1. To fangirls: I guess only ugly guys are not gay, teen singers who have been called gay: Austin Mahone, Justin Timberlake, One Direction, David Anchuleta, Justin Bieber, etc. All have one thing in common, they are not ugly. I guess lil Wayne or Snook Dog would be your type.

  2. BITCHS STOP HATING ur just mad becuz justin is way hotter than wat u like u may think justin is gay and stuff but bitch that is your opinion but we all now wat justin is . SO STOP MAKING UP SHIT THAT IS OT TRUE BITCHS

  3. @retarted fangirl u need to stop, we have told so many times that its not a place for hater, stop hating, get a life n just leave us alone here, but u r still doing such immature things, again n again. If u don’t like justin, than why r u wasting ur time, here? If u can’t say good things about him, than just don’t hate. We r here to support justin, but what r u doing here only hating on a guy, who is very talented, kind hearted, n beautiful too. And in the end, wow! Pics r amazing. LUV U JUSTIN <3

    • I’m not hating once again and I can say nice stuff about him. Some of you people need to know the real definition of a hater. Thank you very much

      • How do you write nice stuff about him if all you do is write negative come backs to a belieber and all that?

      • @retarted fangirls u say what u want to no one can tell u what to say we both ha-dont like this guy and we just wanted to let all u dumbass people to know that and @oxbeliberxo there is no need to tell what she does

  4. Wow this fansite is tearing apart it used to be for BELIEBERS ONLY then now selenators who are non-beliebers joined, directioners (SOME) and other teen celebrity fans who are also non-beliebers abd now haters. Now it’s at a point where I’m scared if I say something nice about Justin I’ll ended getting insulted

    • People like u get on my nerves so why do this when he did nothing to u people like u just want dumb attention what if it were u being critizes by fans u would not like it and u know u wouldn’t

  5. Justin is my favorite celeb and I would love absolutely love meeting him he is an absolute role model for kids my age and if he weren’t a celeb we would not have a celeb role model I really look up to u Justin and I want u into know that

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