Scooter Upset about Rumor “Justin Bieber Smoking Weed”

There’s a new rumor going around about Justin Bieber “smooking weed all day”, and manager Scooter Braun isn’t very pleased about it. Here’s what Scooter Tweeted:

Seriously? u want me to address crazy rumors during the holidays? I will correct u after new years. Im on vacation. just dont believe bullsh** in the meantime. low blow during the holidays too. kinda lame. hey he once had a baby with a girl he never met… so moving on…where were we today. oh yeah. VACATION. Holidays…a time where we are all better to eachother. remember that. back to that HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! WOOOHOOO.

And here is the alleged rumor, from an insider:

Justin Bieber smokes weed all day, from the time he gets up, and orders everybody around. He’s surrounded by hangers-on who say ‘yes’ to anything he wants. There’s no supervision.

  1. You tell them Scooter! Because, this is a very immature, disgusting rumor. We are with Justin almost every point of the day. He doesn’t smoke weed. Pattie taught him well, idiots. -__-

    • Way 2 go Scooter! Show them what u’ve got! Justin would never ever smoke some weed sh**! I mean like really smoking when u r singing, no that does not work!

    • You know ppl today of the media have such immature….(yet very creative) minds. Yeah sure we don’t know what Justin is like away from the camera considering that’s the only time we see him but I’m a 100% sure that Justin would never do that.

      • Well I’m not that sure but in some of retarted fan girls negative comments she actually has a point so I’m not gonna go ahead and jump to conclusions #STILLABELIEBERFOREVER #NOHATE

      • even if Pattie taught Justin right from wrong does not mean he is going to be the perfect little boy. How many of you actually listen to your parents when they tell you something? probably not very often. Justin is surrounded by temptations on a daily basis. I would not be surprised if he actually tried pot once in a while. He is human, scooter and the people in his camp will deny it because they want to keep his clean image. This happens with every pop star. In a few years we will probably see the truth. He may not smoke everyday but i’m sure he smokes pot once in awhile.

      • u peps r so wrong these days! @retarted b*tch & @ceelary/@ceeceelia if u 2 don’t Like Justin y r u even here in the 1st place@?!!

      • @b****-lover,
        Don’t get mad cause what we’re saying is true. If you can’t handle the truth then leave. ;)

      • who the hell says i don’t like JB? it just mean that i am not naive and stupid like you 10 year olds. It’s called LOGIC and i DO believe Justin actually smokes. BTW I’m 18 and probably know more about life than you 10 year olds.

      • Ceecee’s b*tch im 18 2 so shut the f*ck up!! & if u were a true bielieber would say that Justin smokes!! BTW have u heard the songs “BELIEVE” & “MAKE YOU BELIEVE” bcuz if u did u would never say sh*t like that!! now turn around go into the kitchen bcuz i think ur mom left u some cookies and milk bfore u go 2 sleep!!

      • retarted b*tch don’t u dare tell me to leave bcuz u don’t like Justin so i don’t know y were u here when it all started!! wait thats bcuz u like 2 cause trouble!! like the sh*t u just said about 30 min. ago!!

      • Listen here c*nt -lover, don’t be such a gullible person, cause when all the truth comes out your going to look even more stupid defending him.

      • U know b*tch Justin does not smoke!! u r just saying this bcuz u do not like him!! and no i am not gullable!!

      • TO ALL JBHATERS!!!

      • And you know trick if you believe everything anybody says then your out of luck and second who’s hating?

      • u r bcuz u always like 2 talk stupid S*IT about Justin 4 no such reason at all!! oh hey look ur mom left some cookies and milk too B*TCH!!

      • B****your really getting unoriginal with the milk n’ cookies s***.
        P.s. . what a hater is NOT, is a person who is just giving an insight or opinion or some discretionary criticism, without holding angry feelings on a personal level, and has a LEGITIMATE REASON to criticize.
        Recognize b****

      • no 1 on this site likes you!! stop talikng sh*t about Justin!! u do not like him!! 1 day u r going 2 get b*tch slapped!! by who? i will tell u who:
        1. ur mom
        2. Justin Bieber
        3. all the 32 million fans of Justin Bieber
        4. some random hobo (ur husband) that will slap u on the the of ur head and across ur face!! this is going 2 b a show that everyone can c!! u just got burned b*tch!!

      • 1. I’m too loyal to my mom that she will never slap me, so point invalid b****.
        2.Justin won’t lay a finger on this hot a** besides that would just turn inti a Rihanna/Chris brown fight except he would be the one with all the bruises and crap.
        3.all you 32 million believers ain’t got nothing on me, you guys are all talk no show.
        4. I will never marry a hobo that sounds like some s*** you would do. Cause we all know you can’t get a good ma so you have to lower your standards.
        So f*** off you half-witted hoe. ;)

      • u know what lets end this conversation, right now i’m not trying b mean, i’m trying 2 b nice!!! btw i can c that if we try 2 stop saying mean things 2 each other there will no longer b harsh comments on this site!!! if peps want 2 say something we should try saying it in a nice way!!! what i’m trying 2 say here is that i will longer hate on u and no more hating on this site, Justin Bieber and all the other Justin Bieber fans that come 2 this site 24/7/365!!! so no more hating on each other!! My point is that the more we argue about this rumor, the more we r just going 2 hate each other even more!! so no more hating on each other!!

    • WTF? I dont believe this Bullshit!
      And im sure Pattie Thought him well. And i believe Scooter! I mean if justin did i smoke im sure Scooter would know, but Scooter is saying “NO” so Theres nothing to worry, JUSTIN DOES NOT SMOKE WEED!!!!! HIS NOT DUMB! Duh..

  2. Geez. I don’t think it’s even that big of a deal. Scooter always blows up when crazy rumors spread around all the time. He’s either in a bad mood, or up Justin’s ass lmao.

  3. OH for God’s sake!
    I dont know Justin personaly, but I think, he is not that type who smokes weed.. remeber that Oprah interview in which he says he won’t be a crackup..

    And I also agree with #Believe In Biebah

  4. Don’t know it it’s true or not. But seriously even if it was true, do you guys really think Scooter would say so? NO! Cause it would ruin Justin’s reputation. So really you can’t trust what any one “says” since none of us are there with Justin. I have when trolls AND fans act like they know what’s going on.

  5. It’s so funny when you Justin bieber fans try to defend him on everything he does. Then when he is finally going to do something even worse you guys would look like idiots defending him. You want to see an example, just look at jasmine v. Her fans defend everything she does even when she takes the sluttiest pics or when she is twerking every time she makes a video.

    • Your such an idiot! As far as I know, she isn’t a slut. I saw videos and that’s just the way her image is. Stop acting like you know every single damn thing about everyone. Don’t even bother replying because I will drag your ass all over this board.

    • Jasmine is 19 last time I checked so who cares what she does in HER videos and wears in HER pictures. Using her is an example is completely irrelevant to Justin, btw. Have you seen him dress “slutty” in pictures and be twerking in his videos? I didn’t think so.

      • don’t reply to them retarded fangirls, they’re clearly 12 year olds (if they’re not then that’s pretty sad). If there was a video of Justin punching a fan they would claim it’s not him. Not saying he’s a bad person, but he does bad things sometimes and they should just admit that. For them to believe that Justin would never do one bad thing means he’s not human, WHICH HE IS YOU DUMB ASS BITCHES. GET A LIFE AND STOP OBSESSING OVER SOMEONE WHO DOESN’T (AND WILL NEVER) KNOW YOU OR WANT YOU. YOU’RE JUST A NUMBER. YOU’RE ONE OF 32,000,000,000 BELIEBERS.

      • That’s exactly what I’m trying to say @fangirl TIA. Some of these fans sugar coat everything for Justin, then when he does something worse they’ll start b****ing and saying he’s human too. -____- all I’m trying to say is keep your eyes open people.

      • @retardedfangirls & @Fangirltia, I’m not against you, I totally agree. But you coming to a Justin Bieber FANSITE, I repeat Justin Bieber FANSITE, and telling us to stop obsessing over Justin, is irrelevant. Some of us like him, some of us love him, some of us are obsessed with him, and then there’s others who just want Jerry. But, we’re all Beliebers. Not normal, weird, funny, mean, mature, immature. But those Beliebers that have an obsession over Justin will grow out of it. TRUST ME. I love him, but I know I won’t marry him. (I live in Narnia, and I’m 12) Someday, all the Beliebers here will be a mother, have children, live with a husband, and forget about a inspiring, canadian boy who changed their life, that was named Justin Bieber. Justin, will eventually be an older man. Living with HIS family. His wife, his kids. Yeah, we all say we’re his wife, but we’re obviously kidding. I completely agree with both of you. I’m not hating on any of you. Your both right. But, I’m just saying that we all will grow out of this. And, I think about Justin’s decisions. If I think they’re mature, I agree. If I don’t think they’re mature, I just say my opinion and leave. (LOL) But, anyways your both right. I agree. And @retardedfangirls, I know I like kinda hate you, and me and you don’t get along, but you have your opinions on Justin and I have mine. So please don’t hate on me. Happy Holidays, everyone. :-)

    • @retarded fangirls. Stfu. We are not idiots if we try to defend Justin. So freakin’ what if we do. (Unlike u who hates him and needs to get off and stop hatin’)

  6. who the f*** do u think u r telling justin he smokes? I know for sure that Justin does not smoke weed he never did…don’t lie about s*** like that and i agree with scooter…say s*** like that again i will find you and break ya’ neck

  7. Check out They refute this story which is from some phony or lying source-probably a hater. The Huffington Post, Dlisted, Parez Hilton, the New York Daily News, etc all carried it as if it were true with the usual hater’s comments. A person who smokes all the time would have the odor in his mouth or clothes-no one at meet and greets, for example, have detected anything to raise suspicion.


  9. You silly little girls. I’m 21 and when I was younger, I had a huge crush on Justin Timberlake. Trust me, one day when Justin’s “teen idol” image fades you’re going to move on to something else. I’d bet $1,000,000 dollars on it because I have the wisdom and I’ve been there (and every other girl my age). It’s okay to be a fan, but when it becomes an obsession then you’re a little cookoo. Considering his little crew (lil twist, etc.) are NOTORIOUS weed smokers, I would not be surprised if he smokes with them since they travel with him most of the time. Even Wiz Khalifa (legendary rapper stoner) said in an interview Justin kept trying to hang with him.

    • Well Justin Bieber is nothing like Justin Timberlake. Justin would never do somthing like that. And what is a 21 year old girl doing on a Justin Bieber fansite?

    • I’d be way over surprised if it was confirmed Justin smokes weed. Because, did you hear about his mother’s story? She raised him, so relevantly. I would honestly not be a fan of Justin if he actually smoked weed. Considering Pattie in her life before she was pregnant with Justin.

    • Ok maybe your right for some people, but for me not so much, I will not forget him, he changed my life for the better and i will always look up to him. I’m 14 and probably went through more stuff than you and when no one was around for me I knew Justin was. His music inspired me, helped me escape from all the bad, and also lead me away from the bad. No matter what anyone says and no matter how old I am I will always look back and think where would I be without Justin.

  10. that is why we can’t stay quite; we have to respond to these lies by people who envy the fact he’s at the top of the pop world and practically always wins in awards shows. I have noticed this in comments everywhere by haters. By the way he might surpass Lady Gaga in fan following withing a matter of a few weeks or less becoming the most followed person in Facebook-in your face haters!

  11. I and Jose-a close friend have friends that smoke pot but we don’t though they try to get us to do it. These guys are friends of Justin but are not always with him and he won’t be easily influenced by them to do the wrong thing. As for his photos, he has been making faces since he became known. He likes to goof around as I do at times. He has a great sense of humor. I does not mean he’s stoned. In meet and greets, he gives no hint of being high on pot which you could smell. Furthermore, he practically always has security around him.

  12. if justin smokes weed people would have notice. the behavior or he’s body would looked different. if he’s a daily user. but i don’t think he’s a smoker if it is well there’s a problem. i hope he’s not stupid enough to film himself smoking weed like trash miley cyrus did.

  13. i don’t know about this source but if they say that nobody says no to him. that kinda sound like when michael jackson was alive that doctors would give him drugs with out saying no to him. crazy

    • Your Guna believe anything him or his team says cause ur in love with him. You don’t know what he does at home or not at meet and greets open ur eyes and look at his Instagram pics of him in his daily life. U can tell he’s blazed but it doesn’t matter weed can be used for many things like anxiety r insomnia which I’m sure he has trouble with. And who cares weeds not even bad but he for sure is blazed in some pics

      • Most fans must not have been around stoners before. In every instagram photo Justin has the signature weed face. That new face he started making? Ummm yea it’s called stoned. On one instagram photo a while back he caption “flowerz” which is the name of lil twist/lil wayne song about smoking weed.

  14. I Don’t believe the all day part but he probably has like once or twice who knows who cares anyway he can do whatever he want he’s 18

  15. HEY! The guy is not a stoner! he couldnt do the shows he does and get away with it. He is a great rolemodel ! go hate on someone else!

  16. You guys are so anxious to put him down that you side with some unknown source over multiple people around him who vehemently deny this story. the fact is that in recent interviews such as the Ellen and Orpra shows and encounters with fans he does not show the signs of a constant user of pot. Again check out which monitors gossip sites and stories for accuracy on this. Anyway, it looks as if Scooter will respond to this after new years. You guys assume guilt without definite proof. One is innocent until proven guilty.

  17. I agree with Scooter. All the rumors the damn Insider says these days about Justin Is bullsh*t, not true. The Insiders news people need to get a life and quite making up un-true stuff up and talk about real stuff. #Pissed -_-

  18. Idk why people would make up these stupid rumors that no one is gonna believe!! If i know Justin i know he would never smoke weed!! Who would believe that?? Even if i didn’t like JB and knew nothing about him, i know he wouldn’t do that!!

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