Video+Pics: Justin Bieber Z100 Jingle Ball 2012 -MSG NYC

Justin Bieber performs onstage during Z100′s Jingle Ball 2012, presented by Aeropostale, at Madison Square Garden on December 7, 2012 in New York City.

Justin was the final act in a night that also featured performances from Taylor Swift, One Direction, Ne-Yo and The Wanted.

10+ pics inside

Watch the videos:

Justin Bieber performs “As Long As You Love Me” – Z100 Jingle Ball Madison Square Garden NYC 12/7/12

Justin Bieber performs “Beauty and a Beat” – Z100 Jingle Ball Madison Square Garden NYC 12/7/12

ustin Bieber performed his hit “Boyfriend” at Z100′s Jingle Ball show at Madison Square Garden in New York.

    • I agree he’s the cutest boy him so much.justin if u watching this please can I meet u I tried this on every website please!!!!!!he’s the most amazing boy alive i liv him.when I found out he was famous I fainted I used to be his best friend at school well not his best friend his friend “hi Justin friends with u on bbm ,Facebook ,tumbler and twitter.!!!!!!!

  1. Simon Cal stated that Justin deserved at least one Grammy nomination and was screwed by the nominating group. This is from someone involved in the business of finding talent and who said a year ago that you should not underestimate Justin who is really a smart kid-his words.

    • @ivan, Simion is right. But Justin, he was asked at one of his concerts about the Grammys, and he said that all he needs is us, Beliebers. <3 Scooter though, is just pissed. :/

  2. So true, Beiieve In Biebah. who cares what a bunch of old hags think. I and millions love Justin’s music and that’s all that matters. He is one of the few celebrities I trust in an music industry filled with phony fame and money hungry people who don’t really care about their fans unlike Justin.

    • @ivan, Exactly! Justin does everything for us. He doesn’t care about money. He gave money to Kenny once, so he can go get Hot Chocolate to all the Beliebers that were freezing outside, while he was recording. :) My idol.

  3. justin i just want to say im your number 1 fan and wish you all the best and more songs for all you fans and good health and i love u.

  4. dear justin bieber
    i love you so much .You mean the world to me. I love u and you are so azming.I love you so .i have 203 poster and picture of you on my wall i am the biggest justin bieber faned i love u so much

  5. Justin Bieber, respect our hero Manny Pacquaio.. don’t ever make fun of him again on his pictures from his last fight.. I was a beiber fan but what you did, was an insult to our race.. terrible..

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