Pic: Justin Bieber Shows Off Nipples :)


“Work hard play hard”

More Juju pics from Mexico via Instagram:

Me and @liltwist in the jungle -photo credit @ryanbutler

121 thoughts on “Pic: Justin Bieber Shows Off Nipples :)

      1. MorethanAbelieber

        retarted fangirls….who are you like you be havein me buggin you clam yu dont like justin bieber but you like ALWAYS the first to comment lol like i said before if yu like justin justin jus say it no NEED to be scared lol xDhaahahha

  1. The Real Bieber - Lover

    That is mad dog swag sexy! Babe, (Justin) I wish I was with you! U could cuddle up with me, bcuz upper East Coast is snowy cold & Mexico is sunshine! I wish my Boo & I could shade in that sunshine! Babe, no offense but that pic make me look like I want ur Jerry! LoL! Babe I feel like I can hug u right now! I love u Babe!

      1. The Real Bieber - Lover

        U don’t like Justin! So y do u care! All u do everyday is read others comments then curse them out! As one retarted told me u should take notes how 2 curse someone out! Right now honey u r not cursing me out! Even if u tried bcuz u would just b wasting ur time hating on others u do not know! Now did I cusre u out without using curse words big girl!

      2. MorethanAbelieber

        The Real Bieber – Lover thats what im sayin like who is she..or him…of that person be havein me buggin like ‘really you dislike justin soooo much you have to come to HIS WEBSITE like EVERYDAY and comment EVERYDAY’ like really if your a real hater do what REAL haters do….LEAVE(; just for you sweetheart

  2. Sparkle

    His eyes seem hazel to me. I know they say it’s suposed to be brown but when i see his eyes, i see brown blue pink yellow orange black red green purple burgandy ect. I see all the colors of the rainbow! I LOVE his freaking eyes! They’re just sooo….intresting!!!!!!!!!!

      1. The Real Bieber - Lover

        that was not me, someone else is posing me. i am an innocent girl, i would never want to suck his Jerry, besides all of Justin’s fans r under the age of 20, so poser i don’t know y u posing others and i! all peps under 20 would never want to do it all night long on/with his Jerry!

    1. MorethanAbelieber

      lol i dont know who you are but….i like you you seem lol like me lol sike i wont do that but other things (cough,cough)….let me stop youngins on here youngins on here

  3. cRaZyBaR!

    @The Real Bieber-Lover, umm @Silver&love is right. we all love justin unconitionally but we dont right. U know anything u put on the internet stays there forever right? What will Justin think….?

  4. Silver&love

    I mean I dont mind the making love part but the jerry in mouth part…. kind of creepy. But that’s okay girl @The Real Bieber-Lover. C’MON! GET UR FREEK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    what the i love the second pic justin u can,t do this i love u but not don,t like this
    justin u r looking really hot in the secong pic i love u
    my juju


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