More Photos: Justin Bieber at Kiss FM Jingle Ball 2012!

New images by RollingStone: Justin Bieber at KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball at the Nokia Theatre on Monday in Los Angeles, December 3rd, 2012.

  1. omg.. plzzz come see me!! lol

    i just wanna give yu a hug.. nd i wanted to ask if i cud get a kiss from yu..

    omg i’d clench up and b like,
    “ooooommmiigosh.. justin bieber.. JUSTIN FRICKEN BIEBER just kissed me..” haa i’d b speechless the rest of the day.. #NoLie
    ur tht amazing.. ive never in my whoolleee entire 15 yrs of living, i never have met one celeb or even came close.. soo i hope i get to see u someday in my life.. dnt care if yur 50.. u will still b my biebs<3 lmao

    luv yu and wat yu dooo!!! sooooooooooo mcuh!! omg just thnkn bout meetin yu at he jiingle ball.. *Jumps up and down* oohhh miiigosh


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