1. me likey!! So cute + sexy = secutey!! I love you JB! I even have the mood pendant necklace that says “I <3 JB" from Clarie's!! Thanks JB!!

  2. biebs & lil twist r like bff’s.. lmao

    @liltwist ur freaqin AMAZING!! love yur song i thinks its called secret?!?! dunno lol heard it a long time ago but tht song made me a fan!

    @justinbieber ive been a fan since 2009.. but i respect yu sooo much more now than i did when i was like 12.. haaa honestly, when yu said “i will grow, and my fans will grow with me”… i ddint kno wat yu meant.. but now i do. ur very inspirational and i respect u alot. stay strong with all the crazyness in yur life right now.. u kno u can count on ur fans/beliebers… <3


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