be safe!!!!! Justin!!!!!


  11. I think we should tweet Justin and tell him to always have security with him in public since there are evil haters out there who might try something. On at least two occasions recently he was followed by photographers. What if they had bad intentions? I am blasting the haters at tTMZ and Perez Hilton sites for their hateful stupid remarks. What if it were their son? This good kid does not deserve this hatred.

  12. ıf they hurt justin , ı will kill them then ı will kill myself!!!!!!! ı can’t live without Justin !!!<3 he is my everything my happiness

  13. what the hell is this justin r u alright plz take care of u my baby plz
    if anyone one will hurt my justin
    i swear by my justin i will kill them
    plz my justin take care of u plz and u bodyguards of justin take care of my justin don,t leave him alone always be with him with my baby justin
    love u justinnnnnn so so so so so so so so so so much and plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz take care of u if anyone touch u i will kill them all justinplz be carefull

  14. If justin just stoped making music and videos and dropped his stardom giving up all his fans thus becoming his old normal self, like the punk he is maybe i would respect him and maybe his life wouldnt be in danger. if you see this justin give up your music, no one wanted you at the greycup anyway.

    • u will die i don,t think so that justin will die to see your comment so go to helllllllllllllllllll don,t come here again this is justin,s fan site ok did u understand that now don,t come here again get lost go to hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell hell ok
      jason stanford i say that to u ok

    • @jason stanford. Shut up! So what If he likes making music and all that. He can do what he wants, it’s his choice. And No, he will never give up on his fans, he loves and respects his fans.. they’re like family to him. Anyways, he does try to be normal.. I mean, yah he’s always surrounded by pap’s and stuff, that’s because he’s famous. Of course if a celeb or singer trys to be a normal person, there going to face all the attention/paps.

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