More Justin Bieber’s Selfie Pics!


More Justin’s instagram pics:

200+ pics inside
Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 12.27.11 AM

144 thoughts on “More Justin Bieber’s Selfie Pics!

      1. Emblem3isHOTTERthanf.agboyjustin

        Justin is such a fa.g just watch,emblem 3 will blow his boney dope out of the world!!!!!!!!!!!! EMBLEM3RULES!!!!!!

      2. JustinBieber

        Hi this is justin bieber, i highly recommend no haters on this site (justinbieberzone). This site was created for beliebers to support my talent and cooperate with eachother.
        -justin bieber

      1. nleah93

        Well well…aren’t we the perfect little gentleman! But i hav news 4 u: this is a free country! Not even the amazing bieber can change that!

    1. xoBelieberxo

      Guys..Stop hating. This is a place for beliebers, not haters. So, since you are haters, don’t come back.. Bye!

    2. $$$belieber ***forever$$$

      really sexy pics i love u justin i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu my baby justn i love u really love u

  1. khloe99

    I hate seeing pics of Justin……….It just makes me even more sad that he’ll never actually be mine. #LIFESUCKS

      1. xoBelieberxo

        @Emblem3isHOTTERthanf.agboyjustin – Get the hell off of here! Ur a damn use-less hater. This is not a place for Haters to talk sh*t about him on here, Only fans/beliebers are welcomed here. So get off! and your never welcomed back

      2. haha

        @xobelieberxo huh? i can’t understand you. Run on sentences and all. Oh last time i checked anyone can come on this site. So whatcha gonna do little hag?

      3. No Name

        everyone just stfu cuz last time i checked all u need is a username and a damn email and ur on the f*ckin site just for the dumb people who don’t know how this works

      4. oxBelieberxo

        @No name – I’m not freakin’ stupid, I do know you just need a name and E-mail. This site is only for Beliebers.. not haters. Can’t you just understand that? #Gosh

  2. Bieber - Lover

    Bcuz all i need is a beauty and a beat who can make my life complete… Justin, u r my Beauty and my Beat, i love you!!

  3. ivan

    To fangirls: I guess only ugly guys are not gay, teen singers who have been called gay: Austin Mahone, Justin Timberlake, One Direction, David Anchuleta, Justin Bieber, etc. All have one thing in common, they are not ugly. I guess lil Wayne or Snook Dog would be your type.

  4. cassy .(mrs.bieber)

    BITCHS STOP HATING ur just mad becuz justin is way hotter than wat u like u may think justin is gay and stuff but bitch that is your opinion but we all now wat justin is . SO STOP MAKING UP SHIT THAT IS OT TRUE BITCHS

    1. No Name

      haters hate on lovers who hates on haters becuz they have no life (jshabieber, cassy, jylabieber, xobelieberxo, this list could go on forever so ima stop

  5. Alisha

    @retarted fangirl u need to stop, we have told so many times that its not a place for hater, stop hating, get a life n just leave us alone here, but u r still doing such immature things, again n again. If u don’t like justin, than why r u wasting ur time, here? If u can’t say good things about him, than just don’t hate. We r here to support justin, but what r u doing here only hating on a guy, who is very talented, kind hearted, n beautiful too. And in the end, wow! Pics r amazing. LUV U JUSTIN <3

    1. retarted fangirls

      I’m not hating once again and I can say nice stuff about him. Some of you people need to know the real definition of a hater. Thank you very much

      1. oxBelieberxo

        How do you write nice stuff about him if all you do is write negative come backs to a belieber and all that?

      2. No Name

        @retarted fangirls u say what u want to no one can tell u what to say we both ha-dont like this guy and we just wanted to let all u dumbass people to know that and @oxbeliberxo there is no need to tell what she does

  6. khloe99

    Wow this fansite is tearing apart it used to be for BELIEBERS ONLY then now selenators who are non-beliebers joined, directioners (SOME) and other teen celebrity fans who are also non-beliebers abd now haters. Now it’s at a point where I’m scared if I say something nice about Justin I’ll ended getting insulted

    1. jmj

      People like u get on my nerves so why do this when he did nothing to u people like u just want dumb attention what if it were u being critizes by fans u would not like it and u know u wouldn’t

  7. Jahanah

    Justin is my favorite celeb and I would love absolutely love meeting him he is an absolute role model for kids my age and if he weren’t a celeb we would not have a celeb role model I really look up to u Justin and I want u into know that


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