Philippines Ban Justin Bieber for Posting Manny Pacquiao Knockout Meme on Instagram!

A Filipino politician has demanded that Justin Bieber be erased from the country for posting a meme to his Instagram account (photo above).

As you might have guessed, the meme in question was Filipino professional boxer Manny Pacquiao getting knocked out with a vicious righthand from Juan Manuel Marquez in a Saturday night fight.

Manny Pacquiao is incredibly popular in the Philippines, to the point where he holds political office, so one of his fellow politicians had his back.

From ABS-news:

Yacap party-list Rep. Carol Jane Lopez is urging Congress to officially ban the Canadian singer from ever setting foot in the country after he posted allegedly insulting photos of Pacquiao on the Internet.

Lopez also urged the Filipino youth to stop listening to Bieber’s songs and to stop going to his concerts.


  • belieber forever

    What nonsense, let you stop listening to Justin Bieber’s songs


      Justin Beiber shouldn’t have stooped so low, she’s a girl, a complete-gay-jerk! He is banned in our country. :)

      • Bieber – Lover


      • ragna

        no sense arguing here. you’re in enemy territory.close minded people. Beliebers suck!

      • AnneBieber

        If you hate Justin Bieber, why are you hear??

        You are just jealous close-minded people that doesn’t appreciate the talents of other people!! All that is in you is hatred..

        Don’t worry, all you have said will come back to you!!
        God Bless!!

      • Micah Pulido

        I Would Like To Thank All Beliebers For Saving Justin=)
        Why shall we stop listening from his songs if He’s our idol?
        Everyone made mistakes! Even That Girl Who BANNED Justin!
        He didnt mean to hurt all of us,even Manny. So Sorry!
        How would other beliebers feel if we’re not given a chance to see him anymore?
        Respect Us ! Please !You Dont Know The Feeling:(((

      • hanna

        want justin to ban? hahaha .. grow up bitch !

      • Nate

        Sounds like communism to me.. Nothing to be proud of.. Beside why would he want to go to the asshole of the world( Philippines)? Didnt realize y’all could even afford to see a concert…

      • bieber-is-an-asshole

        its amazing how these “filipinos” say they still want to support justin beiber and watch him or listen to his songs, and yet say nothing to defend themselves or their country whenever shitheads say filipinos and the philippines stink. there goes your nationality, you would rather defend a singer who doesn’t have any RELEVANT song and yet ignore bad comments about the country you live in or the nationality you were born to. tsk.

    • jazmindigma

      WTF! .. who are they to STOP us from listening to justins song?..??? whatever .. they don’t have a right… it’s our choice.. and for those who hate justin, hello? could you just please shut your mouth all up! .. give us FREEDOM to do what we like.. back off from us, get over it! .you have nothing to do… were sticked to be a #BELIEBER nothing and no one can break us #toostrong ’cause we #nevergiveup #teamBIEBER ..,Belieber’s motto: Once a Belieber, always a Belieber ..

      • jilbelieber

        bless that comment . #BelieberForever

      • AnneBieber

        No one can break us, #teamBIEBER, apart!!

        Once a BELIEBER, always a BELIEBER!!!!!

      • darlene matuba

        yes it’s right justin is a good person im i right?? :)

      • darlene matuba

        i know i am a filipino!! but i cannot blame justin if he do that because other insecure people comment him a bad!! so why justin made that!!!

      • GuitarGoddess

        Stfu teeny boppers, as if you could leave your boyfriends for that no-talent-peace-ass shit gay justin barbie of yours. Clearly HER voice is edited by techies so it sounds nice.. The beat is also too girly, i assume he could never play a violin or a guitar, his career would not last for 10 yrs, just like any gay posers out there. Meaningless lyrics too. Stop whining and listen to real music! Once a gay ALWAYS a gay

    • darlene matuba

      why you stop listening to her music ?? :)

      • darlene matuba

        justin bieber is good person!! if u dont like him it’s ok but stop commenting him a bad comment !! beliebers always like him because he is a good person, a good artist,a good son just plss stop comment him a bad comment!! :)

      • Jennah

        He farted. lol

  • koala

    That politician is going nuts!! What if other million singers or tourists post the same kind of photos too? Is he planning to desert everyone from Philippine? Way to support his country….Maybe he should consider changing his career from politician to buzz boy for that boxer.

  • janine

    i wont stop listening to justin biebers songs even im a filipina ….im still a belieber ,he makes me happy .. once a belieber always a belieber


      You’re a disgrace. Don’t even claim to be a filipino. Go praise J.B! Rot in hell with him.

      • JaylaBieber

        You need to calm the hell down.

      • #1 BELIEBER

        PACMAN FOREVER you need to shut up and leave Justin alone alright if janine wants to be a belieber let her be a belieber ok its her choice not yours. She didnt say nothing about your opinion so why should you say something about hers? BTW love you Justin……. :D

      • abl07e

        And I thought Philippines was a free country. It’s fun in the Philippines, they say. Yeah, right. It’s hell in the Philippines.

      • AnneBieber

        No!! YOU ARE A DISGRACE!! Shame on you!!

      • abl07e

        Disgrace? Whatever. How can you be proud of a country when it’s not even worth being proud of? Tsk.

      • AnneBieber

        @abl07e no that is for @PACMAN FOREVER

      • abl07e

        @AnneBieber Oh. LOL. I thought you were referring to me. My bad.

  • aynadabiebs

    is it a false ??? wtf!!

  • BelieberforLife

    I’m a Filipino… I don’t even know that lopez and he don’t have the rights to stop me from listening or going to Justin’s concert… He’s just jealous and btw Manny forgive Justin for posting that pic that Justin didn’t edit. Manny said Justin is just a kid, ignore that issue.

    Arghhh!!! … I hate those stupid Filipino government!

    • AnneBieber

      Yeah ryt!!! Me neither i dont know that representative!!!

    • kylelorene

      What did you say?!! Shut up your mouth!! watch out what you say bitch!! I’m a Filipino. Go To Hell!!!

      • Mrs. Bieber

        Nobody cares if your filipino or not. they suck.(filipinos suck). and there rite, filipino is hell, and i dont think that anybody wants to visit you.

      • beiber sucks

        you sucks!! beiber sucks!!!! jb has no manners, no respect when he is in philippines…

      • AnneBieber

        @bieber sucks.. Judge yourself first before you judge Justin!!! Read your comment below, do you have manners in there???? NONE!!! YOU SUCK!!

    • abl07e

      Agreed. Filipino government. Ha.

  • AnneBieber


    I believe that its normal for Pacquiao to be treated like that because he is soooo famous!! A parallel example to Justin Bieber! Justin has been bullied on the internet since the very beginning of his career however he didn’t mind it!!!!!!!!


    • abl07e

      amen. xD

    • jazmindigma

      wooow!!.. I like that! ;) 100 stars for the last statement! :))

      • AnneBieber

        @jazmindigma , @abl07e .. I appreciate that!! Thank You.. I fight for BIEBER.. :D)

        “Once a BELIEBER, always a BELIEBER”

    • retarted fangirls

      @Anne bieber,
      Soon Justin will disappear just like that whore jasmine v.

      • AnneBieber

        Oh really??, sorry but Justin is too famous and too STRONG to disappear.. But you on the other hand will disappear and proceed to hell with those retarded haters!! Because you can’t appreciate talents created by God and done by people like Justin!! You terribly SUCK!!

      • retarted fangirls

        Aww thank you that really touched me. :):):)

      • AnneBieber

        Aww.. you are touched of what i have told you because you are praising satan… How sad..

  • Filipino Belieber

    They’re stopping me from meeting my idol. I want to kill that politician, I don’t know her but… URGH! They can’t ban Justin from coming here. They said what he did was wrong (but for me it’s really funny. LOL) and it’s getting too far. And stop listening from Justin’s song? Yesterday at the mall I just heard Justin’s song playing. And the people in there heard it. All of ‘em. You can’t ban him from going here, because Filipino Beliebers want to meet and see him for the 2nd time. I never seen Justin, so this is my time to see him. And they’re ruining it. MY GOSH! They need to stop! I want to kill ‘em, all of them! :/

    • 1d+jb forever

      even justin???? :(:(:(:(:(

      • Filipino Belieber

        What do you mean even Justin? If you meant that I want to kill Justin too, duh! Nuh uh! I love him why would I kill him?

  • OMB!


    • mariane loves justin

      .. yes they cant blame US .. im a filipino belieber !!.. i love justin SO SO SO much !!!! … and because of that stupid sh*t they ordered that juju is ban at our country .. my dream of seeing him in person is over!!!.. thats my one and only dream but .. now its gone !!! *TEARTEAR*

  • 1d+jb forever

    thats f*****g wrong

  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    what the
    what is their prob how they can say that i just really hate that news really i swear by justin i will kill that person who do this i will kill that person

    justin i know u didn,t do that i know that bcs i believe on u plz jusin don,t be sad

  • Lalai Biebs

    I’m a FILIPINO , and i don’t even know that Lopez , and puhlease no one can ever stop me from listening to Justin’s song , I’m a Belieber and it’s not gonna end just because of that photo or with that politician


      No one’s stopping you to listen to his songs you stupid schmuck!

      • Filipino Belieber

        That politician just said that we should stop listening to his songs. Read the article again bitch before you reoly to these comments. Jeez!

  • alyssa

    me too….i am a filipino belieber ..but why they have to ban justin here in philippines…WTF…i never seen justin, it’s my chance to see him if he would have believe concert here…and i would never stop listening to justing song…ONCE A BELIEBER ALWAYS A BELIEBER…

  • princessJhiciel

    der’s no way i will stop from listening justin’s song … i am a Filipino belieber and all i can say is ONCE A BELIEBER ALWAYS A BELIEBER…

    • biebers girl

      AGREED! Belieber forever and always <3

  • ruzzel joy

    i’m a filipino belieber and justin’s opinions won’t change it. i just hope that other beliebers won’t hate us (fil beliebers) because our country banned him. We also feel disappointed and awful about it, and it hurts more if we will receive hates and judgements.

    • Katy♥

      @ruzzel joy IKR :'( I’mma Believe forever but please for the other ppl or “beliebers” stop the hate for the Phil. :'( J biebes FOREVER! PEACE ♥

  • Alice

    That the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. You don’t see Canada banning people because they hate Justin. Such BS.

  • JustinDmBiebers

    Im A FILIPINO ! And , But ! Who Says That Justin Is Banned Here In Out Country! No One Cant Stop Justin Comming Here In The Philippines And As I Said justin Is Not Banned Here in the philippines :))

  • masahashi_jb

    this is nonsense (Philippines Ban Justin Bieber) , this politician is not so open minded. and who the hell is she to tell us Filipino Beliebers to stop listening to Justin’s songs. Once a BELIEBER always a BELIEBER!

  • Filipina beliebers will always love justin

    No way .. She can’t stop me !! What the hell is wrong with her , she’s acting childish!!! … I’m a Filipina belieber and she can’t stop me from listening to his songs or stop him to get in here to do a concert. You don’t own me so stop telling me what to do whoever the heck you are!!!

  • Carly bieber

    This is crazy it’s just a picture for gods sake and who would do such a thing to those beliebers in the philippines we will not let them do this

  • retarted fangirls

    Haha tf?

  • Sup

    Yeah right stop listening to his songs I don’t even know who will ever do that stupid slut

  • essie j

    it was his opinion O.o those bitches have to leave him alone it’s his point of view :)

  • Hey guys

    Ok your crazy if you say don’t listen to his Song or whatever

  • Yuppii

    Sometime people are in the over reaction. take it easy!



    That’s really wrong

  • Kidrauhl

    all he said was he didnt like the Filipino fighter not Filipinos in general.they need to get their shit straight before they start doing stupid shit like now

  • EmilyBieber

    Wtf? Thats going wayy too far like why do they take boxing so seriously.? Thats just so freaking retarded to ban him because hes rooting for the other guy. and hopefully filipino Beliebers will listen to him anyway because those politicians are just cray ! also im sorry if this comment offended anyone in anyway !

    • abl07e

      We take boxing seriously because Pacman is our Filipino pride. But it doesn’t mean they can ban Justin just for that photo. And they can’t stop me from listening to Justin’s songs.

      • retarted fangirls

        Well apparently your hero Manny got knocked the f*** out, and you just have to deal with it.

  • maddie bieber

    ok i know people will be mad at me for saying this but it wasnt the nicest thing to post that on instagram but i never thought a boxer would be in office that awfuly strange but you cant ban someone from your country because of a dumbass picture she was just overreacting

  • hiu

    not to offend filipinos, but seriouly this politicians are going to ban justin from going there just because they dont have something better than pacquiao in their country.

  • Alyssa sweetie luvzjb

    Oh c’mon that was nothing but an innocent joke!!! I am sure Justin did not mean to offend ANYONE who lives in the Philippines especially his fans…. I hope he doesn’t take what people are saying about him to hard. I swear Justin Bieber is the most criticized celeb out there. Every idiot nit-pics every little thing he does. Jeez can’t they take a joke? Justin will be so hurt if he cannot come to the Philippines….